Con los ojos miramos…con el cerebro vemos

Looking or Seeing

There is a substantial difference: LOOKING or SEEING, hearing and listening…PAY ATTENTION because we are going to analyze this. What we see is not the REALITY but rather the ILLUSION created by the brain. So far it should be understandable for everyone… but go a step further. What would you say if I were to tell you, that the illusion created by your brain is made up by THE RECORDED EXPERIENCES previously stored in it?

We are looking with the eyes…but seeing with the brain

In order to protect ourselves and as part of the evolutionary process, our brain moves a step ahead to recognize images or similar situations recorded in the past and in a blink, preceding and foreseeing the potential situations or risk we could face or come across with…You know what I am talking about, don´t you? Our favorite human hobby is thinking in advance the outcomes and CONTROL them, or at least believe we do.

Going back to the above paragraph and to the ATTENTION. If I look at an object or a person, even though I use my eyes, this does not necessarily mean that I am seeing that. I can have my physical organs, the eyes, staring at something, while my mind is in reality fantasizing and enjoying the delicious, tasty apple pie on top of the table.   This is how we eat with our eyes before doing it with the stomach, as an old proverb says.

We see with the eyes but the VISUAL PERCEPTION does not stop there, on the contrary it only starts here. The physical eye PERCEIVES and the brain DECODES those supposed and already known realities.  The brain works as THE THIRD EYE, or the creative centre of a NEW REALITY.

Believe, feel it, then create it.  Looking or seeing?

If we can re-live past experiences over and over and make them stronger through those emotions we have associated with them, in the same way we could CREATE our FUTURE in a free and mindful way, describing every single detail and every single scene simply by adding to that, emotions that agree with our feelings. The more I can see it in my brain, the more I can focus on it, the more familiar it will seem; so much that I will be able to RECOGNIZE IT THROUGH MY MENTAL EYE, once I have perceived it through my physical eyes.

It is very exciting and just a matter of practice; if you can BELIEVE IT AND FEEL IT, then you are able to CREATE IT.

If you really want to achieve it, it is only a matter of patience and perseverance. Maybe you are bored with yourself and with the same story, then here you have the formula; no more excuses, apart the ones you want to make. This is what we call GROWTH AND DECISION, everything else is just blah, blah, blah…same old story.

Do you carry on watching from the barrier or do you dare to create with courage a NEW LIFE?

I can assure you that our mental computer is able to create much more than what we can possibly imagine.

There is so much to live  and  create

I encourage you to face your FEARS, to overcome them…feel them; in the worst scenario it could simply be a trial and error´s experience. What do you have to lose, apart from the old recording repeating themselves over and over to make our life difficult and repetitive?

There is so much to live  and  create. Come on, take your pencil and your rubber, DO NOT CONFORM AND PUT YOUR IMAGINATION TO WORK, let your mind flow freely, let it be creative and let it fly, be the ARCHITECT OF YOUR BEST DREAMS. Train your mind so that it will be able to recognize your masterpiece…and when you are ready to open your eyes and your arms to receive it…only then you will feel how your third eye is opened to see and create the PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION OF YOUR DREAMS.

This is what we call MIRACLES and we do not realize that they are all around us, at all times


The choice is served. ?

Habla el silencio

There are moments, in between one thought and another, that are like EMPTY SPACES, where we feel an IMMESURABLE PEACE…in these precise moments we become more receptive to listen to THE VOICE OF SILENCE. Here is where the NOW really has a meaning, where any pain disappears, when we reach the deepest part of our authentic essence, what we call SOUL.

Silence speaks

This is a short explanation about my experience of personal retreat, an experience that at the beginning is difficult to get the gist of…It is usually known as SELF AWARENESS, MEDITATION, PRAYING, THOUGHT-STOPPING…Anyone can choose the definition he/she prefers the most. The essential is not how we call it, but how we feel it…

Let the silence speak to you, allow the mind to make itself quiet and let all the answers to every single question, accumulated in your mind, come to you, like presents…easily…Let yourself go, create a space that allows you to be receptive to the listening, to the sensations, to the images.  Learn to RECOGNISE THE ENERGY YOU ARE, beyond the physical body we have borrowed at birth from our creator.

