I feel an immesurable peace when I listen to the words and the piano´s sound of this hymn to life: you are a dreamer…but you are not the only one…dreaming about living a life in balance and plenitude.  This is how John Lennon, a myth, a musical genius,  lived his life, in the same way he dreamt about it, beyond skin´s colours, frontiers or situations.   The  world´s  representative of the hippies sixtieth movement “MAKE LOVE NOT WAR

During my daily life there are many more moments in which I am at PEACE with myself than those I am at war.


Every work sustained through time with PERSISTANCE will produce its fruits. For good or for bad,  we decide the fruits we want to pick..and there is only one condition: we have to mantain ourselves vibrating in the EMOTIONAL STATE DESIRED: the equation is perfect and never fails..IMAGINE..imagine for a moment, A CALM MIND, pure LOVE..maybe some of you from your chair is thinking…this is not real..How is this possible?  My answer is my life´s  long motto “ everything is possible..if so you wish it to be”.  You can live in a wellbeing state where there is not any necessity to “ pull the rope..nor from one side neither from the other”

I am fantical about refrains and I strongly believed that in the POPULAR WISDOM you can discover THE ART OF LIVING WITH SIMPLICITY.  This is why I invite you to analyse with me, the following refrains that I am sure you have heard before:” it takes two to make a quarrel” such a real truth.  The same refrain can work for a SCIENTIFIC MIND as well as for an ARTISTIC ONE.

“It takes two to make a quarrel”

Here is the explanation for a scientific mind. Ladies and gentlemen let us consider the PHYSICAL LAWS OF TENSION:  I will explain it in a simple way; it is obvious that if we hold a rope, me from one side and you from the other, we create a TENSION, caused by the two OPPOSITE FORCES.  A physical result of the forces I excercise on one end and you on the other.  So far, I believe, we all agree; each one ENTRENCHED in his position, ready to pull the rope with all our strenght to win the prize and to feel satisfied with ourselves, showing the WINNING TROPHY OF BEING RIGHT.

am bored with fighting

Now let us analyse the same physical event from the perspective of a more artistic and intuitive mind: we get hold of the same rope, we start to pull it, each one on the opposite end, creating again the well known tension. As soon as we start to turn blue because of the EFFORT, one of us is illuminated and think mentally “ What is the SENSE of all this? Where is this taking us? In that precise moment, the same one decides to let the rope go and leave, to focus his valuable time on other goals which can bring him PEACE OR NOURISHMENT FOR THE SOUL.

Once he let go his end of the rope , inevitably he beats his opponent who receives a massive hit in the ass as a simple result of THE PHYSICAL LAWS  Fantastic!  You are totally right…but  everything depends on our PERSPECTIVE and the following popular refrain fits perfectly: “ you are totally right, keep my part of righteousness and enjoy the hit in the ass too…At this stage of my life I AM BORED WITH FIGHTING and all I want is to live in peace.

Bet everything on a better world full of peace

What do you think about this, my dear friend? Do you think it is possible to put into practice the messages of “ imagine by John Lennon” and  from our humble position, let go the rope of FEAR, the stubbornness and bet everything on a better world full of PEACE?


If we look OUTSIDE, the landscape is CONVULSED and if we focus on that convulsion we are only adding woods to the fire. Remeber that each of us is a drop of water  in the vastity of the immense ocean; each drop is worth the same: Do you want to contribute  with your INDIVIDUAL PEACE to the COLLECTIVE PEACE?  Be aware that, despite the circumstances we are experiencing, we are THE ARCHITECTS OF OUR OWN LIVES.

See the light, even in the most absolute darkness

It is always possible to see the light, even in the most absolute darkness. Imagine a very long and dark tunnel.. as in everything, there is a BEGINNING AND AND END  as it is in this world of POLARITIES; sooner or later we will see the light.  Why don´t you try to imagine that same tunnel and catch a glimpse of the light NOW before reaching the end of it?

You are the only one who decides which color you are going to use to paint your MENTAL HOME.

Immaculate white

I will share with you the color I have choosen. Here and now I paint my mind with an immaculate white, honouring my name and my INNER STATE. Can you believe that before I used to dislike my name! Now I love it, I love its meaning, I identify myself with that essence of PURITY AND PEACE which I feel every day in me. You have it too, in your inner side:

Are you willing to take the hand of your inner side every day?