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Tell me what you think and i will tell you how you feel


Simple as that. CAUSE  AND EFFECT.  They always go together. A perfect marriage that leads us to what we DESIRE or FEAR the most.

Are we conscious about  how we think? Have we pondered and realised that our mind is the most powerful machinery ever created?

Tell me what you THINK  and I will tell you how you FEEL

Let us go back in the past to Alan Turing, father of the theoretical computer science and precursor of  the ARTIFICIAL INTELLINGE.

Can you believe that everything started in the middle of a World War: on September 1938 Turing is recruited by the British government to interpret and traslate the  German codified messages through a machine called Enigma. The name itself reveals the concept of somenthing you cannot understand due to its ambiguity or because it goes beyond the logic perceived through our senses. 

I think therefore I am

If a man has managed to set up a machine able to think, using the same human mental abilities, would it not be correct to state that we can adjust and choose, at our own pleasure, any thought running through our MENTAL CORRIDOR?

In the exact moment you ARE ELABORATING YOUR THOUGHTS, you are CHOOSING YOUR EMOTIONS. A Jump back in the past and I find myself at the time of Rene Descartes and his famous reasoning “ I think therefore I am” This is how I summarise it, based on this post´s thematic : doubt about everything, especially what your senses show you through the body. Only if we doubt, we are able to find our truth; find your own truth well beyond the tangible world and once you have found it you will know it immediately because you will experience a great sense of  wellbeing.

The abilities to handle our emotions

We find the base of any techonological advance in the ARTIFICIAL OR INTELLECTUAL INTELLINGENCE. Any technological advance lacking EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE OR A BASE OF IT, is pure MECHANISM. The abilities to handle our emotions, to express and balance them, are exactly those abilities that differentiate us from a computer.

What is Siri missing to be more human, for example? You would agree with me that it is possible to have a conversation with Siri and obtain answers which are fairly coherent.  The only and fundamental ingredient that so far has not been possible reproducing in it, is EMPATHY.  An immense word with an immense meaning:”from my ability to FEEL and  THE KNOWLEDGE OF MY EMOTIONS I can put myself in your place;you wear your own shoes daily but I can perceive where they are uncomfortable.

The truth inside yourself

Once you are able to glimpse the knowledge of your soul,then you will  be closer to find the CERTAINTY OF THE TRUTH INSIDE YOURSELF.  This is irrefutable and even though you can not prove it by logic, you can feel it and you know it is REAL. 

In order to be able to handle my EMOTIONAL DICTIONARY and to know the meaning of my MOODS, first of all I need to search in my conscience, HOW I am thinking and WHICH are the specific THOUGHTS that are occupying my mental space.

Thoughts and emotions

To make it short; in the same way that there cannot be day without night, so there is not knowledge of my EMOTIONS without an identification and a previous selection of my THOUGHTS.

Once we are able to correlate correctly  our thoughts and our emotions,then we will be in a very good disposition to act in the proper way with the person next to us.

A very important advice; let us not forget, we are very good at taking care of other people´s necessities before taking care of ourselves and this is not empathy, this is forgetting to sweep our home and run to sweep the neighbour´s home with the broom in our hand.

I am ready, as I am every day, to keep my SPACE CLEAN and free from any GARBAGE, I choose to vibrate high and enjoy the amazing wisdom of those people who vibrate even higher than me. These are the people that make me reach, with their example,the life of plenitude, we all deserve

Who you want to be now

Everything can happen by simply abandoning the old LIMITING  and castrating MENTAL HABITS. I ask myself why, since the world´s creation, it is so easy for us to live in sufferings and deprivations and  so difficult, at times almost impossible, to feel ourselves WORTHY AND WEALTHY.  I know by experience that THE MACRO-SOCIAL LABELS we carry are very well attached to us.  The great piece of news is that everything can be replaced… first we make it softer by soaking them in hot water with a lot of love, then we patiently wait for them to peel off and finally we let them go.

Take you permanent marker and write very clear in the middle of your heart. WHO YOU WANT TO BE NOW.

Are you ready to enjoy your presents?  ?