el pan nuestro de cada día

My dear friends, is there anything more basic than bread?  I can only think of water, the QUEEN AMONG THE QUEENS, considering that this wonderful liquid element forms about 60 % of our being.  Going back to the topic, bread is so much part of our life, that we use its noun to refer to FOOD in general.  The topic of today is NUTRITION, with a particular focus on something I discovered a few years ago through my great friends, the books.

Our daily bread

Every time I go to buy books, I let my energy direct me to them…it always works…it is infallible…I usually feel an irresistible attraction, particularly to one of the many shelves around and I know…with absolute certainty…that there, I will find what I need.

It is like playing hot and cold…Does it ring a bell…?  Yes, that game we all have played when we were small or not so small either…Someone hides something in one of the rooms or simply think about something concrete and gives a few details to the other…if this last one is getting closer then, we say hot…if moving away, cold… This is how I buy books, almost all of them …something LEADS me to them. 

Tell me your blood type and i will tell you what to eat

This is how I came to realize why BLOOD TYPES AND NUTRITION are so much linked together, like a kind of …TELL ME YOUR BLOOD TYPE AND I WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO EAT…what a bomb shell!  I read the book with great curiosity, as I usually do, but to be honest, on this occasion I only put into practice half of its advices…I was not ready for it…I needed to carry on MISTREATING MYSELF a bit longer…and I covered it up with various stupid reasons like: “I have no intention of giving up cheese, even if I know it does not really agree with me, it still compensates me and I go for it…”

The years went by and I lent that book to someone I do not recall, and it vanished…

I have always known, that one way or another, you get back what you do, being it good or bad: it is the LAW OF RECIPROCITY, this is why, when I have invested, lost, lent, etc…I always say exactly the same: “maybe the one who found it, needed it more than me in that moment…and I really hope that person will get all the benefits I have received  too.”

It could not be more real…! Everything is cyclical, recurrent and this is how the information about that book came back to me once again… and do you know what I did?… Well, I bought the new updated version, improved, with more data and more interesting than before…Time to add the following advice now…” write down to whom you lend the books and with all the courtesy of the case, ask them to return it after some reasonable time has gone by….  pure COHERENCE AND SELF WORTHINESS …nothing else.

Blood types and nutrition

Now I carry on telling you about the very interesting content of this book. As you all know, we are divided into 4 large BLOOD GROUPS: GROUP “0”, GROUP “A”, GROUP “B” and GROUP “AB”, like in a LARGE NOAH´S ARK, where all humanity coexists, divided in groups, from the oldest, the HUNTER, corresponding to the group “0”, THE UNIVERSAL BLOOD TYPE DONOR, to the newest, corresponding to the group “AB”, the so call CENTAURUS TYPE, half “A”, half “B”.

It is quite curious how I have always used the same example to describe myself, well, before having any knowledge about this topic and saw myself as a WARRIOR, like Joan of Arc, you know, holding a sword and a shield, riding a horse to defend JUSTICE AND TRUTH

I did the test to find out my blood group type and I burst out laughing when they told me I am GROUP “0”…simply because I have always known I am a Viking..”

After this little joke, we get back to our topic and as they say…and this is not far from the truth…BLOOD IS TICKER THAN WATER…So much that we may face the certainty that we can PRERVENT AND CURE MANY DISEASES.

Group “0”

It is pure logic that the vigorous and primitive system of the GROUP ”0” needs PROTEINS, GREEN AND FRUITS; I can almost see the Cro-Magnon man in front of me.

Group “A”

Moving forward in time, we come to meet the next group in the EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS, THE GROUP “A”, THE AGRARIAN GROUP. You eat what you sow. Their blood type naturally needs  VEGETABLES AND GRAINS.

Group “B”

Let us advance until we reach the GROUP “B”, THE NOMAD. They had to adapt to climatic changes and frequent migrations. We can easily define the BLOOD PERSONALITY of this GROUP “B”, like a refined sophistication in the evolutionary process. The TYPE B´s diet is BALANCED AND HEALTHY and it includes a large variety of foods. It embraces the best of the VEGETABLE AND ANIMAL KINGDOM.

Group “AB”

Less than two thousand years ago appeared the more modern and less common blood group. THE GROUP “AB” represents only between 2 and 5% of the entire world population.

An in-between A and B, maybe a fusion of the two. They are considered AN EVOLUTIONARY MISTERY, due to their chameleonic response to the changing environmental and nutritional conditions. 

Our own evolution

I hope I have contributed to awake more curiosity in you, in relation to something that concerns all of us directly, THE HISTORY OF OUR OWN EVOLUTION.

It is like magic, how our BLOOD is naturally grateful, when we honor its GROUP´S ORIGIN… it seems like our body were telling us: “THANK YOU FOR TAKING ME BACK HOME”.