With my hands on the dough

Con las manos en la masa

Welcome everyone, please do take a sit and let us have some fun togehter in this space dedicated to another of my many passions: the art of cooking

With my hands on the dough

I am writing to your from my wooden table, in the kitchen. For me this table represents the temple of creations in every kitchen. Another space for myself where time stops. Another space I use as way out for my INNER WORLD. I actually close all the doors, isolating myself from the outside world, to deepen into my inside. I do exactly the same when I write, I let myself go without caring where it leads me to, without caring about the outcome. When I am cooking I let my creativity flow, with surprising results, original combinations and curious mixtures, explosions of flavours; this lets me say out loud: mmm this is to die for..as well as aaah.. what a fxxx is this.. disgusting!

In both situations is the goodwill, the PASSION and the ENTHUSIASM that lead the road and are always present. Independently from the outcome, I have to say with false modesty that usually the result is mouth watering.

For me cooking is like life itself

I feel very well to be so proactive and such an adventurer. I love challenges, so much that if you give me any recipe, for difficult or laborious it can be, I will literally jump into accion without a blink and I will say : I have never tried this before but…who says I am scared?

This is why cooking is like life itself.. until you have not tried it you will not be able to find out if you are able to do it or not..and the worse it can happen, I get obsssed with it until I do it better..ha ha ha. In a few occasions my sons asked me “aren´t you ever tired of LEARNING? My answer is always the same: the day I am tired of experiencing, life will have lost its meaning.

A therapy for the soul

I may be upset, stressed, thoughtful or even have not the need to cook at all as the fridge is full till the top but this does not matter; when I cook I totally forget about the world.
It is pure delight, a therapy for the soul, it´s about mixing those ingredients and letting my inmagination be, let it be without thinking, letting my intuition lead the experience, adding a pinch of pepper here, salt there or trying to sort out those beschamel lumps at the last moment in the most improbable way.

Even though you may find it strange, more than once I left the kitchen, after cooking for more than two hours non stop, with very serious decisions sorted out in my mind and on other occasions I felt so totally relaxed that I had completly forgotten the reason I was so upset when I firstly got into the kitchen. This is what I define as “impact therapy”, it could not be easier and is available to everyone. It is quite funny that the more upset I am when I get into the kitchen the tastier the dish, or at least these are the comments of those “scavengers “ who taste it once cooked and apart from false modesty my cooking is impressive. I must admit that modesty, at my respectable age, is synonim of lack of self esteeem.. Take this !!

Feed your body and soul

How many gatherings, businesses, celebrations take place in front of a delicious meal? Since the world is the world, eating and be together are associated with feeding the body but you will agree with me, that this feed especially the soul, so much as this is the symbol of joy, sharing, fun, a stimulation of the senses and it even helps to close a deal..when “your tommy is happy” you feel more satisfied and think more positively. When you share a table with others you have that feeling of belonging and is funny how around that table there are confessions and concessions. It is an universal way of communication among people.

This has the power to change the mood, to comfort the spirit. For me, if you eat anything and everything , is just a way to survive; it means you are not feeling worthy to live your life fully, it´s a negation of yourself. You can find pleasure in the quality of a good meal, even if it is simple, but, if it has been simmered by using good ingredients and passion, that simplicity will surely manage to delight any palate.

I give myself to the cause

I love receiving and taking care of all my dears at home. Before they turn up I give myself to the cause and I stay in the kitchen until everything is perfectly executed and ready.
Then it´s my shower ritual, I get ready, perfumed and prepare myself to look like a doll. I enjoy the full process, from shopping till the moment I open the door to my guests. From this moment on I relax and enjoy togehter with the them.

There is a scene that takes place frequently as my nices come to lunch or dinner regularly every week at home. Well as usual we sit at the table, they taste the food and say: Antie Inma this tastes soo good ,What have you used? My answer is always the same: thank you very much I am enchanted you like it…I have only used good ingredients, time and tons of LOVE.