What happened with those moments we used to immortalize in papers and place all around the house, making us revive SPECIAL MOMENTS in a simple blink?

The other day my mobile phone alerted me that it was running out of memory…Gosh, almost 2000 photos saved in there!

I started to go through them…It would be beautiful to have this in a frame…and this one…maybe this other one too!


THE VIRTUAL WORLD is amazing and practical, on one side, but cold and dehumanizing on the other, if we do not put a balance to it…as everything in this life!

Our existence, and a big deal of everything we want to know and remember, is kept inside a small rectangle called mobile, something we take with us everywhere. It is like our appendix, camouflaged inside our small vital space…It seems that we need it more than the air we breathe…If we forget it, we run back home for it, like if it were human…this can even cause us a panic attack.

Reality or fiction, are we real or virtual?

I am a supporter of great technological advances, especially in these last years…Nevertheless, I define myself a classic person, so to say, and my inclination puts more weight on the joy I feel when I have a book in my hands, and I can touch its pages, instead of reading it in my laptop… I experience the same when listening to music…I can recall with pleasure and illusion those days when I used to feel in advance the joy of going out to buy CDs … We all know that a simple application, downloaded in our smart phone, offers us all the songs we can possibly desire in a second…Personally, I still prefer the ritual of buying them in a shop, taking them home and putting them in my music player, turn up the volume quite high and let my senses be delighted…For me, this is much more than a simple “Alexa: Elton John´s greatest hits”.

Something for everyone…We have all the choices a rainbow can offers just in front of us… I love evolution, advances but sometimes I ask myself “Maybe we are leaving behind essential parts of our HUMANITY AND EMOTIONALITY? Are we going to pay the consequences of so much technology and control later on?

Every passing day we are becoming more technological, but are we feeling more free or more enslaved?

I remember I once saw a futuristic film, the story of which could take your hiccups away “when the impossible becomes real… and man becomes alienated by his own technological creations…”

I go back to focus again on the thematic we are dealing with…and even though EVERYTHING IS PART OF EVERYTHING, today I want to remember and share with everyone outside there, the beauty of a paper photograph and the deep value it has for me. That perpetuation of our story, that legacy left for our future generations…We could easily get a better understanding of our existence, the history of our family tree, of our ancestors, of our tribe.  A very important connection to understand better those who came before, the ones who are here and now in this physical dimension and those who will follow…

Because…somehow, PHOTOGRAPHS represent our GENETIC MATERIAL, not only to find out a resemblance at a PHISICAL LEVEL, but MOVEMENTS AND BEHAVIOURS too.

Special moments

 “A picture is worth thousand words”, this is an expression able to clearly manifest the concept in a few words… I stand up for photos printed in paper, as we used to do before…They decorate our homes with those SPECIAL MOMENTS.   We should teach and pass down to our youngsters the importance of EVOLVING THROUGH TRADITIONS.

Let us keep alive those small habits that link us to the roots of our HUMAN ANCESTRAL WISDOM. Let us carry on with constant evolution, where TECHNOLOGY AND HUMANITY goes hand in hand in loving brotherhood.

We will walk forward like equilibrists on that subtle line that makes a great difference…on top and in between the two polarities, avoiding to increase the weight of that technological phenomenon, which in the end, may possibly swallow us up.  ?