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Taking strong steps

Pisando fuerte

It may be interpreted literally or figuratively, but THE WAY WE TAKE A STEP, defines and affects us. Let us devolop this concept from a pure PHYSICAL AND TANGIBLE aspect to a more ETHEREAL AND INTANGIBLE.

Taking strong steps

I remember with a lot of tenderness the stage of my life when I used to observe and try to show, to every person who came to my studio, the great importance of  WALKING MINDFULLY;  I explain myself better: if you pay ATTENTION to the BASE  THAT SUPPORTS your FEET, you will realise there is an IMBALANCE in how the weight is distributed in the fingers of your feet, in the area covering the arch of the foot, in the heel and in the instep and outstep…There is a much easier way to find out how your step is…if you check under your shoes, you will find out straight away, which parts of your soles and of your heels have been more consumed, simple as this.

The way we distribute our body’s weight in our feet has a direct impact on all our BODY’S PARTS: it is pure logic, if I put down my foot in a wrong way, I OVERLOAD involuntarily, the ankles, the hips, the shoulders..Even though apparently we do not find any relation in it, a pain in the neck can have its origin in the way  we take a step and this movement will not only define your PHYSICAL BODY, but your EMOTIONAL PART as well.

Perfect Balance

Our body is made in such a way that it should move in a PERFECT BALANCE…It is extremely STRONG, able to support and sustain, almost without complaining, most of the mistreatments, pressions and pains we often inflict on it,  but at times it is very SENSITIVE to our smallest EMOTIONAL changes.  We live in the constant search of our  homeostasis or BALANCE…do not forget that the INSIDE is always projected in the OUTSIDE…we are like COMMUNICATING VASSELS…our INNER PART talks about our EXTERIOR PART AND VICEVERSA, it is a whole that cannot be separated.

The evolution

If we take into consideration the THEORY OF THE EVOLUTION, how could we change from QUADRUPEDS to BIPEDS?

BEING ABLE TO USE TWO LEGS TO WALK is definetly one of the most important and peculiar adaptation,  which carachterises and differentiates us from our brothers, the chimpanzees. Who knows, maybe back then, we needed to have our hands free to carry our food with more ease or carry our offsprings…Whatever the reasons, it is very clear that the ability to WALK UPRIGHT required deep anatomical transformations, especially in the lower extremities and in the pelvis.  Maybe this could be the factor capable to explain the increase of our BRAIN’S size.

Let us now focus on the PLANT OF OUR FOOT.  Since  the CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE  AND THE FAR EGYPT, we have been using this ancestral technique which identifies the location of every organ of our body in the plants of our feet like in a physical map. REFLEXOLOGY is able to give relief or activate any part of the body with a simple pression in specific points of our feet ’s plants.

Balance wins the match

Just to avoid to overcomplicate myself I simply want to say that everything is interconnected, like in a CHAIN PRODUCTION’S SYSTEM…if there is a failure in one of its stages, the production is interrupted and this activates a series of DEFICIENCIES; the BODY, THE MIND AND THE EMOTIONS always give us SIGNALS OF ALARM.

Despite this, the body obeys faithfully to the orders sent by the mind and executes the instructions at all costs.
At first it sends SUBTLE SIGNALS, something like the traffic light when it shows the color amber. If we ignore it, the signals become more intense and the traffic light turns red, forcing us to AN OBLIGATORY STOP, normally accompanied by PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL PAIN.

The  emotional healing is always more expensive than the physical one. It is not the same to have a flat tyre, which you can fix easily while singing, than having to fix the break down of you car because your engine is seized.

Moral of the story: Always put your foot down mindfully…taking proper precautions…

There is not doubt that life needs to be lived fully…but be careful,  as pushing the engine too much can lead to a colapse… a colapse that leads to a disaster and to destruction….Once again BALANCE wins the match.  ?