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Dream endlessly…because dreams are the meaning of life

Sueña incansable...porque los sueños son la vida

Get your favourite pillow and open yourself to the immensity of “everything is possible”…close your eyes and be transported into the magic world of your  dreams

I follow my ritual every day and today is no exception; I get up, I immerse myself and observe with joy my interior conscientious space, I have breakfast and make the bed.  While I am pulling one of the bed sheet, for a moment, I am taken back to my tender ages, when my mother used to tell me “ the order in your bedroom is the order in your head…” Do you feel the same as me,that  everything sets off well at the start of the day when you have made your bed? While I am giving the finishing touch to the quilt and put in order all the cushions you can see in the picture, my little inner voice whispers “ this bed saveguards many dreams that came true…so many dreams turned into reality while I was sleeping here!

Dream endlessly…because dreams are the meaning of life

I run to get my mobile because I want to capture a picture of my bed… the plot of my new post is in production!

Life, dreams…I wander..my enthusiastic mind reaches out to the Baroque period, Calderon De la Barca and his theatrical “ life is a dream”, which coincides 1000×1000 with the focus of what these lines want to trasmit; free will vs destiny, plenitude  and freedom of the human being vs social dictations.

I leave the following thoughts in this page and I invite you to analise them

Would you say dreams are repressed passions crying out to see the light and become reality?Do you think dreams give us clear messages to re-set our compass, to re-define the direction of our life´s journey?Are we the creators of our destiny?From my life experience and based on my observation I answer with a definitive YES..this is how I feel and live it..

Has it ever happened to you that you had a dream so real, so beautiful, while dozing, half asleep and half awake and you told yourself “ make it last a bit longer…”?

Of course life has two faces. This is why, with lot of love, we should give some space to those dreams we define as less pleasant, and certainly they are so, or at least this is how we perceive them.

Those dreams, apparently without any logical sense, where people and situations are mixed upside down, are infallible indicators that our subconscious want to tell us somenthing…a  way out to a better reality.

Those dreams we define as “bad dreams  or nightmares” ( just consider how we referr and judge them) bring to the surface fears and pains covered deep down in our BEING.  My dear travelling fellows take special care to those dreams that repeat themselves again and again.. I can assure you that if you have the perseverance and the willingness to remember them and open yourselves to THE CONSCIENCE THAT KNOWS EVERYTHING, you will discover, little by little, the meaning of their message; slowly , slowly discovering the origin of your  wounds…the same ones that refrain all of us from reaching our highest desires.

We are here to write our best “ theatrical play”, not only to leave it written in a booklet or lost in a drawer…Let us accept with happiness and courage the challenge of this terrestrial physical experience, given to us as a present, like the scriptwriter of our existence!

Open your eyes to the dreams!

Open the eyes to dreams.. live, laugh, cry, get excited, feel fear, doubt…look for the steps that will lead to your reality, the one you want to experience.. at the end what is a dream and what is a reality? Who decides it ?

In my humble opinion and if this can bring you some benefits, LIFE IS A DREAM..as Calderon used to say. The day I give up dreaming will be the day I will have completed my life´s cycle, this is how I feel it..In the meantime the curtains of the theatre will open up every morning. This is how I see life, a magical awakening, full of dreams as real as I allow them to be.

This confinment I am living and have lived, has been a gift which helped me to re-structure my life, my dreams and my new direction. I can confirm that  our FEARS are the only distance between dreams and reality.. I embrace them and push myself, once more, to reach my best version.

I decide to make of BALANCE-IN® my life, I bet on it, I  keep on DREAMING AND CREATING.. I will  go on…Are you coming with me?