Jugar vs Juzgar

Somewhere, in a place…I am unable to recall now, I saw a drawing…What really impressed me, was the question written at the bottom of that drawing; AN IMPACTING REFLECTION…it said something like this “At what stage of our life, did we stop being PLAYING CHILDREN and become JUDGEMENTAL ADULTS”?

Impacting…is it not?   But it is so real as it is now 20.00, nighttime and I can see it through the window, from behind my desk.

Playing vs Judging

I remember when I used to take my children to the park, enjoying observing THE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR AND INTERACTIONS of THOSE LITTLE PEOPLE.

From a young age, THE FFELING OF BELONGING TO A GROUP is almost INSTICTIVE, so inherent to the human race as breathing is. From our very tender age, we PUT OURSELVES FORWARD and we form our own IDENTITY through the interactions we establish with those around us.

Thinking animals

The SMALLEST we are, THE PUREST and this is why we can find more affinities to the ANIMALS´ behaviors…At the end of the day, we are THINKING ANIMALS…are we not? 

I make myself clearer: an animal defends its territory, its cubs and fights for its survival. In the same way, when we are just kids, the younger we are, the more this attitude can be appreciated, we slap the one who tries to take away our favorite toy, but at times we are able to LEND OUR HAND to that, who is crying because he fell down or because another colleague took advantage of a moment of distraction and snatched his yellow lorry, simply attracted by the shining color of that toy.

Well, during that afternoon in the park among sand, swings and slides, my mind came up with the following question “When does it happen exactly, that we, adults, start to DAMAGE AND CONTAMINATE those minds, almost divine for their SIMPLICITY AND EASINESS and transform those small adorable people into JUDGEMENTAL MACHINES?

Emotional bagages

I am not going to discover anything new under this sun. It is quite useless to point out that we transmit this from GENERATION TO GENERATION and I suppose that we use the monosyllable “NO” as the star of the party and we apply it to every child´s movement, from the begin of the beginnings, without even realizing and with our best intention of course, but almost in a compulsive way.

We give ourselves plenty of reasons to do so, and with tenderness, but through an AUTOMATIC BEHAVIOUR, we discharge our FRUSTRATIONS, OUR RIGIDITY AND FEARS on those small souls, who absorb everything like sponges and start filling their EMOTIONAL BAGAGES with weights.

Emotional healing

I insist and emphasize again and again, that the best INHERITANCE we can leave to our children is OUR OWN EMOTIONAL HEALING. As we are energy, we can contribute directly to THE HEALING OF OUR FAMILY´S TREE.

Therefore, we can go back and RE-WRITE those events we lived with FEAR, WITH PAIN OR STRESS, neutralize them in our MEMORY and by doing so, we can revisit those moments with a different perspective, much more favorable than before.

Exercise of courage and willpower

At the end of the day, it is an EXERCISE OF COURAGE AND WILLPOWER, something like taking off onion´s layers, till you reach the core.  That VIRGIN CORE, even though is very well hidden, is waiting to be rescued and taken back to see the light again.

It is a GO BACK IN TIME, with care, with confidence and with TONS OF WILLPOWER, a regression to that moment, when we were THE LITTLE BOY OR THE LITTLE GIRL PLAYING IN THE SLIDE, ENJOYING ONCE AGAIN LIFE, READY TO LEND THE HAND TO WHOEVER may need it, with the ADVANTAGES OF OUR OWN EXPERIENCE… if I put my hand to close to the fire I know I will get burnt; so when there is a MUTUAL RESPECT, I HELP YOU, but when this is not the case, I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST…but I prefer to go on with my journey.

There is another way to see things

There is another way to see things as everything depends on the EYE OF THE OBSERVER.

If I manage TO LOVE MYSELF ENOUGH, so to avoid judging myself, I will be able to CONSIDER YOU IN THE SAME WAY I DID WITH MYSELF, my dear friend. I may possibly disagree with you, but I WILL NOT JUDGE YOU