How many twists and turns…

Cuantas vueltas y revueltas

How many twists and turns


These are the preliminaries of this week´s post, my dear friends. It is soaked with seawater. I am not sure why and I simply do not care. I have just sat down in front of my laptop and I let my fingers dance freely on its keyboard. How many twists and turns…

How many twists and turns…

I let my EMOTIONS  flowing freely, without thinking… emptying my mind completely. Every time I start writing, I experience that same feeling like when I close my eyes to get in touch with my pure essence; what we called, MEDITATION. Whatever is the topic of my weekly blog, is exclusively the result of my daily EXPERIENCES. Those same experiences that help me defining my own authentic identity, every day a bit more. This identity has not got a face, nor a body, it always remains the same. It does not matter what happens in the outside world: it is like a ship´s mast, always there, standing strong, tirelessly, supporting without fail.

Life comes and goes…The winds that yesterday were blowing in our favour, letting us enjoy a moment of  sweet and quiet sailing while sitting on the deck of the boat, are NOW forcing us to take the helm of our confidence. They force us to sail forward without a route, without knowing where we are heading to, but with the unbreakable faith that at the right time we will reach land. How many twists and turns…

Always ready to learn more

Always ready to learn more, always ready to “revise the lessons learned”. Exactly like that day we enjoyed on the boat, with the right wind, peacefully, knowing the wind was pushing us softly without any surprise. And  when you least expected it, the sunny day turns cloudy. What seemed like a paradise is now fear and uncertainty…How many twists and turns…! 

I was enjoying it so much!  Why is it, that something must always be going wrong? Do not panic, my dear friends. The sea swells, the wind starts to blow and our boat jumps ups and downs but all this is temporary. In the same way life comes to us, inviting to face the challenges and its difficulties and telling we have two ways to deal with it…With DEDICATION AND COURAGE ,which will help us to get away and become stronger, like when we shout out with a vibrant voice of happiness: land in sight!  Or hiding inside the cabin of our comfortable zone, covering our eyes and making sure we will not be able to see in any way the land of salvation when it appears.

Live your own journey 

LIFE IS FULL OF TWISTS AND TURNS!There are so many life’s experiences as there are people on earth…I am not trying to persuade you but Is there anything more beautiful than being yourself? Live your own journey, enjoy the sun or protect yourself from it.  If you like water, have a bath but if you do not like it, simply do not.  In the end, after all these twists and turns allow that your soul decides the path. What ever you will decide for yourself is fine. It is correct to get into the harbour as many times as you feel like. As much as to keep on your crossing without stopping, simply because this is what you like the most!

I can assure you, thanks to my uncountable crossings, that if you keep your trust well anchored to your courage, you will see the sun shining again, from the deck of your boat. You will be stronger and every day closer to your new self awareness and self-awakening.  After we have lived an unpleasant situation and managed to distance from that event, leaving out the emotions associated with it, how many times have we said “wow I felt so bad!

On the other side we should think that life put in front of us that same situation as a present, giving us the opportunity to make a different choice, to be able to get out from our old programmings, NOW able to re write your new script, using your most recent knowledge, having neutralised the feelings and distant from the sufferings. This will open the access to a new harbour. SO MANY TWISTS AND TURNS

We are free to travel wherever we want

As soon as we are born, each one of us receives a boat as PRESENT, a boat fully equipped with everything  we can possibly imagine and desire. From that moment onward we are free to travel wherever we feel like or simply keep it permanently anchored at the harbour. What ever you decide, make sure YOU ALWAYS MAKE YOUR CHOICE consciously.!

Every single journey should be a new beginning. The lighter the equipment you load on your boat the more you will be able to enjoy it. Are you ready to set off? I wish you a lovely crossing FULL OF FEELING AND LITTLE THINKING. ?