Díselo con flores

It is universal…Simple…Everybody loves it…It comes from MOTHER NATURE and from the purest feeling of LOVE…Not only romantic love, but LOVE WITH CAPITAL LETTERS, MEANING UNIVERSAL… In any occasion, it is lovely to give flowers as present, to a couple, a sister, a friend…Men and women without distinction…Even though it is not very common, a man would love to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers…As a matter of fact I will put this into practice, I take note and I will make an experiment…So far I have never given flowers as present to a man…Reminiscences of a sexist culture…at least in my case and I recognize this openly… I promise to change this pattern…you are witnesses of my compromise, my dear friends.

Say it with flowers

Personally, I find this a marvelous way to show my FEELINGS of love towards someone…Of course I am enchanted when people show how much they love me with flowers…You just need to have a walk in the fields and pick up a bunch of flowers, a mixture of colors and perfumes…It is so magnificent to give flowers when we visit a friend at home… Remember, very often the small details contain the most beautiful and touching MESSAGES…It goes beyond frontiers…well beyond idiomatic or cultural barriers, everybody understands its meaning…You do not even need to move your lips to say anything…believe me, the effects can be very THERAPEUTIC.

The use of plants and their healing effects

It does not end here, let us get a bit deeper and get back to the beginning. There are plants with and without flowers. At the beginning, plants were simply used as FOOD. It is not known how the idea to use them as MEDICAMENTS came about. I imagine that if you were to eat a specific plant, which produces a reaction in your body of heat and sweat, in the future, the common sense would make you use that same plant to sweat temperatures out…A fruit, a plant or a flower which could help you to go to the toilet, would be used effectively to deal with constipation.

In this way, man acquired more and more knowledge about THE USE OF PLANTS AND THEIR HEALING EFFECTS. Sumerians were the forerunners of it, around 3000 BC.

BOTANY and MEDICINE flourished exponentially in ancient Greece and Rome.  Galen, the father of the rational pharmacy we know today, studied the way to prepare remedies based on MEDICINAL PLANTS. He developed the THEORY OF QUINTESSENCE, something about the SPIRITUAL POWER or the existence of THE INVISIBLE ENERGY, a power able to heal people.  The power of INTENTION united to the ACTIVE PRINCIPLES OF NATURE.

Heal the body and the soul

ALCHEMY AND PHYTOTHERAPY fit perfectly into the PRESENT ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE; based on the concept to HEAL THE BODY AND THE SOUL, treating THE ORIGIN of the diseases, focusing directly on the CAUSE, seeing that the SYMPTOM is only the manifestation of an INNER DISORDER, always and without exception having an EMOTIONAL BASE, apart from the PHYSICAL ONE.

THE HEALING is always HOLISTIC. Everything is connected…BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT, in equal parts.

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS to those you love or appreciate, and SAY IT WITH FLOWERS to your physical and spiritual body. Make it A GOOD HABIT OF SELF LOVE: HEALTHY FOOD, POSITIVE THOUGHTS, PROPER INTESTINAL CLEANLINESS; start to introduce PLANTS in form of infusions, ancestral remedies to ease daily discomforts… All this will have its result: the BOOSTING OF OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. We are here to fully enjoy a healthy life and we have a lot of NATURAL TOOLS available to achieve it.

Replace fear with love

The human body has everything it needs for its SELFHEALING…Do you believe it? This is the most important of all premises. What about giving it a little push and facilitate its journey? Replace FEAR with LOVE.  Nobody said it was easy, but at this stage it is better to work in our favor than against ourselves.

Give yourself the best present, SMALL DAILY CARES which create the BEST HABITS.

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS…On the way, remind it to yourself with golden letters and GIVE YOURSELF A PRESENT, another wonderful bunch of flowers…At the end…GIVE AND RECEIVE are two sides of the same coin.  ?