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Just water…nothing more and nothing less…That LIQUID ELEMENT so BASIC, yet integral part of our life. I have always been a fervent supporter of its NATURAL POWERS.  My jar of water and I, are like siamese twins, inseparable. People say it does not taste of anything…to me, it tastes like glory, like PURE LIFE, AN ESSENTIAL PART of my being. It is a living element, so alive on its own, that there are experiments showing THE WATER‘S BEHAVIOUR. 

Miracolous Water

MASARU EMOTO is a Japanese scientist dedicated to the study of this miracolous ELEMENT OF THE CREATION, who states, that in the same way we talk to plants, when we are talking to the water, using BEAUTIFUL WORDS AND FEELING POSITIVE EMOTIONS, we are adding an EMOTIONAL PLUS to the way we feed them; and to the internal structure of water, we add an EQUILIBRIUM AND FORM OF GREAT BEAUTY.

On the contrary, if we transmit A NEGATIVE EMOTION to it, we can observe under the microscope, that the VIBRATION AND THE SHAPES of the water’s particles show an unbalanced and chaotic structure. 

Lively energy

Many of you would ask : what do I want to prove with this? The answer is clear: everything around us is LIVELY ENERGY and for this reason, we feel the ECHO of its surrounding. We are VIBRATIONS resonating into the universe.  

Does this sound familiar to you? “…I don’t know why, but I like this person less than that one….simply VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY…nor better, neither worst..some people love Kiss FM more, others Onda Melodia…The same happens with people…This is why some people disappear from our life and others start to appear..It is very curious, observe this.  

Essential for our life

Going back to the element we are dealing with, I remember there is a business which is totally focused on offering DIFFERENT TYPES OF WATERS…I must admit that, to be catalogued as an element which is ODOURLESS, COLORLESS AND TASTELESS,  there must be much more about it, that we would have thought. It is undeniable, water is ESSENTIAL FOR OUR LIFE and that we are made with more than 70% of it.

Let us wake up ladies and gentlemen, we come from the sea… our TEARS ARE SALTY and my apologies, in case it may involuntarily sound rude, even our mucus is! 

We HAVE BEEN GESTATED DURING NINE MONTHS IN AMNIOTIC FLUID, the composition of which is quite similar to our SALTY BLOOD PLASMA and this last has a salt’s content quite similar to SEA WATER.

I was not wrong at all, when years ago I used to cure my kids’ colds and coughs, exclusively with lot of PHYSIOLOGICAL SALINE SOLUTION…Back then, I had no idea about its benefits, but my intuition was reluctant towards the use of ANTIBIOTICS and EXPECTORANTS suggested by the paediatrician.

Exactly like water does…

At this point, I just make a PERSONAL REFLEXION…and…as it usually happens, without even realising it, some MENTAL IMAGES popped up…How would life be, if only we could develop the habit to let it FLOW NATURALLY? Exactly like water does…without OBBLIGATIONWITH GRACEFULNESS AND GREAT SIMPLICITY…almost WITHOUT PRETENSIONS…able to go where the path leads…without holding back…IN A PERFECT ORDER, LIKE A CONCERT…always able to make its own way.

Water is a source of life

After this moment, when I was almost living in a day dream, I am going back to pay homage to my favourite drink (a glass of good wine, now and then, is always very welcome as well…)

Time for a little bit of history about our origin. WE COME OUT FROM THE DEEP SEA. Our first predecessors and living creatures take us back milions of years, when they originated in a MARINE HABITAT. 

THERE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT WATER…WATER IS A SOURCE OF LIFE. After all this…if our own BLOOD PLASMA contains a high percentage of SEA SALT, it would be a great idea to add a small quantity of sea water to our jug of tap water and RE-BALANCE OUR INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT.  

If you decide or not to do it, my dear friend, my intention was that together, we could get as close as possible to the so many and curious things that MOTHER NATURE offers us.

I end this post in an unusual way but …I hope you will enjoy it! 


Sit down or lay down if you prefer. Close your eyes. Let us submerge for a moment in our beginning. Let us go back to the comfort of the maternal uterus.

Let us go back to our original element, water. Water that hugs us, makes us feel warm and receives us…The temperature is perfect, we cradle in that element of infinite love, the beginning of the PURITY AND PERFECTION OF OUR BEING.

Everything is CLEAR, CALM AND PLEASANT…FEEL IT…Stay for as long as you like, let your soul decide intuitively….FEEL SAFE…turning around and around in harmony …EVERYTHING IS PEACEFUL…EVERYTHING IS LOVE. ?