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Con los ojos miramos…con el cerebro vemos

Looking or Seeing

There is a substantial difference: LOOKING or SEEING, hearing and listening…PAY ATTENTION because we are going to analyze this. What we see is not the REALITY but rather the ILLUSION created by the brain. So far it should be understandable for everyone… but go a step further. What would you say if I were to tell you, that the illusion created by your brain is made up by THE RECORDED EXPERIENCES previously stored in it?

We are looking with the eyes…but seeing with the brain

In order to protect ourselves and as part of the evolutionary process, our brain moves a step ahead to recognize images or similar situations recorded in the past and in a blink, preceding and foreseeing the potential situations or risk we could face or come across with…You know what I am talking about, don´t you? Our favorite human hobby is thinking in advance the outcomes and CONTROL them, or at least believe we do.

Going back to the above paragraph and to the ATTENTION. If I look at an object or a person, even though I use my eyes, this does not necessarily mean that I am seeing that. I can have my physical organs, the eyes, staring at something, while my mind is in reality fantasizing and enjoying the delicious, tasty apple pie on top of the table.   This is how we eat with our eyes before doing it with the stomach, as an old proverb says.

We see with the eyes but the VISUAL PERCEPTION does not stop there, on the contrary it only starts here. The physical eye PERCEIVES and the brain DECODES those supposed and already known realities.  The brain works as THE THIRD EYE, or the creative centre of a NEW REALITY.

Believe, feel it, then create it.  Looking or seeing?

If we can re-live past experiences over and over and make them stronger through those emotions we have associated with them, in the same way we could CREATE our FUTURE in a free and mindful way, describing every single detail and every single scene simply by adding to that, emotions that agree with our feelings. The more I can see it in my brain, the more I can focus on it, the more familiar it will seem; so much that I will be able to RECOGNIZE IT THROUGH MY MENTAL EYE, once I have perceived it through my physical eyes.

It is very exciting and just a matter of practice; if you can BELIEVE IT AND FEEL IT, then you are able to CREATE IT.

If you really want to achieve it, it is only a matter of patience and perseverance. Maybe you are bored with yourself and with the same story, then here you have the formula; no more excuses, apart the ones you want to make. This is what we call GROWTH AND DECISION, everything else is just blah, blah, blah…same old story.

Do you carry on watching from the barrier or do you dare to create with courage a NEW LIFE?

I can assure you that our mental computer is able to create much more than what we can possibly imagine.

There is so much to live  and  create

I encourage you to face your FEARS, to overcome them…feel them; in the worst scenario it could simply be a trial and error´s experience. What do you have to lose, apart from the old recording repeating themselves over and over to make our life difficult and repetitive?

There is so much to live  and  create. Come on, take your pencil and your rubber, DO NOT CONFORM AND PUT YOUR IMAGINATION TO WORK, let your mind flow freely, let it be creative and let it fly, be the ARCHITECT OF YOUR BEST DREAMS. Train your mind so that it will be able to recognize your masterpiece…and when you are ready to open your eyes and your arms to receive it…only then you will feel how your third eye is opened to see and create the PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF YOUR DREAMS.

This is what we call MIRACLES and we do not realize that they are all around us, at all times


The choice is served. ?