Luces cámaras acción

How are you?I am very pleased to see you here once again, please take a seat , abstract yourself from whatever is not your-self, for this is the moment to share these lines.

The credits of the film start and finally the title “ Forrest Gump”.  Correct, today we will get into the movie moods… Fiction or reality?  We can identify ourselves more in one film than in another, depending on our mental chip, what we can define in a colloquial way as  life experiences.

Lights, Camera, Action…

Even though it may seems weird I had not fully watched this film until yesterday, the very well known and winner of many Oscars “ Forrest Gump”.

I was touched by its simplicity and yet by its complexity. If I were to describe this filmI would do it with one of my long and most used phrase “everything is possible”.

In  a very natural and amazing way, Forest, the protagonist , discovers the superhuman power of his legs in a moment of “survival and defence” when he is able to run away as never before.

Life is always very wise, apparently pushing us to the limits..!

Turn the circumstances around so that every challenge becomes an opportunity

From his mental disability rises his advantage, a mind free from contaminations, envy and evil bringing him multiple opportunities in moments of great valor.  Learning and discovering become his master, giving him the ability  to turn the circumstances around and transforming them from challenges into opportunities. Everyone around him receives some type of benefits  from his generosity. How wonderful to be yourself without the need to pretend and be able to make things easy even when they seem unreachable, living with the dedication and spontaneity of a child. In this world everything is a duality and our protagonist´s innocence is challenged by the cruelty of some other school kids who turn to be great masters for Forrest.  They start to persecute and make fun of him, causing  him to  start running away, breaking the apparent limits of his own legs.  Forest himself is amazed with his new ability which becomes part of his concept in “run Forest, run”

Empowerd by “his new self “and without even realising it, he is now running all the time. It does not matter if he is in a hurry or not, if he is going to school or home, he runs and runs because he feels free.  Maybe because he feels safe. But one day, suddenly, he  stops. In this precise moment he realises, that in reality, he is running away from himself and decides IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO CARRY ON RUNNING ANYMORE!

Ooh Goosh, how I identify myself with all this! I suppose many of you too.

The language of our emotions

I would invite you to analise a bit more our character´s personality and consider the following reflection: who is happier and more successful, the person with emotional or with academic intelligence? My dear friends, would you not agree with me that the teaching of our emotional language should be applied from our tender age?

Forrest is coming from a family defined as disfunctional ( he lives only with his mum and does not even know who his father is) but he counts with his mum´s limitless emotional support, who teaches and  gives him constant examples through her own actions. This makes it possible for her son to grow up, despite his apparent disability, with an impressive emotional intelligence, displayed and applied with authentic mastery all through the movie. Amazing messages showing how  we can navigate peacefully around the world without perishing in the attept.

It is extremely important to be aware of the rules that allow us to navigate by following our inner voice. If you tell me that for you 2+8 is 12, perfect!  This is your reality and I respect it. Maybe you have just created a new formula and you are not even aware of it!

There are as many realities as people

 How many times have we insisted on some matters just to be right!  At this stage of my life is  “crystal clear” to me there are as many realities as people!  If I could be  in your shoes I would walk exactly the way you do! Authentic empathy. Emotional intellingence is always the best master to offer a balanced equation between you and me. I finished to watch the full movie with a heart full of happiness and totally touched by it. 

My most sincere congratulations to Tom Hanks for his role, for his chamaleonic abilities , to be able to show through Forrest´s eyes, such a beautiful soul, such sensibility of character, supposely having a mental disability but with a spirit full of mindful messages, showing  what is really meaningful in this experimental and terrestrial life.I salute and applade with praise all those “ with mental disabilities” living this terrestrial experience and passionate messengers of love, goodness able to show us how to live without perish in the attempt.