El libro de la SUERTE

This book or better this INSTRUCTIONS´ BOOK FOR A BETTER LIFE, clarified many of my incognita some years ago. It ended in my hands, or to be more precise, I should say that my energy made me look for it in the shelf where it was resting.

What do we call LUCK or even better…what is luck for you?

Depending on your BELIEFS about it, a wide range of EXPERIENCES will take form around you.

The book of luck

Personally, I believe that you can find LUCK inside your heart and in the pocket of your trousers. If I were to define it or give it a form, it would be like this: find yourself in the right moment, believing with strong conviction that you have in your hands the POSSIBILITY to choose what you want, in the same way you select your drink from a dispenser machine: you insert the coins and press the button. 

For those who do not believe much about it, let us consider the possibility that the product they have chosen is not available…their lips will pronounce the following sentence: “Such a bad luck! I was longing so much to enjoy a muffin full of chocolate…!

Actitude is the key

The clue is always TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES…that sweet, we desired so much, wants us to wait, for some reason…the universe controls even this…nothing is left to chance, or at least, this is how I see it.

The phenomenon of luck makes things unpredictable, ORGANISE AND DISORGANISE them, it GIVES AN UNEXPECTED TURN to the situation, in a way that we cannot control, where the best option is to JUMP AND ABANDON YOURSELF in its arms…Maybe, later on, we will be able to give a meaning to that CHANGE OF DIRECTION and we will be able to read the message it was bringing under its arm…Our ACTITUDE is the key, as always; the ability to open ourselves to the most remote and narrow POSSIBILITY , invoking it, for good or for bad; this is when we are CREATING our luck, in every breath of energy that we put into the vast universe.

A coin in the air

When we decide something by throwing A COIN IN THE AIR, we are using a ritual that takes us back to our rich Roman Empire. A habit, we could consider a superstition for those who do not believe much in ENERGY; its origin is actually based on a very ancient tradition, when people were convinced that stagnant waters had healing power.

In the primitive civilizations it was very common to submerge the head of the newborns in the water of a lake or a river, a habit still persisting today in the rite of baptism.

The act of throwing a coin in the water to INVOKE GOOD LUCK and not another object, is the result of a direct association between the coin, symbol of ABUNDANCE and the strong link with a great or a promising FUTURE.

Pure energy

From a more scientific point of view, we would be more likely to talk about PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS. The first, proposes models or patterns that can be predicted with great certainty; the second, techniques that allow us to understand data and RESULTS.

Here is when a third variable comes into the game; it simply happens and there is not any scientific explanation, it breaks all the parameters, it does not obey any predictable nor measurable logic. It is about those events that are the result of PURE ENERGY, able to build CASTLES IN THE AIR; those that do not disappear like soap bubbles; those made of air and yet so real, so strong like cement; you cannot deny their existence but at the same time you cannot explain it either; neither with LOGIG nor with SCIENCE.

From those waters arise the so called and inexplicable MIRACLES which are all around us, everywhere and at every moment. THE ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS for this practice are the following:

  • Remaining very still
  • Maintaining distance and observing, like a spectator in a cinema, with the mind of a child
  • A total absence of any type of judgement
  • An enormous sense of humor; being ready, or at least have a firm intention to dive into the amazing swimming pool of EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the very best of LUCK, my dear friend! ?