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Let´s go shopping!

Vamos de shopping

I am going shopping, are you coming? I am sure you won´t deny this is one of the most desirable PLEASURES of us women, since the  use of reason.. It seems like yesterday, when I was 5 or 6 years old, and I used to hide in my mother´s wardrobe.. I simply loved to put my little feet in her high hill shoes, play around with them and feel like an adult! 

Let´s go shopping!

Going back to the gender´s theme, without any type of discrimination,  THE OBSERVATIONAL LEARNING PROCESS is the one that creates behavioural patterns you will then repeat in your future life. Unless you live in a family constituted by open minded parents, since the early ages, girls are taught to play with “ girly stuff” like dolls, little houses, make up kit, while boys with “boyish stuff” like football, cars, trailers, ride bicycles..

Of course there are exceptions and without going very far, I always loved playing with colorful dresses and looking myself in the mirror, but on the other side, I was not very keen in dolls, even though for Christmas I used to received many different ones, not having asked for them at all. As a  result of all this, we can easily  say that the number of men who enjoy going shopping is very limited as the number of fingers in our hands.. 

“The model´s walk momentum”

Can you believe that my unstoppable desire of GOING SHOPPING, has recently completelychanged , with my great amazement. I am still fascinated by lovely garments, piece of furniture to decorate my home; I still enjoy the beauty, what is elegantly made, the pleasure in all the potential combinations of styles, textures, of this thing with that one and yet thinking  “I have just fallen in love with that sofa or that handbag”.  Or I feel simply delighted at the look of one of my home´s corner after I have changed around the location of all the furniture.

Live the  ENCHANTING MOMENT; when you are in front of the mirror, giving yourself compliments, appreciating and liking yourself; it is a very HEALTHY HABIT. I strongly recommend it to you. Take off all THOSE SELF-SABOTAGING AND LIMITING THOUGHTS. This is the moment I baptised, when I was much younger,  as “ the model´s walk momentum” 

“I, me, with myself”

Back to shopping. I do not know if the same  happens to you but I still love going shopping alone. It is a moment I enjoy very much, telling “ I, me, with myself” , deciding what I take and what I leave. I am comfortable going with others too, do not take me wrong. It is still very pleasant, but somehow we feel forced to come out from the changing room and ask “ what do you think, does it fit me well ?”

Here come the opinions…and ..each one is very personal. Even though the  choice is very clear in your mind you may have to deal with various of your friend´s comments , which at times can result inopportune too, before being able to joy the queue to pay. In general we can feel very confident with ourselves, yet sometimes, strange ideas go round and round in our head, like : I think I have not looked at myself properly  in the mirror as I could seen a bottom which can cause an heart attack, it is really so big?

The first impression is the one that counts

A great opportunity to be objective and to tell yourself: “ the first impression is the one that counts…whatever  follows, is me staying in front of the bedroom´s mirrow and the mirror giving me one of these answers: you are amazing!  The other a bit less pleasant “ Jesus Christ, how could I possibly buy this!

Is THE EUPHORIA of the moment, that way of feeling high, which at times is almost forcing you to drown your sorrows in the shopping´s act. It is more than proved, that there are few things able to produce such an increase in your WELLBEING HORMONES and so fast like those triggered by SHOPPING.

It does not matter if they are clothes, shoes, a car or all the weekly magazines about home decoration, it is like a refuge, a haven, a purchase that creates INSTANT PLEASURE, served on a tray with the color you most like. It is that feeling of walking down the street like “ pretty woman” with your fingers on the verge of gangrene for all those bags, that strong urge to arrive home quickly to try them on ..SHOW THEM OFF for the first time, and not only the clothes but those new FEELINGS, new EMOTIONS, that smell of somenthing new, a new beginning, a SUPRISE.

Dressed with happiness

Let us fully enjoy it, why not! Everything is healthy, as long as balanced. The only condition, from my point of view, from my high shoes, is to leave home already DRESSED WITH HAPPINESS. Shopping should add multiple satisfactions on top of the one we already have and not be an happiness only derived in fuction of the shopping.

Here the order of the factors is very important because if you alter it, the result is definetly another. I took me a few spring´s seasons to assimilate the concept but now I can write about it with total clarity: enjoy fully everything this material world is offering without any type of limit, feeling you are DRESSED WITH HAPPINESS before reaching the changing room.

What could be another meaning of this amazing material experience if not experiencing everything our soul long for?

Enjoy the shopping! ?