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Those lights ‘circles called Chakras

Esos círculos de luz llamados CHACRAS

We reach the SUPERNATURAL from the PHYSICAL, one does not exist without the other…a perfect marriage, where the body is BROUGHT TO LIFE by the SOUL.  I consider the CHAKRAS like projections of lights or powerful beams of ENERGETIC LIGHT, located all along the spine. They are like a river, springing out and transforming into an energetic stream, in close harmony with theS,BODY´S GLAND essential for our vital experience. They have and contain some kinds of connecting threads with very valuable information about our INTERNAL BALANCE.

Those lights ‘circles called Chakras

I associate them to those copper wires inside electric cables; you do not see them but you feel them, intangible but very real like LIGHT AND ELECTRICITY; it is a source of transformation that gives us reliable information about our PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL THERMOMETER. It illuminates our journey, like a path signaled by candles or torches, towards a space that cannot be trapped in our hands and can only be felt by the HEART…It leads us to a space of SELF AWARENESS, a place you had never imagined before.

We are powerful ENERGETIC REPEATERS, vibrating at different FREQUENCIES. Once we have reached a higher level of awareness, we are able to be more in charge of our life and we realize with more clarity that we are the architects of it. The COMPROMISE with ourselves becomes greater.

Focus on what your physical senses bring to you

Now let us sit down to PERCEIVE, to SENSE…focus on what your physical senses bring to you…Let us enter that space of STOP THINKING AND BUSTLE. The more you practice the more you become aware that the speed of your blood, your breathing …and all your organs self-regulate LIKE AN ORCHESTRA.  You cannot see it, but you can hear it.  If we were to connect all the different functions to monitors, we would be able to measure and prove it, in a medical and scientific way.

Try to imagine what we will be able to do if we were to access, with our conscious mind, one by one the EIGHT ENERGETIC CENTRES, running along our body in a perfect order. From here we can activate the correct and appropriate HORMONE´S PRODUCTION, transmitting the PROPER NEURONAL INFORMATION through the DISTRIBUTION´S CHANNELS, which is then passed to the whole body. A CHAIN REACTION organized with absolute perfection. 

Imagine every chakra like a mini cerebral computer, containing some type of information and connected through a specific cable to our central brain. If we manage to obtain a BALANCED ENERGETIC LEVEL among those mini brains and our central computer, we are destined to ALLOW OURSELVES to live the best life we can possibly imagine.

Eight energetic centres

Every single mini brain has its own autonomy, but they are all connected to each other. Think about a building with many floors. The floors in the middle depend on the base and the top ones on those in-between; they are all interconnected to each other. THE EQUILIBRIUM OF THE ENERGETIC FORCES is the key for the correct sustainability and for the perfect functionality. 

Let us start from the base, THE FIRST CHAKRA, explaining it shortly and easily. It is located in our sexual organs. It gives you all your CREATIVE or PRIMORDIAL POWER. When this centre is balanced, it shines with its own light, reinforcing your IDENTITY.

THE SECOND CHAKRA, moving upwards, can be found behind your belly button, one finger below it. It includes the reproductive organs, the pancreas, the colon and the lower shoulders. Just be aware that every ascendent chakra includes some part of the previous one, is connected to it, to its functions, to its glands and to its ENERGY.

The second chakra is associated with eating, digestion, elimination of useless elements  from the body and energetic transformation.  In charge of your cultural aspects, social and personal relations…it ASSIMILATES AND RELEASES information. Its well functioning  translates into SELF CONFIDENCE.

After this, we come to the THIRD CENTER, located in the pit of the stomach or SOLAR PLEXUS.  Deeply associated with WILLPOWER, COMPETITIVENESS, POWER and CONTROL. It controls the stomach, the spleen, the small intestine, the liver, the bladder, the kidneys and the adrenal glands (these glands activate automatically the fight or flight response, as soon as we perceive or believe we are facing an imminent danger)

A step higher and we are in the FOURTH CHAKRA, situated behind the breastbone and  governed by the HEART. It takes care of all cardiac and pulmonary functions, the thyroid glands, essential for the correct functioning of our autoimmune system. This fourth chakra represents the borderline between the other three previous chakras, associated with our animal part and tracing the beginning of our more SUPERNATURAL AND SPIRITUAL part. We get closer to our more spiritual part, passing from EGOISMS TO ALTRUISM. We reach the focus of our SOUL, where we find noble emotions that transport us to the horizon of our divinity.  A good vibrational equilibrium of this centre opens the doors to the feelings of LOVE, GRATITUDE, COMPASSION AND INSPIRATION.  We are more predisposed to cooperate with others and totally satisfied with WHO WE ARE.

The FIFTH CENTRE of light and energy is in the throat. It runs the functioning of the THYROIDAL and PARATHYROIDAL GLANDS, the salivary glands and the neck´s tissues. It is associated with the ability to EXPRESS YOUR OWN TRUTH through voice and sounds. When this centre is balanced, it creates love naturally. You feel in harmony with your energy and you express this through THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.

We have reached the SIXTH CHAKRA, based in the space between the nape of the neck and the crown of the head; let us close our eyes and visualize this space inside our head. Imagine that you can find it in the middle of your brain, a bit backwards. It rules the PINEAL OR HOLY GLAND. When this space opens, is like a very powerful aerial, able to cover a vast spectrum. We can connect and DISCOVER frequencies that go well beyond those five senses we are used to count on. We connect with our EXTREMELY POWERFUL WISDOM. It is strongly related to the CIRCADIAN RHYTHM which regulates our sleep wake cycles. Through our meditation we can activate the pineal gland which can take us to unimaginable places, very close to extra sensorial parallel realities. We can see well beyond this world with such a CLARITY OF MIND, that we have never experienced before.

Moving further up we reach our SEVENTH CENTRE, right in the middle of our head.  Here lies the PITUITARY GLAND or THE MASTER GLAND. From here spring out an energetic waterfall towards all the others. If in the previous chakra we could perceive our divine part, in this seventh we elevate our power further, to embrace fully THE DIVINITY WE ALL HAVE INSIDE.  When this centre is balanced, we are HARMONY in expansion.

We have now reached the top, the EIGHTH CHAKRA, two fingers over our head; this is the only one which is not in our physical body and yet is the connection between OURSELVES AND THE UNIVERSE.  When this centre is activated, we are open to new revelations and inspirations, coming directly from the COSMOS.  It is like a space opened to the UNIVERSAL ENERGY, that we all share as part of the same creator or the same creation.