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The Shepperds to Bethlehem

a belen pastores

Without even realizing it, we are already in the middle of the Christmas Festivities. I was not totally aware of it until yesterday, when a woman, in front of me in the supermarket´s queue, happily asked to the cashier “do I weight the Christmas sweets I have chosen, here in the fruits section or do you weight them there at the till?

The Shepperds to Bethlehem

We are at the doors to close this year, baptised  for the future geneneration as annus horribilis. 9 months  have passed since that 15 March 2020, almost like a pregnancy, which has given us the time to bring about in our mind a new creature: HOPE.

I believe that each one of us has become more or less aware of the TRANSIENCE of life, of our PHYSICAL FRAGILITY in contrast with our MENTAL STRENGHT. We are prepared much more  than we could possibly believe..we have been awakened from our letargy through a forced march, through a legal imperative.  I am referring to this state of AUTO PILOT we are now living our day to day life. A state that has now given us the opportunity to have life, the best teacher, screaming at us: “ hey you, wake up, your existence can end today, right now. Everyone of us knows that since we are born, we begin our journey towards death and yet we forget it. I am not saying is pleasant that we have been reminded of this through a WORLDWIDE CRISIS in form of a pandemic, but if this has happened, it is because life did not have any other way to make us stop and make us REFLECT.

Life has not conceeded us any more truce

A reflection to which we have all been exposed and we still carry on being exposed.  NOW life has not conceeded us any more truce. Apart from those people who have survived the World Wars, this worldwide pandemic tsunami has stopped all of us at once and has obliged us to re-think about our lives, yes or yes, from their original roots.

I am personally grateful for the shake covid has given to my life, a new opportunity to START AGAIN, to allow me to put the desires of my soul in the sun, desires that for years have been shouting out to see the light and take form.  We have lost many lives and these cruel circumstances have pushed us to rectify ourselves, showing that the pijama we are wearing is made of meat, of a devastating lighthness. Today we are inhabiting this planet and tomorrow we will not. 

It is a period of deep CHANGES

It is a period of deep CHANGES, in its FORM AND ITS ROOTS. We are experiencing a living example of NATURAL SELECTION. It may seem cruel, but it is a constant law since the world´s beginning and it includes everything indistinctively; animals, plants and human beings.  Like it or not, the LAW OF THE MOST ADAPTABLE OR THE STRONGEST is the one that rules, for its own logic, based on  the EVOLUTION OF THE SPECIES.

Let us put together all our best energies

Let us go back to these days of lights and Christmas sweets, as too many profound thoughts could turn into smoke… let us focus on the present events, which I am sure we will soon remember with a much more positive and enriching attitude. Let us start our journey with steps towards the BEGINNING OF A NEW YEAR.

To Bethlehem shepperds! Tuning in the words of this Christmas carol ….or at least in its meaning.

Let us put together all our best energies and good wishes to walk toward Bethlehem or the bread´s house, like the good sheppers did.  Yes, you read it right, Bethlehem means house of bread. The bread is nourishment for our body as well as for our soul, in the form of the DESIRES OR GOALS we want to achieve. NOURISH YOUR SOUL every day with good thoughts and direct your steps toward the BIRTH OF NEW CHALLENGES, full of UNCERTAINTY AND MAGIC.  Let us be like children again and let us replace the thoughts of PAIN AND INSATISFACTION with those of LOVE AND CONFIDENCE. The constant FAITH will take care of the rest.  Add to this large dosis of PATIENCE AND WORTHINESS.


Let us  loose the reins, without any judgment, to those children we all have inside ourselves and let us start to sing. To Bethlehem shepperds…because there was born the HOPE OF I AM ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING I CAN DREAM OF…INSIDE EACH ONE OF US.