Only this precise instant exists

It is easy, believe me… Let yourself go and see beyond this world.  A constant and willing practice is the fundamental ingredient, this will increase more and more while practicing it. If the PRACTICE OR THE AWAKENING becomes difficult, it would be advisable to start again from the beginning and choose a A NEW PATH…search inside your mind…Maybe you are overcomplicating the journey, simply because you are so used to this habit…It is now time to switch off the AUTOMATIC PILOT´S MODE.

Observe the flow of the various scenes CREATED by your mind running in front of you, do it in the same way you do, when you turn the pages of a book, without focusing on any specific sentence…Focus on the emptiness, on the abstract, on what has no shape…Breath this moment in, deeply…Let go the concepts of PAST MEMORIES AND FUTURE PROYECTIONS…ONLY THIS PRECISE INSTANT EXISTS, NOTHING ELSE. Be patient and good to yourself…Accept it all as it is, and feel the relaxation this produces in you…every beat of your heart represents your MANTRA OR GUIDE, go back to the moment of now, as many times as you may need…

Enjoy your journey, enjoy your path

Enjoy your journey, enjoy your path…Be aware that if you make it easy, you will reach your destination earlier…and for sure you will discover that you are on top of an immense FEELING OF EMPTINESS.  At this stage your hunger will attack you again and at this height, you will ask yourself if THE PERMANENT INSATISFACTION is your natural condition…What is happening to me?

There is a clear difference between having GOALS AND INCENTIVES IN LIFE and get up every morning with those illusions; try to avoid that your goals become obsessions   and avoid focusing on achieving them in any way and at any price…Let your inner wisdom lead you…Let the control go…We would save so much energy if only we could listen to the silence for a little while!

As we evolve, we temper our emotions, and is so nice to be able to temper ourselves; so nice to calm down and take a seat in a sweet waiting mode.  Remember, usually the evolution of every person is the result of hard work or at least it seems so.

If you are a natural proactive person, maybe THE ABILITY YOU NEED TO DEVELOP is more associated with: “I have done everything that was in my hands…now it is time to sit down and wait…”

Start to work miracles in your own life

Whatever the circumstances, you will always find the best INSTRUCTIONS´ BOOKLET to achieve the maximum of this terrestrial life inside yourself, you just need to use the different ways at your disposal to communicate with yourself…and as everything ..the more you practice…the better the results. 

Start the awakening process from the apparent incongruence of closing your physical eyes…train yourself…practice… Then you will be able to do it with your eyes wide open and apply it to all you daily tasks.

I salute Saint Theresa of Jesus and I end this post with her well-known phrase “you can find God even when cooking…”

God, our divine energy, is everywhere. Enjoy your life and discover that we are all part of that divine spark. Start to work miracles in your own life RIGHT NOW. ?

It is universal…Simple…Everybody loves it…It comes from MOTHER NATURE and from the purest feeling of LOVE…Not only romantic love, but LOVE WITH CAPITAL LETTERS, MEANING UNIVERSAL… In any occasion, it is lovely to give flowers as present, to a couple, a sister, a friend…Men and women without distinction…Even though it is not very common, a man would love to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers…As a matter of fact I will put this into practice, I take note and I will make an experiment…So far I have never given flowers as present to a man…Reminiscences of a sexist culture…at least in my case and I recognize this openly… I promise to change this pattern…you are witnesses of my compromise, my dear friends.

Say it with flowers

Personally, I find this a marvelous way to show my FEELINGS of love towards someone…Of course I am enchanted when people show how much they love me with flowers…You just need to have a walk in the fields and pick up a bunch of flowers, a mixture of colors and perfumes…It is so magnificent to give flowers when we visit a friend at home… Remember, very often the small details contain the most beautiful and touching MESSAGES…It goes beyond frontiers…well beyond idiomatic or cultural barriers, everybody understands its meaning…You do not even need to move your lips to say anything…believe me, the effects can be very THERAPEUTIC.

