I AM GRATEFUL  …from MORNING till NIGHT, grateful for HAPPINESS and SADNESS, for SINGING and CRYING, for YOUTH and MATURITY, for THE BEGINNING and THE END of everything…I am grateful for everything I have learnt through my experiences, which is not much, and for this, I am open to the unmeasurable magical of the UNKNOWN, to the CHANCE, to whatever has not got a predetermined pattern….well, is exactly there, in that MULTIDIMENSIONAL INFINITE you can find EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


I AM GRATEFUL for the inspiration to write this new post, my dear all, people without a face nor a name. Thank you for sharing another space with me about REFLEXIONS, all together as ONE, trying to give  A MEANING TO OUR JOURNEY, to that POWER we all have, given by THE NATURE´S STRENGHTS only with one condition: to pay attention and be quick to jump on the train of OPPORTUNITIES.  There is nothing to fear, let us take the time needed to be ready to experience it, filling our mouth with words of gratitude and waking up every morning with the same desires and illusions of a child…how many presents will the day bring me TODAY? The face could be a bit worn out but the soul will be exploding WITH MORE DESIRES TO LIVE, TO FEEL AND CARRY ON FINDING THOUSANDS REASONS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR EVERY STEP WE TAKE.

This morning, after my daily space of silence, the following reflection came to me: whatever is crossing your mental space, clashing and horrifying you, is not you, THEY ARE SIMPLY YOUR SOCIAL OR FAMILY PROGRAMMINGS, BE CONSCIOUS about them, accept them with love, get rid of those GUILTY FEELINGS, YOU ONLY ARE WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPY”. It is not about denying them but TRANFORM THEM and feel ALL THOSE UNPLEASANT EMOTIONS alienated and distant from our PERFECT ESSENCE.

More feeling and less thinking!

More feeling and less thinking! Repetitive thinking creates necessity of CONTROL. If we could control something, it would only be in this precise INSTANT, this moment, NOW; this is everything we need to know. Everything else are just attempts to trap LIFE…those same attempts that let life pass fleetingly and silently. 

Thank you LIFE for giving me EVERYTHING. I feel so lucky…awake and conscious that THIS SPACE OF INFINITE EXPERIMENTS takes me wherever I want to go… I ALLOW IT TO MYSELF…I TRUST IN ME.

Since long time ago I am on NO THINKING mode, without being silly and crazy: when someone talks, I listen carefully, then, without rushing to give an answer, I open myself to the feeling of my intuition and I let the words flowing from my mouth without choosing them consciously. How can this happen?…with PRACTICE and PATIENCE.. By squeezing every millisecond of the NOW, you can bring the CONSCIENCE alive at every moment, to fully enjoy it without the contamination of  a past PAST, nor the pre-imagined visions of a FUTURE that does not yet exist and who knows, will never exist in the way we thought about it…this is how it is…we think about a plan a b and c…but life puts in front us its plan Z…so my advice is : let it go, relax and be grateful.

Thank you for everything given to us as a present, with full hands, thanks to those SIGNS appearing all around us, in every part of this amazing planet we live on. Thanks for the ABUNDANCE and on the other side, THANKS for making me realize and bring to my consciousness I need less and less every time, able to observe with amazement how my soul is nurtured with whatever it longs for.

Peace in the storm, light in the darkness

I AM GRATEFUL I can find peace in the storm, light in the darkness, order and harmony in the chaos. Grateful I can interpret the BAD MOMENTS as great TRANSFORMATION´S MASTERS.

Thank you life for reaching out every time I need it, like a SUPERNATURAL STRENGHT, greater than myself but part of me, beating in my interior and in the interior of everyone who feels worthy to listen to that beat.  

Beat heart as you have done since the origin in the maternal chest, beat as you did with strength when coming to this world, breathing life into my lungs so that I could communicate for the first time through my first cry, amazing MIRACLE OF LIFE.

Thanks to God and the universe to equip us with everything we need and much more, from the absolute perfection nobody could have ever imagined…from the inside to the outside, our soul draws its ambitions in golden letters,  our mind send the orders for the plan and our body put them in action.  So simple and yet so complex, so perfectly orchestrated that only a superior power could have made it possible. 

The art of the good living

We are art and part …AWAKENING and learning every single day THE ART OF THE GOOD LIVING.

We are PART of that divinity , let us make good use of our mother nature and all the gifts put at our service….we come to this world naked and without belongings…we borrow everything we can possibly need during our journey…to then take off everything, leave them, to go back to make part of the UNIVERSAL ENERGY…it is only through a personal and collective RESPECT we will be able to make of our universe  A BETTER UNIVERSE.