Me atrevo a ser

This triggered  a sequence of words like: “different, freedom, breaking the mould, get out from the status quo, dare”.  Another sentence followed automatically “I dare to be “. Soon after, another mental click takes place and I ask myself “ would it be possible to see sheep more weird than a black one? What if there could be sheep of my favourite color, orange? Who knows if there is any image showing orange sheep?…of course there must be some…

Curious like a child I started to look in Google and typed in ” pictures of orange sheep free from any copyright”.  I scrolled page after page, until, there they were…beautiful..three of them, with a fantastic orange fleece! Immediately I thought..these are definetly more rare than a black sheep ( they will coincide with my singularity…have a look at the picture accompanying this post).

Without having to look for it, these were the preliminars that inspired me to choose the title of my third post, giving me the pleasure to share it with you now.

I dare to be

“I dare to be” Now I feel I have achieved the inner strenght to give myself the permission to be. Everything goes through a process that re-writes all those life´s events, that in some circumstances, hurted us and left signs deep down in our being. Life is very wise and it presents those same events, again and again during our terrestrial journey, until we are exhausted by the sufferings and finally point the finger at ourselves. We become aware of the lesson and this allows us to re-write the event, like in a tabula rasa and make of it our new healthy vision.  From here, we move on with the total certainty that we will find more obstacles to overcome, new difficulties to learn from, new bridges to cross; this is the marvellous price we have to paid to be alive, embracing changes and uncertanties!

I am here with you

I am here with you, offering you my hand, enriched with my own personal experience. We can nurture each other…as I did when it was my time..I accepted the evidences and in that moment I asked myself “ how is it possible that some events repeat themselves over and over in my life”?  It seems that some people are there to remind me of my pain, my fear, my lack of selfesteem..blessed people, blessed circumstances!.. they were showing me IN CAPITAL LETTER, underlined in black ink to LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF. They were and are very valuable teachers who vibrate in our same frequency. Teachers who obblige us to get out of our comfortable zone (even though the comfort is painful, yet is very familiar..) unless we choose to perpetuate the pain and so re-experience it over and over again. The choice is always ours.

From my personal experience, if this can be of any help to you, I can state that every human being has the right and almost the obligation to dare to be…what each one wants to be, breaking the pattern and like  “orange sheep” jump over the norms imposing us how things need to be, like this or that…The only condition for this journey is to go with a very light equipment  and FORGIVE.  Proceeding from an inner space that have been carefully analised and healed. The paradise is here, if we want it to be here. If life gives you a spanner, a hammer and a screwdriver you have two options: a)What the hell do I do with this? b) How lucky, I have three tools!”


Create and carry on being an optimist, always embracing the feeling of gratidude. 

The gratitude offers us the opportunity to evolve, to move on, to re-write the most difficult chapters of our life and most important of all, to forgive ourselves. The  act of self-forgiveness is tough but can be done. Of course it can be done! With a strong  conviction, stepping forward, with gratefulness, with an open heart and full of curiosity.

Dare to be yourself, dare to break the mould.. What do you want to do? What is your passion? Do you already know the purpose of your life?..It does not matter if you are 18 or 90 years old, there is always an opportunity to feel better in your-self! Would you like to focus on your daily life as if it was an enjoyable game full of colors and enthusiasm or do you prefer to focus on grey and boring daily obbligations?

Come on in, the door is wide open for you…BALANCE-IN® ..your inner voice is desperatly calling you to get your attention.  Dare to be different. Plan and create your own  Journey! Please, believe you deserve all the best life has to offer.  The only distance between YOU AND YOUR BEST VERSION is in your mental programmings.  Reset yourself, start afresh, NOW it is the right moment.  You are free, open your wings and fly have so much to tell to the world. This is your time, the time to nurture yourself and others thanks to your unique virtues, those virtues that identify only you and nobody else. Go on…I go WITH YOU! Are you ready to discover it?

Dare to be! ?