First of all I am making myself comfortable in front of my laptop as right now I need to calm down, I feel like a pressure cooker, steaming out from my head .. Why?  Because of THE HUMAN STUPIDITY.. This is why I have decided to preach with actions and let my NEURONS cool down a bit. What will follow is the result.

The human stupidity

Once upon a time there was a land, called EMOTIONS-LAND, where all the inhabitants had learnt to say how they felt while speaking. These skills were passed down from generation to generation and this flow allowed EMPATHY, RESPECT AND KNOWLEDGE to grow stronger and stronger.

The result: a community of people who were really COHERENT, HEALTHY AND INTELLIGENT, academically as much as emotionally. I strongly believe the emotional intelligence creates a very  fertile ground for a highly intellectual mind. But we cannot say the opposite.  How many brilliant  academic minds slip right at the entrance of the feelings´temple!  It is much easier to become an achiever in this world through the correct USE OF THE EMOTIONS than without them.

Simplify our life

We could avoid so many stupidities and by doing so SIMPLIFY our life.When less is more; we are in front of the  SUPREME KNOWLEDGE which allows us to live our life with fullfillmen and at the same time with those around us too.

Be able to reach that stage where the only aim is to be happy and not right…be right or be right at all costs,  there we bump again  into the essence of stupidity! It is quite peculiar how our mental structure discriminates and refuses whatever is not in agreement with our beliefs.  Let us think about it for moment;  how much energy do we waste every day being stupid or trying to convince the person in front that he/she is wrong and at the end is exactly the same.

The glass is always half full

The glass is always half full, my dear friends; this is my suggestion, based on my own personal EXPERIENCE of course. Dare to BE without trying to convince anyone and let the other BE what he-she wants; live and state your thruth with a smile, be confident, without feeling any guilt, let your energy flows in line, allowing you to  LIVE IN PLENITUDE! Keep your senses and your soul in balance, opened and cleaned, prepared to receive from the universe everything you always wanted and ready to embrace it.

Simply ovecome your stupidity, do not do anything, stay in your place, listen without prejudices the other person´s truth.  Try honestly to listen patiently to  the other, with a neutral actitude, without looking in your head  to give an answer as soon as the other has finished speaking.  Not easy at all for a BEGINNER, something quite challenging indeed, but fascinating once you have managed the control of  your mind; let us move to the dessert now.

The summary: stupidity would disappear if each one of us would take full responsibility of one´s own THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTIONS, in such a way that I can have a different point of view from yours and for this I do not take you to the guillotine, you behave excatly the same and we are all happy

Forgive yourself and forgive

Maybe in this precise moment you are asking yourself : and what happens when my neighbour ´s behaviour affect me or even make pieces of me. ? Very easy, you learnt to put your feet down, doing what it takes but with justice, without acrimony, or better controlling your emotions  without projecting your own programmings into the other person.

It is very peacefull to be a white canvass every single day! A tough job indeed, Did we not come to this world to re write and re master our lesson every day?  I can assure you that as soon as you start, you will realise that it is much easier to CREATE every day from scratch then write every tomorrow from the contamination of the past.   This does not mean we have to delete our  most valuable experiences  or behave like a kamikaze without thinking.  I refer to the ability to FILTER and choose only those fruitful parts of our experience, and as a rule, congratulate yourself for your evolution and eliminate all those unpleasant feelings associated with your life. FORGIVE YOURSELF AND FORGIVE, carry on in your journey with a lovely smile and take out everything you do not need from your rucksack so that your journey will be  much lighter and easier.