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The sweetness of doing nothing

Dolce far niente

How sweet is this philosophy, imported from mother Italy, in which one surrenders oneself completely to a TOTAL LACK OF EXPECTATIONS, to A MINDFUL DOING NOTHING, almost going back to a early beginning, when we were babies. Now you can see how, sometimes, the secret of great results is hidden in the most elementary thing.  The one that we do not conceide to ourselves too often, just to avoid feeling TOO LAZY OR TOO IDLE…Maybe this is exactly the key to what we call LUCK…Personally I consider it more an INSPIRATION,  that state of mind in which we flow easily, like a balloon left free, flying higher and higher, apparently without any aim, but in such a lightness that you almost get hypnotised. 

The sweetness of doing nothing

I have just finished to practise my daily ACTIVE MEDITATION,  meaning my yoga exercises, absorbed in a pleasant purr, while stretching and twisting from one side to another, wishing that this space were endless. Like in the morning, when we give orders to our eyes to open up and start the day, and yet we keep on lying down like paralized, trying to extend a bit more that heaviness of our eyelids, THAT MINDFUL RELAX, suggested in a very soft voice and whispering: “ just a bit more…simply enjoy this sweet DOING NOTHING…without even daring to make a move. It is a space in which the TIME STOPS and we experience that total peace of mind, without worrying about what will do next…It is a complete ABANDON, where time and space become very blurr, without any type of CONTROL….An amazing SWEETNESS OF DOING NOTHING.

My energy flies whimsically towards Oscar, my life companion, who, in these days, is visiting his family in Italy, his native country; I am still submerged in my relaxation, and that marvellous latin expression gives me the idea to title the post I am sharing with you in this moment…I take advantage of this and I run to my laptop…Simply like this…I trap those whispers, that inspiration which guides me to write a different script and a different thematic every Friday, to share a new story with you all, my dear readers, every week.

Everything I project from inside is what I find outside

I believe, every day more and more, that EVERYTHING I PROJECT FROM INSIDE IS WHAT I FIND OUTSIDE,  I surrender myself to THE CERTANTY OF THE IMPROVISATION…it is a sort of…”I never know what I will write about next time, but I actually know it…” I hope I will be able to transmit this feeling to you with clarity, through the expression that I really love a lot and I totally agree with…” I have faith in my destiny, a total trust that everything will come out well”…and for this,  you need to stay alert, yet in an apparent state of doing nothing…In this way, anything can give you a clue for THE NEXT STEP. 

In a rational or irrational way, we carry on having an irresistible impulse in our genes to forsee what will happen to us…but above all, to move in the right direction towards OUR BEST VERSION, supported by the complicit wink of the universe.

Time to feel more alive

You should believe me when I say that, what may appear to be the most catastrofic outcomes, are in reality the greatest lessons…maybe in those moments of more chaos, thanks to the DOING NOTHING, we can organise and understand the message, remaning long enough to trascend it and pass to someone else the sweet, NOW I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING…Life is very wise and it gives us UNEQUIVOCAL SIGNS suggesting it is time to TAKE ACTION.

In the meantime I put the laptop on the side and I dedicate myself some more time of APPARENT BOREDOM OR TIME OUT…I invite you to practise and enjoy its pleasant  effects…For me, is totally the opposite…TIME TO FEEL MORE ALIVE.

Remember, that you can find the best SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE in that space full of identity, simultaneously without names or surnames to define it…to which all of us has a direct access.

I wish that you can fully enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing of your choice…at the end…all roads lead to Rome… ?