con o sin

Different tastes, colours, as many as you can find in a rainbow…I find myself in one of the supermarket´s aisle,  in front of a battalion of unending combinations and permutations of the same product. There are so many to choose from that it would be better to work out a scheme, use a strategy before extending your arm to reach for a simple puffed rice cake; made as well with corn, wheat, rye, with gluten, without gluten, with chocolate, low in salt, without palm oil, with lactose, without preservatives, vegan, low in calories..for godness sake!´Very well, let us move forward. In the generation I am from, the options you had for an afternoon snack were simply limited to either toasted bread with butter or bread and hot chocolate.  I must confess, that sometimes, I feel almost overwhelmed with such an avalanche of choices. 

With or without?

WITH OR WITHOUT, two prepositions, apparently opposed to each other, one including and the other excluding. What could be marvellous for a person can result horrifying for another. The world, our world is in constant evolution, offering us every day more and more options which contribute  and take us closer to our perfect wellbeing. The choice is always ours and of course we cannot blame the lack of choices.

Duality is part of us, always present, even in the most simple things. A friends´ gathering: the waiter is standing with the block note : “ for me a beer without alcohol, for me one with and on top all the alcohol removed from hers! I do not know what to order, I cannot drink anything with sugar or with gas, I am on a diet and if I drink anything sparkling I will inflate like a baloon; I will have a glass of cava, I love bubbles, give me a full glass please …” The waiter has already won his place in heaven, he took the order and thanks God he was well prepared with his block note because we are nine people,  each one the result of a father and a mother and each one with totally different tastes…That was beyond duality, that was plurality, a marvellous mixture where respect excels; I respect myself and I respect you.


How would you feel if  now, you could choose among all the emotions WITH KNOWLEDGE AND WITHOUT SUFFERING? All and every single of our emotions are necessary otherwise they would not be innate in us.  How wonderful is to be able to feel  and identify them first, to then, be able to live them with balance and plenitude!


Now I leave open the question that leads us to the essence of it. What is balance for you? I invite you to do a short excercise with me..close your eyes and bring to your mind a pleasant situation you have experienced before, associate it with the emotion it provokes in you…even though for a few seconds…Can you feel that wellbeing?…so easy is the balance for me.  It is a matter of patience so that you are able to extend the lenght of that wellbeing longer and longer, during your day. It is a matter of practice, of constance; just try and you will see. There will be a moment in which most of your day will be plesant, slowly, slowly you tranform your life in a pleasant game where there will hardly be any undesirable situations, unless you decide to focus on the opposite. Remember WE ARE WHAT WE DO WITH WHAT HAPPENS TO US. The same happens when you practice your physical balance; balancing on one leg, focusing your look on a particular spot, concentrating…WITH PERSEVERANCE AND PATIENCE…WITHOUT RUSHING, WITHOUT so doing you will achieve more and more STABILITY  for longer period of time.


From this mindful state rises the possibility, every time more real, to be able to live emotions like: LOVE WITHOUT ATTACHMENT, PRUDENCE WITHOUT FEAR, AND STRENGHT WITHOUT VIOLENCE.

A state of pure LOVE, without any demand, nor to myself neither to the other person…free like the wind and ready to answer with RESPECT AND SWEEETNESS; “ I am sorry I have not fullfilled your EXPECTETIONS,  but it happens I am focusing on fulfilling mine.This answer is delicate like the flight of a butterfly, without dissaranging your hair and without a glimpse of culpability…This is the sky on earth, the paradise!

It is amazing to feel confident and able to transmit, communicate what you really want with delicacy, WITHOUT HOSTILITY, without violence and WITH LOVE!


PRUDENCE free from FEAR empowers us so that we reach our highest level and our worthiness. WITH HUMILITY and decision, tell your truth, fully, WITHOUT FEAR. Become aware that your thoughts can be your best friends or your worst enemies. Once a thought, positive or negative, has settled into your mental space,  and at times just for a second, you will realize how your inner voice is shouting out…EMOTION on the way!

The emotional archive

THE EMOTIONAL ARCHIVE gets ready to access the folder number 3, paper 4, second  paragraph associated with that SAD experience you lived when you were 7 years old which is very similar to the one you are living right now at 48 years old…How is this possible? Very simple: our LONG TERM MEMORY is in charge to file all those events associated with emotions relevant to our life, in such a way that, should something similar repeats itself in the future we will be able to recognise it and get ready to take out our handkerchief, cry a river and sink in the depest sea of our SUFFERING.  Maybe this is the right moment to say, wait a second! THANK YOU for reminding me the sadness I felt in that event and I am feeling right now, but I prefer to live it again WITHOUT any suffering, neutralising the  emotion. Yes , I am sad, it is true, I feel sadness, but I will take this event as it is, meaning WITHOUT hurting myself.

I end this post sharing with you a deep EMOTION: just a couple of hours ago I have received such a lovely piece of news that the emotion of HAPPINESS has presented itself covered in tears. A cry of joy, that one when you feel your heart is jumping out of your chest, so gigantic and deep as my eternal  gratefulness to believe in life and in my dreams.

 Welcome to the marvellous world of your EMOTIONS!