• A new philosophy of Life

    I invite you to share this new method with me.
    Inma Budiño

  • Know yourself

    Balance-in is a life´s philosophy with the aim to BALANCE YOUR LIFE IN BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT, consciously and sub-consciously.

  • If you are looking for somenthing better in life and you are ready to change...

    I offer you the opportunity to achieve your desired changes easily through this powerful method, using the techniques that best suit your circumstances.


I am Inma Budiño

Welcome to BALANCE-IN®

If I were to describe myself, I would do it in two words: constant learner and life enthusiast.
BALANCE-IN® is a life philosophy focused on BALANCING YOUR LIFE at all levels.
I am the originator of BALANCE-IN® and I have “simmered my 26 years experience slowly” to obtain “ my own rich recipe”, doing it MY WAY.

Your perception filtered through a focused attention, help you to identify those emotions associated with your body posture. This enables you to improve your self confidence, your self control and  develop the best version of you in body, mind and soul. If you feel ready to change I will walk the journey with you.

I am a constant learner and a life enthusiast

Balance-in: the concept



    Communicate with your conscious and  sub-conscious mind through your senses: VISUAL, AUDITIVE AND KINESTHETIC.


    Analyse your life up until now. There is “a before and an after” What do YOU really want?


    Motion creates emotions, your movement speaks about you and your mood/moods.


    Your body always speaks to you, listen to it! What does it tell you, what does it need?


    How to deal with your stress: traumas, physical and emotional addictions.


    Treat yourself with love to feel better…much better. Discover your true self  and new healthy habits.

The essencial is invisible to the eyes

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The little Prince

… and through years of deep self introspection you reach that moment in life in which you feel consciously you are energy!
This energy becomes magical and pure only when your body moves to the sound of that inner power.

What my customers say


For more than a year I have been feeling unwell, especially when eating certain types of food. I had to go to the toilet very often and my stomach was often bloated. I could no sleep properly during the night. I started to keep an eye of what could be the reason of it and realised that any food containing gluten triggered these symptoms. I stopped consuming anything with gluten. It improved and  I felt totally fine again.

After my session with Inmaculada I understood and  gave permission to my body to be the same as it used to be before feeling unwell.  The intollerance did not make any sense and most likely it was the result of stress or anxiety.

After the session it took me one week to get back to my normal eating habits, it was a progressive process, slowly, slowly. Today, two months after the session, I can say I feel amazing and I can eat whatever I feel like.

I only have grateful words for Inmaculada and her method Balance-in. Thank you for teaching me how to be the creator of my own changes.

One day a person mentioned Inma Budiño to me. We had our first session and from there I started to have two sessions per week.  Every Balance-in ´s session was enriching me physically, emotionally and spiritually more and more.  Slowly slowly it helped me assuming a correct body posture and exercise my body without the needs of any weights. But most important, I learnt how to disconnect with everything outside the session, to discover my body in a mindful way and to believe in myself.  The most amazing feeling was the peace I felt since the first session. She helped me to become more confident, to take care of myself ( because we are the best person to take care of ourselves, nobody else can do it better). I learnt to respect myself for who I am, with my virtues and defects. If we do not respect ourselves we cannot expect others to do it. 

Since I have started to work with her and the method Balance-in, I discovered how I can live my life in a marvellous and positive way. For me she is the best example of how we can go over the obstacles we find along the way, without getting stuck and at the same time perceive those obstacles as constructive lessons, a learning process. The important point is how you see  those obstacles and how you deal with them, so that you are able to carry on with your journey.  I feel I have grown richer mentally and spiritually.  I  have learned that we all have thousand of amazing feelings, that they are innate in us and that we only have to see them and let them shine.

I feel, that now I am a very lucky  person and for me this is the best present life could give me and be close to her is another gift.  Thanks.

I am facinated, the result is amazing. It is very much you, every detail contains a lot of your essence.
Since the first day I met you in the studio, I could feel your strenght, your power, your resilience and fragility. I would describe you as a patient and enthusiastic person.
You inspired so much confidence  that I consider you a friend..
During those sessions of spiritual and physical exercises we have analysed so many chapters of our lives…
I have simply learned so much from you!
It has been a pleasure meeting you and it is a pleasure keeping you close!
Congratulations for your project. I am very happy for your achievements!
A big hug from this confinment!

My first session with Inma was magic.
She created an atmosphere of space-time that allowed me to feel and express through my body what my whole being was clearly asking for.
She guided me with tactful mastery through the process that unlocked my emotions. This helped me to create a plan of actions with care and love.
I am very grateful for this gift life has given me, to be able to achieve my balance and live with plenitude accompanied by her.

I have learnt so much with you, much more than I could have imagined, that my surprise is still ongoing.  I feel that meeting you, has been one of the most important event in my life journey.

When I am in your BALANCE-IN sessions there is no separation between body and mind .   I always have the tendency to want to control everything with my mind, but thanks to you, I have learnt to let my feelings go, I let myself be and my body flows, feeling…peace.

Every time we conclude a session I feel very grateful and it comes out naturally from my heart to tell you, THANK YOU INMA.

Thank you for helping me discovering myself, to make me feel FREE, to recognise who I am, to accept myself. I wish everybody could have the opportunity to feel like this at some point in their life; learn to appreciate the simple fact to feel peace.

Let us walk together!

The answer is always inside you.  If you feel ready, we will walk together in the search of THE REAL YOU… BALANCE-IN®