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Music soothe the savage beasts

la música amansa a las fieras

Music is for me the soundtrack of life…  Music in any of its forms; just a few notes…organised in a particular order to create a MELODY, with or without words.

Possibly the most ancestral human FORM OF COMMUNICATION, able to put together in a simple DANCE the greates variety of people,  their expressions, their memories… creating an instant change in our PHYSIOLOGICAL RYTHM, modifying our MOOD, bringing peace to our soul…I definetly choose to live with music around me.

Music soothe the savage beasts

Man has coexisted with it since ancient times; proofs given by musical instruments like drums, timbales or lyre from the Mesopotamia civilization, which takes us back approximately 4000 years BC. Since the world´s creation we have coexisted and evolved with some type of music.. When we DANCE in group, we automatically feel that sense of BELONGING to a tribu, a sense of unity with our similars.

When we listen to music, being it consciously or not, we  start to produce and release wellbeing´s substances in our brain, in the same way we do when we sit in front of a delicious dish or a glass of  good wine. DOPAMINES spread in our brain´s circuit  making us feel  amazingly well.

There is a saying about music that I love very much and totally agree with. I am pretty sure you have heard this famous expression before: “music soothe the savage beasts” .. a mithycal saying which gives honours to a Greek musician and poet, Orpheus.  It is said he could play musical instruments with such a  mastery and delicacy, that he was able to transform  the most agressive BEHAVIOUR  in a blink.

Memories and Perceiving things

I could not say if Orpheus was practising MUSIC THERAPY just to soothe beasts or he would use it as well to soothe human souls.  Clearly I am not Orpheus. Nevertheless I have put into practice his technique every time I was driving with my two kids when they were younger and it was like a “holy hand”. In front of a possible fight between the two, good loud music in the car and in a fraction of a second everyone was singing happily.

If you love music as I do, I would ask you to listen carefully to any song that really inspires you…and once it is over, analyse why you have choosen that song and not another one…I am sure you will discover there are many more reasons involved in your choice than you could have possibly thought of.

Try with that song to reach EMOTIONALLY the deepest parts of your self, try to describe them , even if you manage only single words,; what does that suggest you?  Maybe you will realise that in some occasions, a simple music or a sequence of notes, is more than enough to trigger off some MEMORIES and PERCEIVING things you were not aware existed.

Feelings & Emotions

Music has the power to create FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS , is poetry without words, every single note has in it a cadence, a perfect sound in a perfect tempo.The sensibility to appreciate music can be learnt through practice. If you are not a born musician, you can learn to be a MUSIC LOVER.

Music makes part of my life very much, when I meditate while cooking, when I am having a shower. There are moments in which I keep my eyes closed to enjoy my senses while listening to a melody in tune with my MOODS.

Music is an  essential part of the human being, of course OBSERVATIONAL LEARNING plays a big role in it too..I grew up with the constant music of an old record turntable.  I have always loved SINGING AND DANCING.  I still remeber with tenderness my music teacher, the long hours practising the flute at home driving my mother crazy ,who at times, could not avoid to protest and say “ my little angel, you are so intense with everything; when somenthing get into your mind it get stuck there and you carries on and on and on..until you finally get it…”

Be & Feel

I am very grateful I could receive all those inputs and live in sorroundings which stimulated constantly my ARTISTIC tendency to sing, dance, listen to good music. In some cases I even dared to compose some shorts songs and sing them to my kids when they were very small, holding them in my arms, while dancing. Their babies´ faces were initially showing surprise but then laughing in tune with the music…we were dancing up and down like in a roller coaster, feeling that tingling in the stomach, a sensation inbetween fear and joy..those butterflies´experience associated with falling in love or the impression  your heart is going to jump out of your chest..This is how I feel music, a pure exaltation of feelings running high.

Excellent music therapy, able to make us BE AND FEEL fully, without thinking. ?