como te llamas

Your name says a lot about who you are and the role you play in this stage called life…It is not only a simple sequence of letters that together create a word. Once it is pronounced in that specific way, it creates a sound which transforms itself into something so inherent to each one of us, that we are tempted to turn around as soon as we hear it, when walking in the street.

What is your name?

Usually there is a LOGICAL THREAD behind it, very often a FAMILY´S TRADITION.  That IMPRINT will accompany us throughout our whole life and will have much more influence than we possibly could think.

Every name brings with it a SYSTEMIC CHARGE, a kind of FINGERPRINT that feeds us and from which we feed ourselves back. Everything has a reason to be and an aim. Therefore, it is important to know how they chose our name; in memory or in honor of whom and why.  We get very surprised when we find out the apparent coincidences with that member of our family´s clan and ourselves…But be careful, we do not only carry the same name…sometimes that comes with the same EMOTIONAL BURDENS as well, passed down from generation to generation.

Knowledge always opens doors

Sometimes our name breaks the mold and has nothing in connection with the typical names inside the family circle; they simply gave it to us because it was fashionable at that time; because our parents liked its sounds or meaning, or maybe because they associated it to a pleasant event… Believe me, even in these circumstances, it has a lot to say about your identity and how your existence flows. I encourage you to investigate the meaning of your name, its origin and why they decided to give you that name and not another one…Many mysteries will be revealed, and many questions will be answered. 

Knowledge always opens doors, it brings new points of view, which can help us to see and understand the situation better, but most important of all, this can give us the opportunity to get rid of heavy burdens that do not belong to us.  We are all connected energetically to each other and maybe, this could be the reason we are carrying a useless burden, dragged down from generation to generation, for the simple fact we have the same name of another family´s member.

Do you identify yourself with your name? 

Do you really like it or have simply got used to it? Would change it if you could do it right now? Do you find any personal resonance with the meaning of your name?

The comfortability or rejection you may feel for your name can give you some interesting leads.  Close your eyes and repeat mentally your name: let sensations come to you intuitively, let them flow freely, without forcing them… Let your EMOCIONAL THERMOMETER brings you the answers.  Maybe the scenes or the sensations that come to you have no apparent connection with the theme of your question… Do carry on and become an observer.  If you do not obtain any result at your first attempt, repeat the same process the day after. The answers you are looking for, are always inside you, let them emerge, at their pace…

The great power our name can have, when repeated day after day

If we apply the principle that everything we repeat through words, actions or thoughts has a specific vibration and a specific frequency and that the more we repeat them the stronger the attraction becomes, would you be able to imagine the great power our name can have, when repeated day after day? Have you ever stopped and thought about how many times we pronounce our name, how many times we write it down or we react whenever someone call it out?

Nowadays the process of changing it is much easier if we want to do it. But if we are happy with it, and even thought we might have discovered there is a powerful link with our family´s systemic weighting heavily over our shoulders, it would be enough, to give thanks through either an intimate letter or a decree to liberate ourselves from all the responsibilities in connection with that familiar burden attached to it…What a relief!

We are all unique and one at the same time

There is no doubt that neither chances nor coincidences exist, or at least this is how I see it.  Everything has an order, a concert in the vast universe we live in.  I invite you to learn a bit more about the very important and crucial role you play in it.

Do you believe that if we were to remove a star from the universe, the firmament would carry on shining with the same strength?  I am pretty sure you would feel that micro-macro energetic emptiness.  We are all unique and ONE at the same time. 

Take up your place, call yourself the way you prefer, but ALWAYS SHINE THROUGH YOUR FREEDOM AND BE LIGHTWEIGHT. ?