el jardinero fiel

The title may result familiar to you as it has been used before in one of John Le Carre´s books. The focus, of what I want to emphasize in this space, has got nothing to do with the plot of  the book I have just mentioned. This is another clear example of the prism everyone uses to interpret how things are perceived. 

I took this amazing picture last year in Regent´s park and as a matter of fact it has been the spark igniting  the inspiration to write this post.

The faithful gardener

This gardener ,almost having the semblance of a human being, is the criss-cross creation of an unending variety of plants, bushes and flowers. It stands in a hidden corner of this London Park as A CARING SOUL FOR THE VEGETABLE KINGDOM.

I have always felt vey much identified with natural spaces, and free when sorrounded by its beauty, apparently lifeless,but often inviting me through its quietness to take a rest or to slow down.

Movement and calm

I can recall very clearly those bicycles´ rides at the weekends. Every Friday we used to take the car and drive to the house on the beach without caring if it was winter or spring. I felt such a sense of  FREEDOM ; it is inmaginable. A total compenetration with nature. I loved to stop, get off from my bicycle all sweaty and feel that profound calm transmitted by the sorroundings.  It was like an invitation to STOP, after having cycled for quite a while, and be mindfully engaged  with those two emotions MOVEMENT AND CALM.

As the years have passed by it has become more clear, for me at least, that the time spent with MOTHER NATURE, were absolutely MEDITATIVE moments, especially towards my inner side; of course everyone has his own view about this.

I could stay and observe an anthill for hours; the ants´ behaviour, how they interacted with their antennae, their greeting signals and all the messages exchanged every time they meet one another. I used to follow their trail well beyond the sand, up to where it disappeared in direction of the grass.  An absolute perfect fusion between the ANIMAL AND THE VEGETABLE KINGDOM.

Thinking and emotional animals

We are THINKING AND EMOTIONAL ANIMALS, so I openly ask you “ do you think you are taking enough care of YOUR GARDEN? What I mean is “ are you aware that we are all  the LOVING GARDENERS of our inner garden? I need to warn you immediately, this is a lifelong work; you know, WEEDS grow constantly..this is why our mission is to be the FAITHFUL GARDENERS of our conscience; we are the only ones responsible to keep our space beautiful, avoiding that anything that enters there can spoil it.

If you have a space, for as small as this could be, I can assure you that if you bring yourself to the art of CULTIVATING it, the gratification is instant.  The simple act to put your hands in the ground makes you get in touch directly with your essence, it calms you down, it gets you closer to enjoy THE FEELINGS THROUGH THE TOUCH. Touch the ground, cut the grass, water it, plant in it…by doing this WE LEARN TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES AND TAKE CARE OF OUR SPACE.

Nothing can harm us unless we allow it

Remember, nothing can harm us unless we allow it. Every situation that affects us, has been delivered by the skilled hands of a messenger who is telling us in a subtle way, to look inside ourselves.  The healthier we manage to keep our space the more POWER we have over our life.  A tree grows strong if it is free from any weeds .  CHOOSE the plants and the trees you like to decorate your home; select how you relate to your surroundings and the people you want to be part of it. In the same way you shower every day and get organised, take the rake daily and remove the little weed from your garden.The weed can appear small, nontheless it will always take some strenght and food away from the tree you love the most in your garden. Be FAITHFUL to yourself, learn to say with firmness “YES I like it and NO I do not like this”, go deaf to other people´s opinions, increase the volume of your INTUITION, your best adviser, and shut up everything else.

Become the best version of youself

Keep your space always spotless, make sure your garden is your pride and the example for all the other gardens.  INSPIRE anyone you can through the way you lead your life. Keep always in mind that living by example is the king of all kings. Keep your mover, your rake and your pruning shears always ready and transform your INNER SPACE in a GARDEN OF HAPPINESS AND LOVE, where only THE EVOLUTION TOWARDS YOUR PURPOSE reigns, with the aim to BECOME THE BEST VERSION OF YOUSELF.