Ese Libro Azul...

I adore that wellbeing´s boost produced by the endorphin´s release I experience every time I go shopping for myself. I simply love feeling that emotion when I wear or experience somenthing new.  This is so certain, that in many occasions, while still in the changing room, I have asked the attendant  “ Can I wear it NOW? I love it sooo much that it would be amazing if I could leave with it on…!

Part time indulgent

My inner CHILD carries on being very present in my life, making me feel so alive with those little PLEASURES, those novelties, those INDULGENCES so delightful and so SIMPLE, able to change the perception of your day in a blink…and why not?.. sometimes, it is so deeply engraved in our mind, we believe that indulging ourself is not good and we feel guilty, just by having a toasted bread with butter in the middle of the morning..what a nonsense!

As a matter of fact, the same definition of “indulgence” and “indulgent” have  connotations which are in contraddiction with reason and logic.  I chose to go with spontaineity and show you the other face of the coin. There must be some moments in life when the SOUL is longing to enjoy itself, to expand and breath deeply inside, far away from the impositions of the THINKING AND ANALYTIC MIND?

Everything is good if applied in small dosis, like the wonderful perfumes kept in small bottles, or at least this  is how this PART TIME INDULGENT believes, while writing to you now.

With the same intesity I enjoy and take care of my PHYSICAL TEMPLE, so it happens with nurturing my SOUL and MY SPIRIT with PLEASANT EMOTIONS, following exactly what my INTUITION tells me to do.

That Blue Book…

It was and still is the same intuition, which lead me to a shelf where that BLUE BOOK was standing on that particular day.

I love WEARING MY NEW DRESSES exactly as I love SHARING MY KNOWLEDGE.  Through READING, I enrich myself with KNOWLEDGE, SELF-AWERENESS and SELF-DISCOVERY.  That day, as in many others, I bought that book following my impulse, my intuition, without even having a peep inside…Apparently it was a book like many others, for its tickness and layout; nothing was suggesting it would have been the promoter of stepping INTO THE TRUTHFUL ESSENCE OF THE SELF-AWERENESS.

I arrived home eager to read it, as it always happens when I buy myself a new book..I sat down, ready to devour it ..I opened it and started reading it….but as soon as I read the first paragraph, a strange feeling of FEAR run through my whole body…I closed it and  quite scared I thought..” what is this?. I stared at the title “ A COURSE IN MIRACLES” foundation for THE INNER PEACE.

I simply did not get it:  why did I buy that book, apparently related to religion, catholicism, God, the church…I felt such a mess in my head, a distorsion of concepts,  on top of what I have been taught and what I believe it was..!

I was puzzled, shocked, it was like I had read  a few words in a strange language, totally foreign and totally unknown to me…

I put THAT BLUE BOOK together with many others on a shelf…and  there it stayed for many autumns, 14 more or less..It accompanied me in all the homes I moved. While I was reorganising my books in the new space, that book was standing there, SILENTLY, waiting for the right moment, the momentI would have looked myself in the mirror of my essence…Until the moment was a great day, in July, when my intuition took me again to THAT BLUE BOOK.. and then I knew instantly I was ready to experience my freedom and my SOUL´s expansion. 

Love, love, love

There and then I learned the meanings of concepts like “LOVE toward oneself, how to let go THE CONTROL and THE EXPECTATIONS, that WE ARE ONE, about our PROJECTIONS…I could write, write and write more…the emotion is so strong that a few tears run down my cheeks…tears of GRATEFULNESS  to undesrtand the meaning of  WAIT and for that book to wait for me, so I could be ready to receive the ANCENSTRAL WISDOM we all have inside; to feel WORTHY, to believe EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.. I was so wrong!  I had so  much energy, the same I projected outside, to others.  I was thirtsy for myself, for my own caring, for pampering myself, for my strenght too, and for my laughs, my indulgences; how damaging can be those concepts when misunderstood …!

The deeper I went into reading that book  the more I was penetrating into my INNER SELF, like entering a thick forest, opening the way with a machete; but in my case the machete was substituted by  A DIVINE hand that with its delicacy, was opening the way in face of any obstacles…step by step, hand in hand with that GOD we all have inside ourselves. I reached the OASIS, that heaven of peace that gives meaning to everything outside…FROM THE INSIDE TO THE OUTSIDE, with solid basis and total awareness. The only and universal religion is LOVE; our best and only LIFE´S PURPOSE is REMEMBER OUR ESSENCE and contribute more and more to THE AWAKENING DURING THAT JOURNEY BACK home.