• A new philosophy of Life

    I invite you to share this new method with me.
    Inma Budiño

  • Know yourself

    Balance-in is a life´s philosophy with the aim to BALANCE YOUR LIFE IN BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT, consciously and sub-consciously.

  • If you are looking for somenthing better in life and you are ready to change...

    I offer you the opportunity to achieve your desired changes easily through this powerful method, using the techniques that best suit your circumstances.


I am Inma Budiño

Welcome to Balance-in

If I were to describe myself, I would do it in two words: constant learner and life enthusiast.
Balance-in is a life philosophy focused on BALANCING YOUR LIFE at all levels.
I am the originator of Balance-in and I have “simmered my 26 years experience slowly” to obtain “ my own rich recipe”, doing it MY WAY.

Your perception filtered through a focused attention, help you to identify those emotions associated with your body posture. This enables you to improve your self confidence, your self control and  develop the best version of you in body, mind and soul. If you feel ready to change I will walk the journey with you.

I am a constant learner and a life enthusiast

The essencial is invisible to the eyes

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The little Prince

… and through years of deep self introspection you reach that moment in life in which you feel consciously you are energy!
This energy becomes magical and pure only when your body moves to the sound of that inner power.

Let us walk together!

The answer is always inside you.  If you feel ready, we will walk together in the search of THE REAL YOU… BALANCE-IN