How could I manage this

Soy Inma Budiño y os presento mi nueva aventura profesional

Since I was very little I have let my intuition guiding me. That soft little voice coming from deep inside, pushing us to get on that long desidered train..despite feeling the vertigo just before jumping on it. This same little voice came to visit me on the second day of the “involuntary meditation” that we all were forced to live and it whispered..” what if you dare to offer your customers online sessions”….and apart from this..” what happened to your plan to open yourself to the world, to trespass those borders and limits both personal and physical”?

The following morning I made up my mind, and although with fear I started my proyect “ YES” and so I took the courage and felt the trust necessary to jump in a sea full of opportunities…I told myself, life will direct me, day after day, in my journey.

How could I manage this

I got down to work and as if by magic, everything came to me: the idea of the logo, the colours, the right words and how to structure them. It was like someone was whispering all this through a pair of earphones… these feelings were so captivating. I felt like a child..totally amazed..with butterflies in my stomach flying crazily up and down. Who would believe this? ( those who know me well, can tell you easily, how little technological I am…or at least till now). Without even realising it, I found myself recording videos, writing blogs, publishing in Instagram, Facebook… Life was giving me, on one side, the vibrant enthusiasm of “ a new pair of shoes” but on the other challenging my patince and my tolerance to frustration. I had to put a lot of passion in everything I was doing and hand by hand with Oscar (with whom I feel totally lucky sharing my life´s journey) I managed to raise like the foam in the bathtub, step by step, every day a bit higher. Every day facing a new challenge, new obstacles which were constantly testing my ability to learn new tasks. I found myself vulnerably exposed to the unknown and abruptly taken out from my comfort zone.

Life gives me the opportunity to grow and evolve

I soon started to realise that I was not associating the days of the week as I used to do till then ( monday, thursday, sunday), instead I was now counting the days in relation to the difficulties and barriers I had to face on a particular day and how I managed to overcome them. This encouraged me to tell myself that this life was offering me the opportunity to grow, to evolve despite the complicated situation we were all experiencing; this was depending on my willingness to compromise to YES I WANT and on being ready to overcome my limiting mental programmings.

Life is abundant, supportive, showhing me “everything is possible” if I really believe it, inside and outside me; if I am gratefull every single day; if I love myself¨; if I allow myself to grow at my pace. It is so, I realise with excitement that ,when I bet on myself and on moving forward, life looks at me with a smile and says “ I too, bet on you” Do you know why? Simply because I am the first betting on myself..and I dare,I allow myself to be, I hug myself..I love myself uncontionally, for who I am, with my perfect imperfections.

Are we personally responsible for how we feel?

I leave open to discussion the following reflexion in this first Blog: “Are we personally responsible for how we feel “? I will write down how I feel about this, maybe this can useful to you.
I can tell you I felt free from the moment I stopped caring about what people think and say about me. I feel I have grown a pair of beautiful wings and I am very proud of them.

That was the day I managed to put toghether all the pieces of my puzzle and shouted out “Eureka!” I do not need anyone`s approval…I approve myself. Even though this can seem silly to you, this was for me like discovering the gunpowder.

To end this blog I would like to thank you for taking some of your very valuable time to read these words, written from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being here and now.
Let us start our adventure together!
I will write to you again very soon!


My personal thanks to Elio Estudio to offer me their techological Knowdlege and great experience.