The use of plants and their healing effects

It does not end here, let us get a bit deeper and get back to the beginning. There are plants with and without flowers. At the beginning, plants were simply used as FOOD. It is not known how the idea to use them as MEDICAMENTS came about. I imagine that if you were to eat a specific plant, which produces a reaction in your body of heat and sweat, in the future, the common sense would make you use that same plant to sweat temperatures out…A fruit, a plant or a flower which could help you to go to the toilet, would be used effectively to deal with constipation.

In this way, man acquired more and more knowledge about THE USE OF PLANTS AND THEIR HEALING EFFECTS. Sumerians were the forerunners of it, around 3000 BC.

BOTANY and MEDICINE flourished exponentially in ancient Greece and Rome.  Galen, the father of the rational pharmacy we know today, studied the way to prepare remedies based on MEDICINAL PLANTS. He developed the THEORY OF QUINTESSENCE, something about the SPIRITUAL POWER or the existence of THE INVISIBLE ENERGY, a power able to heal people.  The power of INTENTION united to the ACTIVE PRINCIPLES OF NATURE.

Heal the body and the soul

ALCHEMY AND PHYTOTHERAPY fit perfectly into the PRESENT ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE; based on the concept to HEAL THE BODY AND THE SOUL, treating THE ORIGIN of the diseases, focusing directly on the CAUSE, seeing that the SYMPTOM is only the manifestation of an INNER DISORDER, always and without exception having an EMOTIONAL BASE, apart from the PHYSICAL ONE.

THE HEALING is always HOLISTIC. Everything is connected…BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT, in equal parts.

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS to those you love or appreciate, and SAY IT WITH FLOWERS to your physical and spiritual body. Make it A GOOD HABIT OF SELF LOVE: HEALTHY FOOD, POSITIVE THOUGHTS, PROPER INTESTINAL CLEANLINESS; start to introduce PLANTS in form of infusions, ancestral remedies to ease daily discomforts… All this will have its result: the BOOSTING OF OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. We are here to fully enjoy a healthy life and we have a lot of NATURAL TOOLS available to achieve it.

Replace fear with love

The human body has everything it needs for its SELFHEALING…Do you believe it? This is the most important of all premises. What about giving it a little push and facilitate its journey? Replace FEAR with LOVE.  Nobody said it was easy, but at this stage it is better to work in our favor than against ourselves.

Give yourself the best present, SMALL DAILY CARES which create the BEST HABITS.

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS…On the way, remind it to yourself with golden letters and GIVE YOURSELF A PRESENT, another wonderful bunch of flowers…At the end…GIVE AND RECEIVE are two sides of the same coin.  ?

Pisando fuerte

It may be interpreted literally or figuratively, but THE WAY WE TAKE A STEP, defines and affects us. Let us devolop this concept from a pure PHYSICAL AND TANGIBLE aspect to a more ETHEREAL AND INTANGIBLE.

Taking strong steps

I remember with a lot of tenderness the stage of my life when I used to observe and try to show, to every person who came to my studio, the great importance of  WALKING MINDFULLY;  I explain myself better: if you pay ATTENTION to the BASE  THAT SUPPORTS your FEET, you will realise there is an IMBALANCE in how the weight is distributed in the fingers of your feet, in the area covering the arch of the foot, in the heel and in the instep and outstep…There is a much easier way to find out how your step is…if you check under your shoes, you will find out straight away, which parts of your soles and of your heels have been more consumed, simple as this.

The way we distribute our body’s weight in our feet has a direct impact on all our BODY’S PARTS: it is pure logic, if I put down my foot in a wrong way, I OVERLOAD involuntarily, the ankles, the hips, the shoulders..Even though apparently we do not find any relation in it, a pain in the neck can have its origin in the way  we take a step and this movement will not only define your PHYSICAL BODY, but your EMOTIONAL PART as well.

Perfect Balance

Our body is made in such a way that it should move in a PERFECT BALANCE…It is extremely STRONG, able to support and sustain, almost without complaining, most of the mistreatments, pressions and pains we often inflict on it,  but at times it is very SENSITIVE to our smallest EMOTIONAL changes.  We live in the constant search of our  homeostasis or BALANCE…do not forget that the INSIDE is always projected in the OUTSIDE…we are like COMMUNICATING VASSELS…our INNER PART talks about our EXTERIOR PART AND VICEVERSA, it is a whole that cannot be separated.

