Habla el silencio

There are moments, in between one thought and another, that are like EMPTY SPACES, where we feel an IMMESURABLE PEACE…in these precise moments we become more receptive to listen to THE VOICE OF SILENCE. Here is where the NOW really has a meaning, where any pain disappears, when we reach the deepest part of our authentic essence, what we call SOUL.

Silence speaks

This is a short explanation about my experience of personal retreat, an experience that at the beginning is difficult to get the gist of…It is usually known as SELF AWARENESS, MEDITATION, PRAYING, THOUGHT-STOPPING…Anyone can choose the definition he/she prefers the most. The essential is not how we call it, but how we feel it…

Let the silence speak to you, allow the mind to make itself quiet and let all the answers to every single question, accumulated in your mind, come to you, like presents…easily…Let yourself go, create a space that allows you to be receptive to the listening, to the sensations, to the images.  Learn to RECOGNISE THE ENERGY YOU ARE, beyond the physical body we have borrowed at birth from our creator.

Only this precise instant exists

It is easy, believe me… Let yourself go and see beyond this world.  A constant and willing practice is the fundamental ingredient, this will increase more and more while practicing it. If the PRACTICE OR THE AWAKENING becomes difficult, it would be advisable to start again from the beginning and choose a A NEW PATH…search inside your mind…Maybe you are overcomplicating the journey, simply because you are so used to this habit…It is now time to switch off the AUTOMATIC PILOT´S MODE.

Observe the flow of the various scenes CREATED by your mind running in front of you, do it in the same way you do, when you turn the pages of a book, without focusing on any specific sentence…Focus on the emptiness, on the abstract, on what has no shape…Breath this moment in, deeply…Let go the concepts of PAST MEMORIES AND FUTURE PROYECTIONS…ONLY THIS PRECISE INSTANT EXISTS, NOTHING ELSE. Be patient and good to yourself…Accept it all as it is, and feel the relaxation this produces in you…every beat of your heart represents your MANTRA OR GUIDE, go back to the moment of now, as many times as you may need…

Enjoy your journey, enjoy your path

Enjoy your journey, enjoy your path…Be aware that if you make it easy, you will reach your destination earlier…and for sure you will discover that you are on top of an immense FEELING OF EMPTINESS.  At this stage your hunger will attack you again and at this height, you will ask yourself if THE PERMANENT INSATISFACTION is your natural condition…What is happening to me?

There is a clear difference between having GOALS AND INCENTIVES IN LIFE and get up every morning with those illusions; try to avoid that your goals become obsessions   and avoid focusing on achieving them in any way and at any price…Let your inner wisdom lead you…Let the control go…We would save so much energy if only we could listen to the silence for a little while!

As we evolve, we temper our emotions, and is so nice to be able to temper ourselves; so nice to calm down and take a seat in a sweet waiting mode.  Remember, usually the evolution of every person is the result of hard work or at least it seems so.

If you are a natural proactive person, maybe THE ABILITY YOU NEED TO DEVELOP is more associated with: “I have done everything that was in my hands…now it is time to sit down and wait…”

Start to work miracles in your own life

Whatever the circumstances, you will always find the best INSTRUCTIONS´ BOOKLET to achieve the maximum of this terrestrial life inside yourself, you just need to use the different ways at your disposal to communicate with yourself…and as everything ..the more you practice…the better the results. 

Start the awakening process from the apparent incongruence of closing your physical eyes…train yourself…practice… Then you will be able to do it with your eyes wide open and apply it to all you daily tasks.

I salute Saint Theresa of Jesus and I end this post with her well-known phrase “you can find God even when cooking…”

God, our divine energy, is everywhere. Enjoy your life and discover that we are all part of that divine spark. Start to work miracles in your own life RIGHT NOW. ?