Deseo o necesidad

I would like to have your opinion, my dear friend. I can almost feel our INTERACTION from here and I love it! Me, in front of  the keyboard writing and you reading it. Do you think DESIRE AND NECESSITY go hand in hand, separatly, do they include or exclude each other? I have my opinion, which is mentally thinking what could be yours.

I believe the virtue is in the BALANCE, everything depends on the color, on the intention, on the way you look at the circumstances.  Everything is neutral, neither good or  bad in itself…Having said all this Do you desire or need it?

Desire or necessity?

It took me some time to realise that TO DESIRE is ,in the first person, healthy, good and highly reccomandable. We have grown up in the shade of many COLLECTIVE PROGRAMMINGS  like “ a known evil is better that an unknown good” , “the light at the end of the tunnel may be a train” or you cannot have your cake and eat it” and these have affected our SELF ESTEEM so much, that sometimes it has taken our conformism to its extreme. This is why, when we have lived all our life under the wheel, we RESIGNATE, perhaps with sadness, but we do resignate. On the other side we feel VICTIMS OF THE SYSTEM and we ruminate the situation like cows do with their food, ending in a vicious circle of “ this is so unfair, I feel terrible…I do not desrve this” “ I cannot do more than this…this is it” “ look how she behaved with me after all I have done for her..”   The list has no limit, is so long that we can splash and play in our VICTIMISM as much as we feel like…

Trial and error

My choice is to take a new line on EXPERIMENTING, “I go for the lane in the middle” at least it is a new TRIAL AND ERROR approach, otherwise I will be stuck in COMPLAINING AND IN THE LEARNED HELPLESSNESS, a state of helplessness where we prefer to throw ourselves on the floor like a reptile instead of trying to put a foot in front of the other in search of new horizons.. At least this will avoid that madness of carry on behaving in the same way with the hope to obtain different results…Einstein dixit.

DESIRE is associated with EMOTION, MOTIVATION to achieve a GOAL, they are the engine and the vehicle at the same time.  What would be the meaning of life without passions, without desires?

The magig of the fullfilled desire

At this point the second variable joins the game: NECESSITY.  In the exact moment I need something more than what is essential to live a dignified life I start to …. the MAGIG OF THE FULLFILLED DESIRE.  I will try to explain myself clearly: from the precise moment I add EXPECTATIONS to the equation I start to diminish the effectivity of the outcome.  Maybe this graphic example will be useful: as soon as I think about a tasty homemade cake my mouth starts watering. THE DESIRE invades me and all my taste buds start salivating like in Pavlov´s dogs. I run to the kitchen and my hands are already at work on the dough. I keep working on it and feel delight on the result, so much that I am almost going to eat it before it is cooked. I have absolut FAITH it will taste delicious. I am walking with that baking tin full of aromas, which could easily “ resurrect a dead” towards the oven, previously pre heated at 180 grades …this is Gods´whims..!

I go back to the sitting room and keep on writing; I have half an hour in front of me before it is ready..but after ten minutes I get up to check the progress on my masterpiece..WAITING FOR IT makes me feel a bit impatient. THE LACK OF TOLLERANCE TO FRUSTRATION is high; I am definetly not starving but the issue is, I cannot eat it now and my desire to taste it is so strong.

The conclusion : it is a desire and there is nothing wrong with it, but when the variable is “ it has to be now…” then we are skating off the track.

Everything teaches you somenthing

I adore skating, even when I fall down, a reason more to laugh about myself. After the first fall my bottom is a bit painful, so I decide to pay more ATTENTION and in case it happens again I will try to avoid the same area and possibly fall on the other side; a way to compensate the situation.  As I love making parallelism and comparison I would say the same happens in life: everything adds up and everything teaches you somenthing..

It is a fact that when we add CERTANTY to the duo DESIRE-MANIFESTATION the result is an assured victory..Why? Very simple: from the moment I desire somenthing, I feel the emotion and when this happens  I LIVE IN ADVANCE THE EXPERIENCE AS REAL and I accompany it with the certainty that sooner or later in life I AM GOING TO EXPERIENCE IT AT A PHYSICAL LEVEL. 

Everything comes and goes,  including the NECESITY for this to happen. DESIRE anything you want without any necessity but with CERTAINTY and it will appear in front of your eyes. ?