Ese oscuro objeto de deseo

This is the greatest CERTAINTY…it contains all UNCERTAINTIES, a step sometimes firm and sometimes trembling toward the unknown, either attracting us or representing our deepest fear…Will I be able to…?  Is it sure or am I wrong…? Will I be up to the task as he/she has done or do they have some advantages for this or that reason, something I am totally unaware of…who knows?

That dark object of desire

This is how we go from 0 to 100 or from 100 to 0…In the first case we jump into the vast sea of our ABILITIES, in the other, we awake that EMOTION, rising from our most PRIMARY INSTINCT, that creates a feeling of INABILITY or insufficiency, a desire about what other people is or have; something starts to climb out, that something we know as ENVY.

This emotion is very much rejected, considered pejorative or negative…THAT WRONG PERCEPTION, that desire of having what other people have, shows our darkest side…But do not panic…! As I usually say, if we choose to see the positive side of it, that will awake our desire to grow and BELIEVE in ourselves, we will pull our sleeves up and move forward with CORAUGE towards our EVOLUTION.

The way I see you, is a faithful reflection of how I see myself

Let us add a pinch of HUMILITY, another of ADMIRATION AND RECOGNITION to that desired object or subject; the result will be more than fruitful.  Our hearts will fill up with happiness, we will genuinely applaud OTHER PEOPLE´S ACHIEVEMENTS and we will move faster in our journey towards OUR PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS…I do not know if it is better to say personal or collective…to be honest everything is part of a whole; the way I see you, is a faithful reflection of how I see myself.

Yes we can do it indeed, we can take that giant step, we can see ENVY from a different point of view, more constructive…everything depends on the type of glasses we are willing to put on…to see far or to see close…

Let us go back on that initial feeling rumbling in our guts, even though for just a moment, recognizing our supposed insignificance in front of the magnificence of our envied object; that same one we have labelled as HEALTHY ENVY.  The lower our SELF ESTEEM is, the stronger the other type will grow: THE UNHEALTHY ENVY.  This one sharpens its teeth in front of the mirror, ready to behead whoever is in its way, feeling very satisfied, apparently very sympathetic with OTHER PEOPLE´S MISFORTUNES.

I can do it too

Stop for a second and become aware of your feelings, mindfully and without any censures…Now, with a lot of SELFLOVE, and without guilt´s feelings, turn your canoe around and row towards clearer and calmer waters. Feel relieved, able to accept it, to tell loudly to yourself and the other person: you are doing very well! You INSPIRE me to work on myself, to challenge myself, knowing I CAN DO IT TOO.

The essential ingredient to feel MOTIVATED comes from our inner self, to develop the necessary strength to carry on with dedication until we have reached our AIM; it can always be found when competing with yourself. That desire coming from inside, creates a constant comparison with others, pushing us to move on, leaving on the side those inner voices that poison us. Those same voices that do not allow us to advance, but rather take us backwards, disguise as FRUSTRATION.

The best choice is always supporting our best quality

The best choice is always supporting our best QUALITY …Deep self-knowledge is the base.  We start building from the base and live with COURAGE and SELF DETERMINATION. Stop ENVYING and stop SUFFERING. Let us avoid the poisoned darts thrown by the envious people.

Remember that everything, you focus your attention and your energy on, grows. Keep your lantern stable, illuminating your own self. Everything is a reflection, everything is a projection, as per excess or defect, in one polarity or in another…but it is always talking about your own story. If somehow it affects you, then there is something you need to face.

The way YOU SEE ME…is the way YOU SEE YOURSELF.  ?