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How do you see it?

Cómo lo ves

In these days I was planning to  produce a new video about Balance-in to post it in my socials and finally I made my mind up. How is it possible, I can see it clearly and vivid in my mind but the result is not exactly what I want to communicate? Well, that is easy, too often we are and act in the way people expect us to. How much longer will I have to live “ borrowing the neighbour´s glasses” instead of seeing through my own eyes or using my own glasses, considering they are perfectly made for my sight?

How do you see it?

How do I see it? The answer is CRYSTAL clear. So let us go for a new round, in my heart and always following my intuition. I am receiving phone calls at the studio from my regular clients who ask me : Are you not going to give more pilates lessons then?..ooh Gosh..I was enjoing so much that short therapy´s session during our lesson! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, human beings are like this, the same dog but with a collar eqquiped with more and different extras. Getting used to new things is indeed hard, especially when we deepen in our body posture, which is simply a reflection of our attitude towards life. It has cost me a few videos before being able to change the direction of my focus; now I am much more coherent and multi-directional with my new me. I can see it like this and I show it to you like this. It does not make any sense to cut the wings of my learning process, I was limping and limiting my abilities. Moving my body has always been for me an expression of connection with my emotions, I have always been guided by my internal thermometer. My coherence was crying aloud for a change in line with my new level of personal evolution, this is how I SEE IT and how I show it to you now.

The new method

Yesterday my son Pablo asked me: Mum, are you sure you have it clear ?  I refer to your new focus, your new method. My direct answer was: “this is only a new way to show it to the world.  I have been doing it personally for ages, transmtting it in a subliminal way, without naming it, but now has come the right moment to put it at the service of all those who are seriously compromised and decided to live their life with plenitude.

Are you sure you have not seen yet that mistreatment we self impose every single day?
Let me make it more clear: have you realised that everytime we want to disconnect, relax or celebrate we do it through external stimuli like abuse of food, alcohol, smoking…apparently we are celebrating our happiness by putting our senses to sleep, Watch out, I am not saying that having a glass of wine or smoking a cigar in a mindful and controlled way… is bad! I am saying this as the smoker I used to be without any type of  prejudice( I belong to the group of ex smokers who do not mind someone smoking next to them). At the same time, as a great wine´s lover, I have discovered in this stage of home sweet home that I was part of that routine too, starting with the excuse it was thursday evening and I needed to disconect, as many of us mortals do by drinking wine.  Well, now it is totally different and that “I need to” has turned into, if I feel like.

I see it from the inside with the eyes of my soul

Going back and focusing on the sight again…and as everything happens in a sequence of events, very soon I am having my eyes fixed…I see it from the inside with the eyes of my soul and now I want to go back to that time I could see it clearly near and faraway without using my glasses, but rather with the eyes of my body. My sight was not tired to see, it was tired of not wanting to see, this is why, now, I am using my new lynx eyes for the first time and I will not miss a single detail of this precious gift called life. New life, new focus and new eyes.

I challenge you to asnwer  this question with honesty and courage..Do you want a new focus in life using your own eyes or do you chose to carry on seeing with other people´s eyes?

The ball is always in your court. Whatever you choose, it´s great, but do yourself a big favour, be sure you make the choice.

Thank you for your time, one post more written and let us carry on AWAKENING TOGETHER.