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Renewing oneself is living

Renovarse es vivir

A new season, summertime and I would say there could not be a more magical numerical sequence to define its beginning … 21st  day , year 21 and  21st century.

OPENINGS, RENOVATION…Renewing oneself is living. Many new beginnings. As a matter of coincidence, our new webpage has just seen its first new sunrise. We are constant evolution and growth: LIFE IS SO AMAZING!

Renewing oneself is living

It is so important to appreciate it, understand it, dare to live it fully, surrounded and embraced by all the opportunities life offers us. Like a young girl, but with a great advantage: experience. How many years have passed believing this was not possible!

I would dare to say that the majority of this world´s inhabitants have been living under the influence of their elders, who were either complaining or longing… expressing it with the following bitter comment: “ooh…if we could be young again but retaining all the experience we have gained until now…”. Well, I can confirm that THIS IS POSSIBLE: I am enjoying my fifties and realizing that I could not feel better, at all levels…yes you have read properly…

I take great care of my inner self 

Physically I feel amazing, because I love myself profoundly, because I have lost the respect to PERFECTIONISM, and I have found the divine beauty of BEING UNCOMPLICATED. I celebrate the white hair appearing slowly here and there in my head and I emphasize how lucky I am to have just a few of them. 

I take great care of my inner self and my skin is soft and delicate, with wrinkles of course, but they are being loved and hydrated; they tell my story, about my laughs and my tears. My face and my body talk about a long constant work on HAPPINESS, with willpower, perseverance, leaving behind the efforts and the sufferings. I LIVE from a different perspective, and I LOOK from a different point of view, without deceiving myself, feeling very well in my body. I renew myself day after day, I respect myself and I dedicate time to an ACTIVE LISTENING to my own self.

I visit my MENTAL computer; so many labels have been peeled off from my forehead, so many truths I used to consider real HAVE BEEN REPROGRAMMED. Now I know who I really am, now I have a name and surnames, well defined, I am GOD´S DAUGHTER AND LIFE`S DAUGHTER.  Life works for my benefits because I allow it. I Give you a tangible example that just came at the right moment: I feel uncomfortable to show my evolution and to share it with others; therefore, I took a step forward and decided to renew my webpage. I am alive and my webpage too, experiencing the same renovation. RENEWING ONESELF IS LIVING!

Come on and let us go

It is possible to live a great life; the journey is much easier now that I have removed  and freed myself from many PERSONAL AND INHERITED BURDENS, heavy stones attached to my legs, something like walking with two 50 kg of sand bags chained to my ankles…My perseverant nature has always been associated with progress, COME ON AND LET US GO, have always been words part of my daily vocabulary, part of my deepest essence and there is no doubt that any advance is definitely much better without any weights added to the feet.

I can say that MY SOUL sings freely and feels the FREEDOM to be who I want to be, leaving on the side those self-imposed demands to be WHO OTHERS EXPECT ME TO BE…Another massive deceit, another different way to give to others those duties and responsibilities that are always and only ours.

My best version

RENEWING ONESELF IS LIVING; the new summer season we are experiencing is unique…There is only one  21st  day, of the year 21, of the 21st century…It may sound very repetitive but there is only a NOW, today is unique…it may seem that every day is the same as we repeat many actions almost automatically, but in reality it is never the same.

Am I the same person I can see in the photos of my web page? Apparently; a change in my makeup, a different dress, one wrinkle more or one less…The most important is how I present myself, my feelings are different from those I had 15 months ago, from yesterday, from just 15 minutes ago.

Is the content, you can read now in my webpage, the same as the one you found one year ago? I carry on being myself but with something more; more profound, with more experience, more wisdom, always aiming at MY and YOUR BEST VERSION.

I tell you something: “ if you want to go fast, go alone…but if you want to go far…I FACILITATE AND ACCOMPANY YOU IN THE JOURNEY.


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