Sin título

It is one of those unplesant days when you feel everything inside you is stirred, upside down and you are not sure if it is for this or that; maybe because my partner did not give me the attention I was expecting, or the cashier at the supermarket looked at me in disaproval while putting the trolley too close to the till area..JUST PROJECTIONS! Let us connect with our INNER CHILD and live that moment of pain, caused by the lack of attention of a father too busy working or a desperate mother, almonst on the verge of collapsing, having to cope and deal with all the home´s responsibilities.

You will never be alone

Stop, immediately, does not matter what you are doing, caress your face, look yourself in the mirror and let a few or many tears run down; this is excatly what your soul is asking you to do. In this precise moment you will discover, with amazement, how your resentment, your rage, your sadness will vanish. Recognise your pain and embrace it, this is the only way to trascend it.

Today I feel tired, nevertheless, I feel I want to carry on living THE GAME OF LIFE, this unending process; if I were to think differently it would certainly mean I have passed to a different phase of my life. Today I feel very tired,  breathing and  sighing deeply..a memory comes to my mind, the words of a song belonging to a singer I am unable to recall now…” there are days in which one  feels nothing is happening…” I am an impatient human being my dear reader, most likely as you are too and sometimes I really wish I could dress up as Tinkybell and rub my nose like in Bewitched, making things appearing in front of me exactly as I wanted, jumping over the obstacles, avoiding the long waiting , the long silence and the constant listening.. Are with me?..I wait and despair too, I am human and even though 100% spiritual, I complicate and uncomplicate myself, yet I let myself live all this..what a relief! This is the right opportunity to visit the past so that our inner child can feel comfortably covered, loved, pampered and you can whisper softly and tenderly in his /her ear that “ does not matter what happens in life, you will always be there, HE/SHE WILL NEVER BE ALONE, MUM AND DAD loved and always will love you but they are exausted, fighting their own existential battles, facing their own monsters, asking their previous generation to have a bit more love and attention. Be the first of your CLAN, my dear boy or girl, to realise where all this comes from and break the chain of your resentments, your struggles, your sufferings.  Be the one to bring the change into your family history!


As you can see, my dear friend, I have not given a title to this post.  I started writing it freely without a title in mind and decided on the way I was going to leave it like this, leaving on the  side the logical structure and order any written work usually has and would be good it were so.  

This has happened for a very powerful and yet simple reason; what is most important for me is to be able to communicate with you through an opened heart, directly, with my deepest emotions, with my EXISTENCIAL EVOLUTIONS,  and like peeling an onion, I offer you an extra layer, DEEPER INSIDE.

Once again I invite you to try sitting in front of your computer or booklet and experience by yourself ,the magical exercise of self discovery through THE PRACTICE OF THE WRITTEN EXPRESSION, without any particular pretension but simply  as one of the best MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL.

I leave the SOUL FREELY IN THE AIR, I will communicate through my body, allowing its  flow to run and connect among what I think, what I say and what I do. The same  happens when we turn on the tap, unless the pipe has ben cut; we can learn to say YES and turn on the tap of our CREATIVITY, OPEN Pandora box and let out our dreams and desires through words.

Open yourself to a world of opportunities

What is stopping us? Very often we limit ourselves, we hide our real treasure, our real jewels which make us unique. I can easily inmagine the universe and life, full of living beings, changing their appearences once their mission has been accomplished. I see it like a board of astronomical dimension with a perfect order like in a concert. That board is like a puzzle, which will only be complete once everyone has contributed with his/ her  piece, a dosis of uniqueness  and singularity, then the puzzle will be finished.

Therefore get rid of your fears, contribute with your grain of sand and discover your PURPOSE. Forget the common coward excuse “ well to be honest I know I am just a common person…the only thing I manage to do,kind of good, is telling jokes and make lot of people laugh”  That´s not insignificant…you are contributing and helping people to connect to one of the most amazing and gratifying of our emotions, part of our inborn baggage, laughing. This innate gift of yours has the power to change people focus and perspective…woooow  An amazing purpose…develop your abilities, open yourself to a world of opportunities, undress from those false beliefs of what has to be or how it needs to be, who is stopping you from achiving this apart from you? 

Just dive in the sea of uncertanties, in the sea of everything forseen against you and realise, all that ,is only the product of MACRO PROGRAMMINGS, at a social and collective level, and MICRO PROGRAMMINGS  at individual and familiar level.

I am grateful you managed to read my therapeutic post till the end. Have you realised that by so doing you have contributed to my wellbeing?  This space of reflections and ideas I use as a vehicle to channel and analyse my moods, has turned into a new post and if we have reached this point , I want to emphasize, it is because we vibrate with very similar energy. I hope this can help your purpose of self- discovery.