Encantado de conocerte

This is a courteous sentence used in every corner of the world when we are being introduced to someone new… It is used as well to say goodbye when we take leave of that same person, unknown to us until then.

Apparently, it may seem just that…but…what if we use our finger and scratch a little bit deeper?

Pleased to meet you

I am one of those people who firmly believe that everyone in this world has SOMENTHING TO SAY…meaning…that every input is interesting… In the same way that different ingredients blend and enrich a stew, creating a delicious SYMBIOSIS of flavors, so different POINTS OF VIEW can have the same outcome…the more diverse the better, because they SPEAK MORE ABOUT OUR OWN SELF… the more uncomfortable we feel by what the other is telling us, the more certain we can be,that THERE IS A MESSAGE DIRECTLY WRITTEN FOR US… this is how we move from …”pleased to meet you” to ..” pleased to meet myself…”

Let us start chopping and mixing the ingredients for a better understanding

Express judgements and verdicts

Situation: some good friends invite us to their house…it is a group of 6…relax…seeing the circumstances we are experiencing at present the size of the group is very important…! We introduce one another saying inevitably “pleased to meet you” all around…

After the typical introductory questions like …where do you live… ?  what do you do…?  do you have children…?  once the FORM IS FILLED, our brain processes the details automatically, going through some MENTAL OR HEURISTIC SHORTCUTS, to then EXPRESS JUDGEMENTS AND VERDICTS that will allocate those people to a PRE-DETERMINED CATEGORY.

Human inter-relationships

It is a very simplistic way to TAKE DECISIONS and DESCRIBE PEOPLE´S PERSONALITIES…basic HUMAN INTER-RELATIONSHIPS. To make it easier: when you go to a large supermarket to do your shopping, you just need to look up and in a second you will understand how everything has been allocated in its PRODUCTS´S CATEGORY…this is why, when I see the sign jams and bakery from far away, I am pretty sure that over there I will find muffins and biscuits too.

This is how we function, my dear friends; should this not be the case, it would be practically and almost impossible to live our daily life…which is becoming every time more complicated.

Personal uncomfortability

We could start talking about it now…but this belongs to another chapter…who knows , maybe the topic of another post down the line…Today we will focus on that moment of PERSONAL UNCOMFORTABILITY …the emotion that supposedly,  the man or woman we have just met and with whom we are sharing the table, is making us feel… it is so intense that our HANDS START TO SWEAT, THE HEART BEATS FASTER and we soon realize how our whole body is flooded with an unstoppable FEELING OF RAGE…during the evening one of the group has drunk a bit too much and started speaking nonsense, raising  his voice more than usual …nothing excessive, nor scandalous… I think he is saying stupidities, for sure…as they are stupidities… but one of the guests brings back in his mind THE SHAME AND THE IMPOTENCE he used to feel when his father had too many drinks during the family gatherings and became verbally abusive against his mother… he LIVES IT AGAIN, so intensely, that his body, at a PHYSICAL level, starts to re-create the same PHYSICAL REACTIONS…and this is how we find ourselves trapped in AN EMOTIONAL LOOP!

That person could automatically become a POTENTIAL ENEMY…to be OBJECTIVE the only thing he did, was to have a glass too much and say some stupidities…but we are so immersed in that past experience that we live the THREATHEN AS REAL… it is so vivid that nothing or nobody is able to take us away from that focus.

Practicity and evolution

It is time to TAKE CONTROL and press the STOP button with all our human and divine consciousness … BECOMING AWARE of THE NIGHTMARE we are re-experiencing with our eyes wide open and get back to the normality of our vital rhythm … Why do we need to torture ourselves over and over with the same story?  I give you the answer…for NO REASON!  It is only a way to enjoy our DAMAGING SELF-PITY and carry on inflicting PAIN to ourselves.

I advocate for PRACTICITY AND EVOLUTION… I am grateful to the MESSENGER and for THE MESSAGE, which is definitely directed to you, my dear friend, if it has touched your soul so deeply.