Entre Impuestos anda el juego

In these days, as any other citizen, I am working on the figures for my end of year declaration, to then pay my duties. I am very impressed with myself. I have woken up so much…and for good of course! Before, when I was living the role of victim-sufferer, I used to accept and pay obediently all the duties imposed without even checking if they were right. Now things have changed, I got rid of many ghosts and I look very carefully for any benefit under a strong light. It is very curious; when one is on this frequency, you come across people giving you great advices, like: “ of course, you can deduct this, social works can BE DEDUCTED AS EXPENSES…”

The game of duties

 At the beginning, I thought it would not be appropriate to share this topic in a post, but then I decided to follow my INNER MAGICIAN, who took me to my laptop and here I am, talking about another aspect of my life, neither nicer nor worse, neutral, actually favorable, if I want to increase my advantages and save more this year. As a matter of fact, this is very positive  and I am very careful with any penny I use, saving all I can, here or there… I have already spoken to my accountant and told him, I am pretty sure this year the outcome will be really astonishing…He listened to me a bit perplexed …but it does not matter…this year I am going to win the arm wrestling!

Analysing the meaning of the word DUTY…This is what I am going to do now; removing my mental labels and neutralizing what apparently is difficult to do.  We all agree that the word itself causes  some serious stress. DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES,  PENALTIES …all synonims of OBLIGATIONS, THINGS WE MUST DO…the complete opposite of ELECTION -FREEDOM.

When one door closes a window will open

PAY, PAY, PAY…Let us stop for a moment and let us think about it… It is crystal clear that a protest without action, only causes an increase to our  blood pression and an emotional storm, but the result stays the same.  There is no doubt that we have the duty to pay what is right, but is fair to find how the wind can blow in our favour too…Always  within the legality of course, nevertheless it is important to  look for the right balance without allowing  the system to afflict or depress us. I always emphasize that the more we are up to date with the system, the better we can use the rules of the game to play and win it.

What do you think about it? Our actitude is definetly the most important factor to achieve the best results and for our own benefit. Some of you will be thinking that  attitude does not change the result at all…and I respect your point of view but I must disagree with it…If one is totally sure that, when one door closes a window will open, that window will appear…I translate it and prove it through authentic experience:

When life takes somenthing away from you,  but you are faithful to your idea, on the other side, it will reward you; it works like this. I am referring to tangible things, good and necessary like MONEY

My best version

How can we explain that we always associate very rich  people with dodgy businesses, illegal methods or luck? MENTAL PROGRAMMINGS,  yes indeed and I write it in capital letters too. Everybody likes to live nicely, to have money and to enjoy the best of this world. There are people with plenty of money who  are more legal than others, while there are people  without money  who can be less legal …With an open heart in our hand, are we not labelling people a priori and with a certain degree of envy?

Everyone who does his work with passion and believing in himself, will achieve glory, sooner or later. The same can be said when one looks at rich people with ADMIRATION AND  MERIT; this moves you away from the envy and make you focus on…” I like this person’s life, I am going to cultivate those same qualities in me..” I am grateful to life to put this mirror in front of me, to challenge my abilities daily and helping me becoming MY BEST VERSION.

Are you ready to get out of the mud?

This is not a fairy tale and it requires great dosis of willpower, humility, aceptation and worthiness. Everything else are just complaints and useless naggings.

Are you ready to get out of the mud or are you going to allow them to  dictate how to live your life?

Today as well, I choose to admire those who are a step higher than me and I open my hands to receive what I deserve. I would love if you could open your heart and your hands too and  enjoy all the good you deserve as a divine right. Let it be so! ?