Todo al Color

If I THINK in COLOR, I automatically FEEL HAPPYNESS…It seems like my HEART is widening to burst in an enormous SMILE …My shoulders expand from side to side, in harmony with my face, to reinforce that EMOTION which automatically boosts my MOOD.

I bet all on Colour

Almost MAGIC…how we can induce voluntarily our BRAIN to get into a DISPOSITION TOWARDS PLEASURE, simply in a blink…It is clear that, to this, we will have to add a full spoon of our best ally, WILLPOWER, to make sure that the recipe is spot on…A matter of practice, as everything.

We just need to put our eyes on a field full of poppies; this is the landscape that comes to my mind without thinking…Now, close your eyes to focus even more about the amazing ability that works inside you, that simple act of CONTROLLED IMAGINATION…Each one can reach his/her own conclusions and PERCEPTIONS…We already know that there is always SOMETHING SUITABLE FOR ALL TASTES

Something suitable for all tastes

While I was investigating a bit more, how our most important VISUAL ORGAN, the eyes, CAN PERCEIVE AND INTERPRET COLORS, I came across some interesting facts, which are worth mentioning.

As many other things, VISION as well, is extremely personal, even though some QUALITIES, which are defined by our VISUAL SENSORS, can or cannot absorb the light in the same way; qualities that are normally present in every human being.

I have always been very interested in the paradox between BLACK and WHITE. The two colors are apparently opposite. White is synonym of the color´s PRESENCE while black of its ABSENCE…Once again we come face to face with the everlasting POLARITIES.

White is associated with PURITY, black is often associated with PESSIMISM and FEAR, even though, it can be associated very much with perfect SOBRIETY AND ELEGANCE.

Our brain´s PERCEPTION OF THE COLORS is a natural phenomenon, able to contain all the combinations and permutations that we can possibly INMAGINE AND FEEL.

Motivational interest

There is no doubt, that one of the main functions of the color, is that, to ATTRACT THE ATTENTION in order to awake MOTIVATIONAL INTEREST.  This is one of the most basic reasons, fundamental for THE ART OF COLORS, OR CHROMOTHERAPY, to fully achieve its aim: RECOVER THE BALANCE. COLORS have the ability to MODIFY THE BODY´S VIBRATIONS… So, why do not we use them for our benefit?

I always use the same example. Through my personal experience, I am aware that, when I am in front of my wardrobe and all those hangers, I simply allow that the colors call me…there have been some occasions, when I have not been really conscious of my VITAL TONE of that day, not until I had to put on my clothes. It does not really matter if one day THE BLACK calls me and another day THE SHINING YELLOW; the most important, at least for me, is COHERENCE.

Maybe you need to live a SAD EMOTION for a while and dress in black…Or simply you want to have a walk in BLACK ELEGANCE. Personally, I love to MIX AND MATCH.

The deliberations and compromises are freely created by my mind; for example:

“I am going to dress in rigorous BLACK today, I feel like this and I BELIEVE IT IS NICE AND NECESSARY TO LIVE EVERY EMOTION… I will feel a little bit SAD… but when I will fall into FRIVOLITY AND VICTIMISM…then I will shake them away and it will be the right moment to take out that PINK FUCHSIA pashmina from my bag to revive once again,  like the phoenix , and rise from my ashes… Shake it away from myself, fill my SOUL AND MY FACE WITH  LIGHT AND COLOR… welcoming the emotion of HOPE accompanied hand in hand by her sister: HAPPINESS.

Color and intention

Now you see… I can perceive COLORS AND EMOTIONS in such a marvelous way; this is how I live and understand them…like the waves of the sea, I flow easily…but I still DECIDE WITH FREEWILL…living EVERY EMOTIONAL SEASON…All of them are beautiful, useful, THE WIDE RANGE OF COLORS, like a rainbow or like a FAN OF SENSATIONS, openly deployed in front of us.  Nature supplies all we need…The rainy and sunny moments, all beautiful and necessary.

Can you imagine the monotony of living in a flat world, a rainbow with just a few colors or a life in continuous LAUGHS OR TEARS…?

Put COLOR AND INTENTION in everything, day and night.  Prepare your sharpener and FIND ALL THE COLORS YOU CAN IN ANY SITUATION.