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When PSYCH-K® found me


It seems like yesterday but in reality 12 years had passed by ….since that June when, with firm decision, I went to university. I wanted to learn about the HUMAN MIND  and its prodigious PROCESSES in more depth. Since I was a young girl I felt fascinated by the world of PSYCHOLOGY, but as you all know very well, sometimes life is capricious and put things on hold. My notes were not high enough to take up psychology and so I decided to keep myself busy and I went for the study of history instead. Nontheless I was reading with absolute delight everything and anything about the human being, his behaviours and his emotions.

When PSYCH-K® found me

More years went by and the strenght of my  desire to find aswers to all those inner questions, grew stronger and stronger: Why is the ENVIRONMENT, in which we were born and lived, so conditioning?  What happens at a physical level when we are happy, annoyed, furious?How can we really know our essence?…and I could go on ad infinitum and beyond…It is very true that the perfect moment to start something does not exist, we can only create it ourself. At least this is what I believe. As we commonly say, I took the plunge and even though I was working full time in my studio I told myself “ I am going for it and as I have not the material time to attend the classes personally I enrolled on a University´s course online.  Jesus Christ, I can recall that decision just now and it is more than enough to believe that at one point I must have been really mad, or maybe two, or three points …to get  into such a odyssey..or so blind or maybe, because  I was in my thirties..Most likely it was the combination of all of it!

At the time I had two kids, one was 7 and the other 12 years old and yet I jumped into my venture. Every Friday evening I used to get into my study-room; the same on saturdays and sundays, weekend after weekend. I will always remember with true tenderness how my kids leaned out from the door´s frame and told me ; “ Mum, have a rest from studying or you will get mad…”  How funny, the world was upside down and I am telling this with pride as I have been of great example to my children. Later on in life, each one decided to follow his own call; one loves studying and the other has opted for a more practical choice; both journeys a perfect choice!

My questions started to receive their answers

I was fascinatd by the MENTAL MECHANISM AND THE PROCESSES OF THE SOUL and finally many of my questions started to receive their answers. My attitude towards life is open, curious, I love the mixture,  different opinions, I like to try, discover the widest range available and drink from distinct springs. I took part to various seminars and workshops; Mindfulness, Family Constellation, Nutrition, Coaching…at the end everything is adding value; it is like opening the camera´s diaphram, the larger you open it, the higher is the precision  and   our conscience perceives the images with more details. I strongly believe, it is essential to see life from as many points of view as you possibly can, because this will be increase the ability and the process of your SELF AWARENESS.

I am convinced we have not come to this world to conform ourselves and even though I am very grateful to the traditional psychology, the adventorous part inside me was whispering : “there must be an easier way”…for me the puzzle was missing a single piece to be completed.  I am a person who does rely on theory but I feel really alive when I take action. Let me tell you about one  memory that just came to my mind: my father was explaining how I could ride my bycycle without the training wheels and in that moment, with my eyes wide open, I replied him back: “ Ok daddy, but now shut up and let me try”

The right paths

As they said… the leopard never changes its spots… and I keep on putting this into practice through the art of  trial and errors, listening very carefully to my gut feelings which always take me to the right paths. Then a great day somenthing very impacting came to me without any premonition. Something totally new which shook my pilars.  The phone rung and on the other side was Oscar, my life companion,  who exclaimed “ my Love, I think I have found something you are going to be enchanted with..Tell me, I said totally excited. I think I have found that missing piece you are always talking about; it is that something easier and more practical you already knew existed. I pass you all the information straight away. Have a look at it. I honestly believed it is MAGICAL…”

I hung up the phone and clicked rapidly on the link Oscar has send me. Even before opening it, I knew with certainty, that something magnificent was going to happen in my life; PSYCH-K® found me.

The key of our Psych

I only knew I had to try it as soon as possible…I obtained the information about one instructor almost without even looking for it. As soon as I felt her energy through the phone, I was sure I was on the right path. This was confirmed immediately on my first session. I started to investigate more and more on “THE KEY OF OUR PSYCH” which is actually the literal translation of this MENTAL PROCESS able to put us directly in contact with our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND” It was like a bolt from the blue..! My inner voice shouted out “ this is it, I knew there was something EASIER!”

I started a COURSE TO BECOME A PSYCH-K® FACILITATOR: CHANGING is possible; in a direct and easy way you can change those BELIEFS that have been so deply planted in us and were presented as the absolute truth.  We can send direct orders to our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND,which through a RESET PROCESS, delete the old paradigms and apply the new ones.

This is possible HERE AND NOW, as long as you believe in it and want it. It is a new approach to live this life, with SELF LOVE, willing to LIVE AND BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

In your journey back home

As I always say “all roads lead to Rome”. I believe from the depth of my heart that PSYCH-K® is a MAGICAL AND POWERFUL TOOL. If you have read till here, my dear friend, by now you must have realised that I always talk about how I LIVE THE EXPERIENCE PERSONALLY FIRST. 

But now is your turn. Go in front, YOU are the one who decide, I can only smooth and accompany you IN YOUR JOURNEY BACK HOME, a fantastic journey toward your SELF DISCOVERY. We can walk the path toghether but remember “each ONE holds HIS/HER OWN PERSONAL KEY AND IT IS UNTRANSFERRABLE. Are you willing to GO IN?