¿Amigos o conocidos?

A very tricky question with so many answers as there are people and opinions…Depending on our NEED OF ACCEPTANCE, the list can be longer or shorter. Later on, to be more precise, we will make the proper distinctions between the meaning of friend and acquittance.

Friends or acquaintances?

We are SOCIAL ANIMALS, and we learn to know ourselves by looking into the mirror of the relationships we have with others…We learn to say YES, I LIKE IT/ NO I DO NOT LIKE IT…but how many times have we kept quiet and adapted to the circumstances FOR THE FEAR TO BE LEFT ALONE?  It seems that if we have a large list of friends or acquittances, this transforms us into someone more accepted, better connected and with more positive points in front of society.

I was left totally baffled to find out that you can even buy ACQUITTANCES – FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS FOR YOUR SOCIALS. You can create a FAKE of yourself, with pictures, a story and everything you would like to be in order to find a respective “VIRTUAL ACCEPTANCE”… In my humble opinion, I believe this is getting out of hand…

Far from being alarmist and looking for troubles, I would like to simplify the question: How far are we ready to go to GAIN SELF-AFFIRMATION and say out loud, from the deepest of our conviction: Am I my best friend?

True Friendship

Let us begin the process of fragmenting the concept among friends, acquittances, reality and virtuality.

TRUE FRIENDSHIP flows easily, is mutual and transparent. In essence, I love you and I show it to you, WITHOUT ASKING ANYTHING IN RETURN. I tell you what I think, with care, but ALWAYS SPEAKING THE TRUTH AS A PRINCIPLE…As you can see, my dear friends, this screening starts the selection, and we can hardly raise two or three fingers of our hand to count them…

Then there is a dozen of acquittances or “INSTRUMENTAL“ PEOPLE, those who simply answer your WhatsApp or fast calls to share some LAUGHS AND WINE…Everything is fine…this is just a description, without any judgements or morals… Only a way to point out …that I always like to know who I am dealing with.

It is an absolute truth, that depending on our evolution, we leave behind situations, friends and experiences, which at times is the product of our own choice but other times, life alone takes care of it and makes disappear some people around us like magic. But, in the same way new others appear, more similar to our life´s perspective, which is in constant transformation.

Better alone than in bad company…

I am pretty convinced that all this obeys an ADJUSMENT TO OUR FREQUENCY, or the energy we vibrate in… I have managed to confirm this and still carry on doing it; if I perceive certain energy in the person next to me, whatever its nature, the other person next to me lives the same experience. In some occasions this can be described as a subtle intuition…that unexplained feeling of uncomfortability with some people…or something similar, that before seemed to flow normally and now is stuck…like a little stone inside our shoe and bothering us…well…at this stage of the post and movie…every one of you should know what I am talking about as a personal experience …

But let us continue forward… well aware that we know where we are and especially with whom we want to be and what is the price for it…at times feeling sad, knowing we are deceiving ourselves… in other circumstances feeling relieved or at least recomforted by the well known self-conviction…”better alone than in bad company…”

The balance between giving and receiving

I do not want to be considered a pessimist …but we are born alone, and we die alone…and on the way…we play Parcheesi with different GAME ´S FRIENDS…in some cases extending the game to acquittances.  It is irrefutable that we ARE OUR BEST FRIENDS.  When we are alone, we learn a lot.  It is from an accepted and processed loneliness that the CHOICE OF FRIENDSHIP result to be more correct, or at least in paper …In friendship as in love, the more points there are in common to each one life´s vision, the better. Of course, thinking differently is very enriching but the basis of MUTUAL RESPECT AND THE BALANCE BETWEEN GIVING AND RECEIVING are fundamental. I take here the opportunity to clarify the concept of …” giving without asking anything in return…”

In reality, even though covertly, we always expect something in exchange, and it is good, otherwise the relationship would be imbalanced. It is another story when each one contributes with his or her best virtues. In this way the friend who is more optimistic would bring happiness to the one who has a tendency to sadness, while the one who is usually sadder, could bring more doses of realism to the other who has the tendency to idealism…A simple COMPLEMENTARY FRIENDLY RELATIONSHIP.

I am going to close today friendly space pointing at each one and everyone one of us and underlining in black capital letters that THE GREATEST FRIENDSHIP´S AND LOVE´S RELATION we have is with ourselves.