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For now, yes…in a few days…I do not know

Ahora si… dentro de unos días… no lo sé

Through this sentence, that gives the title to this short space we share every Friday, I summarize what FREEDOM TO CHANGE MY MIND means to me.

For now, yes…in a few days…I do not know

Sometimes, what initially can be considered as a failure to keep our word and/or lack of seriousness, it can later be seen as one of the most serious compromise with ourselves.  Of course, you can change your opinion… I would say, this should be one of the primary ingredients for our MENTAL DIET… We are exposed to continuous changes in our internal habits as much as our external ones.  

Remember, in the same way we are flexible with ourselves, we can be flexible with others.  We are not failing anyone, nor disrespect anyone, apart from ourselves, if we force ourselves to maintain the same decision just because we have followed our impulse in that specific occasion or simply to please someone to obtain a secondary benefit and apparently be more accepted.

Everything comes from inside…

Through self judgement we tyrannize and oblige ourselves to keep something we knew ,from the deepest of our guts, was not what we wanted to do or say. These are the moments when it is extremely useful to have access to our first aid kit, PUT A STOP TO OUR JOURNEY AND ONE TO OUR THOUGHTS, have a look at our emotional thermometer and check the TEMPERATURE OF OUR EMOTIONS.

Do I feel well?… YES… Then I am being coherent with what I think, say and do. Am I in peace with myself after I have committed to do something? NO. It is clear there is something that should be revised. You can and should say anything you like; the DIALOGUE is the key.   Whatever you say in a proper manner, with respect and out of freedom, deserves an applause.  We are often surprised by the outcomes… Everyone who is next or in front of us, is a screen or a mirror of our best dreams or of our worst nightmares…As the lyric of a song says…” Everything comes from inside…”

Free Will

When we decide to make a choice based on our FREE WILL, the feeling of power is great!  …If yesterday I decided to say yes, even though I was not very sure about it, and yet I said it, today I say no with decision, with my best smile and I give myself permission to change opinion and to change perspective.  This is how I create a different reality in my present, here and now; this is how I am building the near future with other results, different from those of yesterday, when my opinion and my decision were others.  At the end of the day, we are constantly facing a trial and error as the only source of experimentation, evolution and self-awareness.

If we change the focus, the vision will change and with it the result.  Far away from making the concepts muddy, one can be frank, a person of his word and yet able to change his mind.  Clearly, if we change our mind constantly, we will not be able to reach our aims and this would only create a paralyzing chaos in our mind with very little progress; the same would happen if we are stubborn…Everything should be applied with moderation.

The essential is to be coherent with yourself

We are exposed so much to so many external stimuli in our daily life, that it is very hard to STOP AND LISTEN TO OURSELVES.  If we add to this THE FEAR OF SELF CRITICISM, multiplied by the STAGE FEAR, by what people are going to think about us and on top of this, we add a brushstroke of lack of SELF LOVE, the outcome is disastrous.

Nothing is right nor wrong … Nothing is fair nor unfair. The essential is to be coherent with yourself. Follow your instinct, change your mind if you like, but remain faithful to your essence.Never ever betray yourself to please other, nor allow yourself to be carried along by the current and then PUT THE BLAME ON others with comments like: ” I did not want to do it but they convinced me to…” “in the last moment I wanted to back away but it was too late…”

My question is “Late for what? Scared of what?  Accountable to whom?

Life is too short for it. LIVE THE NOW, say YES…Who knows, tomorrow it could be a NO…CHANGING IS NOT ONLY NECESSARY IN LIFE…IT IS LIFE ITSELF. ?