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Color(=Color) Calor (=Heat)

Color y Calor

It is a pun, a game of perceptions and feelings. Is this perception common to everybody or are there many ways as there are people to perceive it?

Two names, substantives, bringing to life two wonderful concepts, very different or very close, depending on your interpretation, written almost in the same way, apart from one vowel (O & A).

Both perceived through the senses, as a superficial perception; you can see a color thanks to your eyes and the heat..What happens with the heat?…Let us take it step by step

Color (=Color) Calor (=Heat)

I recall with warm feelings Pau Dones, a singer, and especially the refrain of one of his songs “ it depends, everything depends…”

What the refrain says, applies with certainty and truthfulness to taste and color. Thanks God! But can you immagine how boring the world would be, if everyone were to perceive things exactly in the same way…?

When I talk about colors I keep on using the same anecdote, which is very versatile for  different people and situations.

Everything depends on the eye that looks at it

The situation:  you are talking with a friend who wants to renovate a bit the house and is already  thinking to paint the walls with a different color.  You mention the fact you are not sure if she refers to white- pearl or white bone. Your friend keeps quiet for a while and then replies back “ when you say white-pearl, you are referring to white egg, are you not ? Then you assume a thouthful expression and say “ well, that is not the same, is it? I believe that white- pearl is more pure, while the other has a brown component mixed with it…” The outcome of this; there are so many shades of the same color and sub-shades that you can have so much fun looking for it! Everything depends on the eye that looks at it..I have experienced the same situation myself, there has been a before and an after my eyes were operated for presbyopia.

Now I observe the color of these and those things with amazement, and it seems they have gained  more beauty, more definition, more life and actually the same has happened to me!

The light of colors is the result of a process between the human eye and the brain. The light receptors located at the back of the eyes transmit the messages to the brain, which as consequence, and based on our previous experiences, creates the sensations associated with the color. What a miracle!

Long time ago Newton observed that color was not inherent in the objects. In reality, the surface of the object reflects some colors and absorbes all the others. Therefore we only receive and perceive the colors reflected..what a fascinating play of lights!

The best or the worst of every perception

Let us dedicate some lines to the largest organ of our body, yes excatly that, the skin! The skin is in this case the receptor of heat. The heat as well, is perceived differently, everyone lives it, in his/her own way, according to the circumstances..I can tell you a lot about this as I am in the midlle of my menopause, putting the blanket on and taking it off , in the blink of an eye!

Let us go back to how we perceive the heat through the skin; very interesting and complex. The hypothalamus is in charge to regulate our body temperature and it can do this with the help of  nerve cells called thermoreceptors…  Even though my knowledge is only theoretical I cannot avoid to feel amazed.  Don´t you think the coordination´s ability of our organs to offer us the most comfortable option, is a miracle? I get back to the fact of how we feel it, as the individual  perception is the pillar of this discussion. This is how I see it, this is how I feel it, this is how I live it.  I am not talking about self-deceivement, I am talking about the fact, we can keep the best or the worst of every perception.

The journey of self-discovery

It is time for some action after so much theory.  If you feel like trying somenthing new, let us do it!

I propose we do an exercise, which is quite curious and easy at the same time.  We need to go back to our childhood for a while or better practicemore to avoid forgetting what it means to be a kid.  During the Balance-in¨s sessions, I accompany many people in their journey of self-discovery using different techniques and  there is a special moment, in which I decide ,togehter with the person, to choose a scene or a landscape. From here the person starts to interact with his/her own emotions using the senses…This is how it goes… If you were to associate a color with the  emotions you are feeling in this precise  moment, what color would it be?  Let us move a step forward and define this with more precision at a kinestetic level, meaning:  how do you feel about your body´s posture and how would you describe the feeling your body is transmitting to you. At this point I would ask the following question..If you were to associate a temperature to the emotion/s you are perceiving right now what would it be?

Having reached this stage we would be able to say that color and heat have more similitudes than differences.  However this can be, it  depends on every person´s perception and there is no doubt that both, color and heat, contribute to make our world much nicer. The amazing empire of the senses.

And… let us carry on with our evolution, my dear readers. Another fantastic time shared togehter has gone. ?