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Love yourself for real…to love yourself more

Quiérete bien para querer mejor

Come on in…!  This space is always open for you. Put yourself at ease and take a seat. The play is starting. I tell you …

Maybe you are asking yourself what is the connection between the picture with the gummies and the title “ love yourself for real ..to love yourself more” ? And you are very right to ask yourself this question. I will open the drop down list so you will see the connection.

The other day, in one of those “invaluable”  visits to the “supermarket”, where everyone was wearing a mask, I passed in front of a very tempting bag of gummies and my mouth started  watering inevitably. My God, how delicious! Straight into the basket! 

I arrive back home, put the shopping in its place, blah , blah, blah…basically doing what every person does when returning from shopping. But with the “candies” I have the childish habit to open the bag and put all of them in a crystal bowl, as you can see in the picture…I love it!

I  can feel I am flying back in time, to those amazing years of my childhood when we used to celebrate the birthdays at home.  That smell of pure sugar..laughs…without any worries, the freedom.  How nice to recall those moments and revive those emotions!

I abstracted myself for some time ( I am not sure if for 10 or 15 minutes) and went to fly freely

When I came back from that fantstic journey I thought “I simply adore it”!…I put myself in motion for my next post.. down to write!

The moment of thruth is now, so you will be able to understand the connection between the picture and the title I have chosen.

Mother´s Day

The following day, last Sunday,was the first Sunday of the month…celebration of Mother´s day, name-day of every mother and for me of every woman too.  My two sons wished me a wonderful Mother´s day and I felt so touched; the eldest, 24 years old, lives independently  “ Happy Mother`s day mum. I love you”. The joungest, 19 years old, between Saturday night and Sunday 00.00  writes to me from his father´s home” Happy Mother´s day mum, you are the best mum I could ever had. I love you very much”

How many things we have learnt together,  and personally …even more! The journey till here has been long, but worth…so much!  It would be much better  if we were able to  listen to  that voice, which is always right; that inner voice which accompanies us at every step! The comfort ,of being able to carry on despite all the bumps on the way, is immense. There have been, there are and there will always be bumps…Step after step, through dark forests, which are our great teachers, we have learnt to climb higher.  And yes we do learn, of course we do.  I hold on, in line with the interior wisdom…I have kept my confidence. NOW life is telling me again” here you are, your undeniable evidences, decisions you made and you did it well, firm in front of strong winds and high waves…here you are, more presents for you…you deserve them. We enrich each other and we learn to respect one another too.  What a satisfaction! I felt and I feel  full of happiness.

To love; is so good to love oneself with responsibility and give ourselves the right place when we know we have to do it. I am decided and I am taking action in first person, jumping over that tight knot of “what will they think”, “ How can I behave like that” “ I must sacrifice myself”…and all those social dictations and programmings trespassed  down from generations to generations. Unfortunately we have absorbed them as absolute thruths  without even thinking “ Is this right for me?.. Should I express my opinion about it?..how egoist are the kids…!  My dears, once again our index finger is pointing at ourselves with such a clarity.  Are you firm? Do you talk about your needs with those you love? Do you love yourself? And the one million dollars…Do you listen to your inner little voice or do you shut it up and drown its messages?

“ Love yourself for real…to love yourself more”

The only possible way is to engrave with profound respect the following belief in our heart “ you will love your neighbour as yourself”. Only if based on this, you can build a honest relationship with unconditional, respectful and delicate love.   Start with yourself, if you love yourself for real then you will love more and you will be loved back even more!  Make these reflections ! Can you remember what the airstewardess says when they give you the basic security procedures? In case of cabin depressurization the oxigen masks, contained in the compartment above, will drop automatically in front of you. First of all wear your mask, breath in and then you can help other to put their mask on.  Be corageous and honest with yourself…it is very easy to fall into victimism or  live under the influence of secondary benefits.

From our victimism we feed the “ he/she did this to me, he/she told me this, I cannot do anything about it”..Stop and think!: Do you want to be trapped like an hamster in the wheel or do you want to get out of it with the power of “just jump”?

As a secondary benefit we can sense that suspicios attitude to control other people; by doing so we prefer to persist in our “ suffering and complaining mode” which is our well known comfort zone;  we should not depend on anyone apart from ourselves.

 Let us take the bull by the horns  and be responsible for our own life, let us build our life starting from our own “ self” and let us give others the opportunity to learn and choose how they want to build their own life

Unconditional love…towards ourselves first…LOVE YOURSELF FOR REAL …TO LOVE MORE.