Cambio de armario

Once again, the wheel spins and I find myself back to a CHANGE OF SCENERY, a period of sunshine that is going to stay for some months, increasing the thermoter´s temperature to unexpected levels. I must admit this year I felt a bit lazy about its arrival, but I feel lazier when I look every day at all those thick sweaters on my shelves…just their sight makes me sweat.

Wardrobe change

CHANGE OF WARDROBE -CHANGE OF SCENERY …The curtains open up…and the summer is back once again, peeping around the corner. The story repeats itself…but it is all changed…nothing is ever the same or at least not identical…. This is the way I want to live it, avoiding experiencing the same game over and over, automatically, and I have not got any intention to get bored…This year I am going to make some serious changes.

It looks like things are going to be REINVENTED this time, therefore I put myself in the right disposition to modernize my clothes which are older than a decade and choose something original, kicking the boring fashion, everyone is wearing, out of the way. I do not know if this happens to you too, but when I go out, I realize there is more and more uniformity in the clothes ‘choice. I can understand that people like to follow the fashion´s tendency, but sometimes, I believe I am going back to my days at college, where everybody was wearing exactly the same.

I go back to my REORGANISATION… Now I am in my bathroom. I check my creams´ expiration dates: face, body and anti-cellulite…! How could they not be expired if I am using them less and less…! 

Because i believe it…and so it is

Even though the equation may sound very odd, the older I get the less I use them, LESS TIES AND MORE FREEDOM.  I have more than enough with my almond oil which hydrates my body perfectly and at the same time I give myself a wonderful daily massage, a fantastic anti-cellulite replacement.  I am not sure it is like this BECAUSE I BELIEVE IT…AND SO IT IS, but I can tell you, my skin is amazing …despite being in my pre-menopause.

My sons tell me very often…” look at you, you are so happy… it´s true, for your age you look very well indeed…”. A few years back this sentence would have been like a punch in the stomach…but now it is cute…maybe because I am at that stage of my life where one has gone over the barriers of sound, well beyond what people say about you and you feel very well in your own skin.

I go back to my bedroom…I get all enthusiastic trying and combining the many clothes from the last decade…they are so cool…now I understand why I bought them at that time…this match is fantastic…the sequins with the lingerie and this top with this pair of white trousers is crazy… I am not very sure about those espadrilles with their high soles, I feel vertigo just looking at them…

Illusion and sparks

Never mind… I put all my ILLUSION AND SPARKS in the new season and in the new summertime 2021…I have plenty to do and a wardrobe equipped for seven lives… Ooh my gosh.  How could I buy so much in 20 years? Well, I suppose… actually, I am sure, that before I was giving more value to the appearances, trying to fill my EMOTIONAL HOLES through compulsive buying, but you know what, my dear friends, now I am very happy with myself, and it is a win-win situation under every aspect. Now I see it from above, from a higher EMOTIONAL STATE, able to see things how they really are, mindfully, aware of their meanings and grateful to have the ability to enjoy their MATERIAL component as well; all those pretty clothes make me feel well, full of colors and enthusiasm for the new season about to begin.

What do you do with your stage…?

Life is like a COMEDY HALL, a musical play, A STAGE, where everyone is a producer and an actor at the same time. What do you do with your stage…? Do you revise and change what you do not like and substitute it with everything you really would like?

DISCIPLINE AND PERSEVERANCE are the best allies, led by their older super sister known as PATIENCE, which according to many wise men is the mother of all sciences.

I join the three and salute them, I get them into a line and I go back to my wardrobe to play around like I were Tinker Bell. ?