el despertar por Inma Budiño

The act of bringing back into awereness a “MEMORY”, a feeling, a desire, an idea…etc or bringing back to memory somenthing latent or something already “FORGOTTEN

The awakening

The wide definition of this verb defines perfectly the feeling of the coming back to the real existence. It is that feeling that embraces every human being, sooner or later, when one gets back to his/her HOME.
Welcome back, my dear readers. Today´s picture is that of this amazing raptor, the owl; through the centuries it has been the symbol of silence, of intelligence, of justice,of intuition and of the spirit.
Personally, I find it a fascinating animal, with a look that seems almost human. We should all praise and emulate its observation skills and its silence.

The life´s purpose

Going back to the blog´s title we are sharing ..I will tell you how “awakening “ and “owl”got togehter. I have chosen “Awakening” as an equivalent to the meaning of life, a sense I wanted to transmit to you, or at least this is how I associate it to AWAKENING; it is that desire to wake up from our DREAM; a desire which patiently waits for that moment, when we are ready to do so, when we choose to do it, when it is the right time for our soul to call out to us from our deepest inner side.
Sooner or later, in this life or another, we will all realise we have the same message engraved with LOVE in our DNA: go back home. It is a slow awakening, to the most important feeling, that of WORTHINESS; the worthiness that is always there but it only depends on us to RECOGNIZE it and RECALL we are all members and parts of a WHOLE.

Gods on earth

We all have inset abilities for we are all Gods on earth. Let us start opening our eyes and see the true light from a world of duality and based on complementarity. If this was not the case, how would we be able to appreciate the abundance if we had not felt needy? How could we know the meaning and the feeling of happiness without having felt sadness?…It is enough to be connected directly to our intuition and always follow it.
I feel good; this happens when I think with God´smind (everyone is free to substitute God´s concept and called it universe, energy, Budda or simlpy oneself). I feel bad; this happens when I put aside my king´s or Queen´s crown and do not value myself. I believe, and so should you, that the purpose of our life and our terrestrial experience is to live this life as the only existing paradise; we have to enjoy fully its abundance, love and health, as much as we can and are able to accept it.

Patience,temperance, wisdom… like an owl

We should learn patience, temperance and wisdom from the owl; it waits patiently at sunset, totally camouflaged in a branch of a tree, ready to strike with all its predatory abilities, using them as soon as a prey get close to its action´s zone. We all have a role in this world and it does not matter if we belong to the vegetal, animal or human kingdom; we all play a unique role, perfectly orchestrated, in perfect harmony, for God´s action always has a clear purpose. God is everything and we are God.

Life is an invaluable gift

Everything has a reason and a purpose in life. The owl kills its prey and by doing so it keeps the balance in the animal kingdom. I would like to leave you some space for the following reflexion : Have we opened at least one eye to become conscious of the damage we are causing to our sourrounding? We all have a consciousness. When I say damage, I refer both to the ecosystem and to ourselves. At the end of the day it is all about remembering who we are, where we are comimg from, and where we are heading to… let us remember we are here just for a while and we fully deserve to enjoy this invaluable gift called life. The dreamer of a dream as stated in “ A course in Miracles”, this amazing gift came into my life to shake me and wake me up and gosh, I DID wake up!

Live and let live

When you really wake up, you realise that the only truthful meaning of life is LIVE AND LET LIVE and not just by saying it but by applying it. This is a compromise with oneself and with life, to avoid going back to dream again. Once you wake up there is no going back. When you wake up is very clear that the responsibility with yourself and with life grows esponentially.
You cannot use the excuse anymore “ I did not know…” The only acceptable attitude is “ I am going to live this transient experience with all the honours because this is the way Gods deserve to live.