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Accompanied by a candle

How many WISHES OF MY SOUL have been granted at the light of a CANDLE? Lighting a candle is a symbol of ILLUMINATION… It can be considered as well as an exercise of VOLUNTARY MINDFULNESS attracting to us our most desired PURPOSES AND EVERYTHING WE DESERVE. When the candles are lighted, it creates a link […]

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I bet all on Colour

If I THINK in COLOR, I automatically FEEL HAPPYNESS…It seems like my HEART is widening to burst in an enormous SMILE …My shoulders expand from side to side, in harmony with my face, to reinforce that EMOTION which automatically boosts my MOOD. I bet all on Colour Almost MAGIC…how we can induce voluntarily our BRAIN […]

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Night & Day

Today I pay homage to the beginning, the GENESIS, that first day in which God started HIS MASTERPIECE OF THE CREATION. It can be God, if you believe in it, or any other ENERGETIC AND SUPERIOR POWER that better resonates with you or you identify yourself with.  Night & Day Back then, the earth did […]

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Miracolous Water

Just water…nothing more and nothing less…That LIQUID ELEMENT so BASIC, yet integral part of our life. I have always been a fervent supporter of its NATURAL POWERS.  My jar of water and I, are like siamese twins, inseparable. People say it does not taste of anything…to me, it tastes like glory, like PURE LIFE, AN […]

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Playing vs Judging

Somewhere, in a place…I am unable to recall now, I saw a drawing…What really impressed me, was the question written at the bottom of that drawing; AN IMPACTING REFLECTION…it said something like this “At what stage of our life, did we stop being PLAYING CHILDREN and become JUDGEMENTAL ADULTS”? Impacting…is it not?   But it […]

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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

I was just remembering and feeling the concept of “everything is possible”, when I woke up from one of those ASSOCIATIVE LOOP; I am not sure if this word exists as I have not bothered to look it up in a dictionary, but this his is how I define that state, when I get absorbed […]

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Our daily bread

My dear friends, is there anything more basic than bread?  I can only think of water, the QUEEN AMONG THE QUEENS, considering that this wonderful liquid element forms about 60 % of our being.  Going back to the topic, bread is so much part of our life, that we use its noun to refer to […]

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Let the cobbler stick to his last

While walking in a popular street of Seville, I suddenly passed near a small shoes repair shop… This modern shop has nothing to do with the one in my old memories, when my sister and I, both holding my mother´s hands, were accompanying her to take some shoes to be fixed.  “Get a bag, we […]

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Pleased to meet you

This is a courteous sentence used in every corner of the world when we are being introduced to someone new… It is used as well to say goodbye when we take leave of that same person, unknown to us until then. Apparently, it may seem just that…but…what if we use our finger and scratch a […]