Espejito... espejito

Do you like to look yourself in the mirror?

Have you ever thought that the image the mirror reflects back to you, maybe does not match how other people see you?


From my point of view everything is connected: I look myself in the mirror and I judge myself depending on how I feel inside; this can go from “ I look horrible…I do not stand a chance…” to “how beautiful, my Gosh” going to “ totally indifferent, not too hot or too cold”.

You can see how  we judge ourselves in relation to our mental programmings, which at times are hard and  other times flexible. So we can be the victim of our own look or the most supportive admirer.

There is no doubt that as we get older the price we pay for our wrinkles and our side belly fat is very high, especially in the society we are living. I am telling you this because, when I was 35, I was already thinking “ what am I going to do when my first white hair appear? What am I going to do when my side belly fat, even though not too evident, appears slightly over my belt when sitting down? What am I going to do when the result of laughing and crying leave their traces in my face? I reached my 40 already, soon my 50 and everything that comes with them, that duality, part of this world from its origin……holy duality that enriched me with experience and holy side belly fat fortunatly kept under control, but everything is part of it.

Whatever your age

Whatever your age, you will most certainly agree with me that to gain real experience you need to live your emotions intensively; laugh heartily and cry heartily too, for the simple fact you cannot value one without knowing the other..if you do not get burnt now, you will later, I can assure you that. Life challenges you regularly, it almost whispers in your ear “ the choice is in your hand, I will accompany your free will until you decide to AWAKE. If it is not in this life, it will be in another; with a different name; with a different look; with different friends, a different family.  As you have realised, I do believe that, when we leave our body, received momentarily at birth, our energy  ask for new opportunities; so many as  necessary for our soul to remember its purpose and trascend the experience. You are free to agree or disagree, my dear reader.  Now, let me go back to the main focus of this blog. As you can see I have a great ability to disperse my thoughts.

The mirror always reflects back the image we want to see

The mirror always reflects back the image we want to see, being it our conscious or subconscious choice; here we are again with the polarities, can you see it?  We swing from one polarity to another..balancing like a tightrope walker, longing to find that point of equlibrium

We live in duality

We live in duality, like it or not, and if we want to fill the bucket and the bucket is alredy full to the very top, then, it is necessary to empty its content of “trials and errors” before being able to fill it again with new experiments and accept that the physical, emotional and mental duality is always in everything. We want to loose weight to then gain a few kg back without remorse; laugh to tears  to face the sad moments with more ease; we think about how many more instalments are left to pay off the new iPhone and if we pay it off this month , what a relief! But then we chain ourselves immediately to new instalments to buy the car we long wanted…so we live in duality and with incoherence…amazing human beings elected to surf the seas of life!  ?