25 de diciembre

The countdown has started…we are 6 days away from the end of the year 2020.  If we add up the numbers and we reduce them to their value, the result is obviously 4…a number that spiritually speaking, is associated with the earth and the strengths of nature: four are the seasons, the cardinal points and the natural elements…

December 25th

I like to play with numbers…they contain the meaning and bring the explanation of everything we can imagine… music itself is pure numerology… In every day that goes by I can find more meaning in the numbers…taking into account they used to tell me I was better with letters…well, at least, this is the LABEL they gave me or the one I gave myself from the moment my memory can recall…

Not long ago, while I was talking to my son Pablo, who is attending his third year at university studying Mathematics, he told me: “I believe that, to like or not to like a specific subject, depends a lot on the professor appointed to you… and how he/she explains it, makes all the difference… if you had understood it as you do, when I explain it to you, I am pretty sure you would have loved it.” I totally agree with this opinion.

Infinite opportunities

Thinking properly about it, I have always used a lot the LOGIC OF THE ABSTRACT NUMBERS, without even being aware of it. At the end of the day, in the abstract, the CONCRETE is contained as well. CREATIVITY offers us infinite opportunities.

In the same way that all roads lead to Rome, all BELIEFS converge in one. Well beyond the religious concepts or dogmas, there is a COMMON IDEOLOGY, shared by all human beings with ethical and moral values, that I would resume as follows: “do good without looking at who”… Leaving on one side borders or colors, have you ever asked yourself how our planet would be if we could add a pinch of CON-SCIENCE (awareness) AND CON-CIENCE ( awareness without judgement of good and evil) in every daily small individual or shared act? From the simple act of holding the piece of paper until the next rubbish bin, in the next corner, to greeting with honest feeling every person we come across every morning, continuing with, letting the pass to an old woman coming towards us in a narrow passage…the list could be endless

Con-science and con-cience

Let us analyze it in more details: through our CONSCIENCE we become aware of our OWN EXISTENCE.  Things start to complicate when we get to the word CONCIENCE without the “S” (it is a play of words that works in Spanish, indicating awareness without judgement of good and evil). This is irremediably attached to the ANCESTRAL AND IMPLACABLE LABEL OF THE JUDGEMENTS.  For me there is another simple way to see it. Take a seat, my dear friends and let us experience it together.  

I close my eyes: I VISUALISE myself sitting comfortably in a chair of a large theatre. I AM the only and unique spectator at the same time. It is like a kind of SPLITTING process of yourself. Keep your eyes closed and imagine that the theatre curtains go up and for your big surprise, you see yourself on the STAGE. Imagine the scene, the one that you like the most, on one condition though; you can direct the scene without judging yourself. Believe me, this is the most difficult task for everyone, because we directly get into our PREDETERMINED MENTAL SCHEMES, where our conscience is the result of ethical and moral rules, passed down to us from generation to generation, century after century.

Always act with other people as you would like they act with you

In my opinion, there is a much easier way, and it can be summarized with the following simple words: “always act with other people as you would like they act with you”.

Having said this, the two sentences and their concepts are getting close in meaning, and the result would be something like this: I stop and through the OBSERVATION OF MY OWN SELF, I wish myself all the best, from the bottom of my heart; and I do the same with you too. Now, who is going to tell me that we cannot do this…? Obviously, we will have to deal a bit or a lot, depending on the circumstances, with our beloved EGO, often demonized but it is fundamental to transit through our daily existence and at times put ourselves in our place.

This is the special moment in which we realize that the greatest love, respect, self-care understanding, etc… must be addressed to ourselves first of all, so that we avoid overloading the endless list of requirements presented to those around us, to feel complete.

I go back to the beginning of this post, to the numbers, to their meaning and to their SYMBOLOGY.  In concrete terms number 25, in the spiritual world, is synonym of new beginnings and new opportunities.