The evolution

If we take into consideration the THEORY OF THE EVOLUTION, how could we change from QUADRUPEDS to BIPEDS?

BEING ABLE TO USE TWO LEGS TO WALK is definetly one of the most important and peculiar adaptation,  which carachterises and differentiates us from our brothers, the chimpanzees. Who knows, maybe back then, we needed to have our hands free to carry our food with more ease or carry our offsprings…Whatever the reasons, it is very clear that the ability to WALK UPRIGHT required deep anatomical transformations, especially in the lower extremities and in the pelvis.  Maybe this could be the factor capable to explain the increase of our BRAIN’S size.

Let us now focus on the PLANT OF OUR FOOT.  Since  the CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE  AND THE FAR EGYPT, we have been using this ancestral technique which identifies the location of every organ of our body in the plants of our feet like in a physical map. REFLEXOLOGY is able to give relief or activate any part of the body with a simple pression in specific points of our feet ’s plants.

Balance wins the match

Just to avoid to overcomplicate myself I simply want to say that everything is interconnected, like in a CHAIN PRODUCTION’S SYSTEM…if there is a failure in one of its stages, the production is interrupted and this activates a series of DEFICIENCIES; the BODY, THE MIND AND THE EMOTIONS always give us SIGNALS OF ALARM.

Despite this, the body obeys faithfully to the orders sent by the mind and executes the instructions at all costs.
At first it sends SUBTLE SIGNALS, something like the traffic light when it shows the color amber. If we ignore it, the signals become more intense and the traffic light turns red, forcing us to AN OBLIGATORY STOP, normally accompanied by PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL PAIN.

The  emotional healing is always more expensive than the physical one. It is not the same to have a flat tyre, which you can fix easily while singing, than having to fix the break down of you car because your engine is seized.

Moral of the story: Always put your foot down mindfully…taking proper precautions…

There is not doubt that life needs to be lived fully…but be careful,  as pushing the engine too much can lead to a colapse… a colapse that leads to a disaster and to destruction….Once again BALANCE wins the match.  ?

How true is this expression, from any point of view…how many meanings it contains!

If we get back to our beginning in this world as human being made of flesh, the BELLY BUTTON is our first source of NOURISHMENT AND UNION with our mother.  The origin of COMMUNICATION to GIVE AND RECEIVE…. Impossible not to take this into account! From this perspective, it is obvious that we all are the belly button of the world, the first SELF-GIFT OF RECOGNITION TO ONESELF.

The belly button of the world

As soon as  we identify our WORTHINESS, irremediably our EGO comes into action, something like our dark side, the one that cuts the wings of our DIVINITY and puts in doubt the authenticity of our importance. I give you the following phrases as an example of what can invade our mental space, in the attempt to stop us from embracing the full happiness, that we deserve as a natural right.

The little voice starts off like a gun machine and says things like:

…”who do you think you are…”

…” you are so full of yourself…”

…”people will talk bad about you…”

…” it is better to be less outstanding…”

…will you be able to live with so much envy around you…?

…” you will be left all alone…”

Stop thinking

It is time to STOP THINKING like this…Mindfully we put a STOP to it, big like a house, before it becomes too late, before we get stuck in a LOOP, where the monster with seven heads makes us sweat buckets and a massive FEAR takes over us.  Read this for your inner side and repeat it in silence “ALL THIS IS JUST A MERE MENTAL FABRICATION AND IT DOES NOT EXIST…I ONLY CHOOSE THOUGHTS THAT MAKE ME FEEL GOOD.”

Just realize how we started this post and where we have arrived so far….   To this I add transcendence to that FIRST CENTRE OF VITAL ENERGY.

I insist, there are a lot of important matters going on under our belly button.  Everything that affects us has an impact there.  It connects us to our EMOTIONAL AND SEXUAL SELF.  It is the activation´s centre for our WILL, OUR INTERIOR STRENGHT AND  DETERMINATION TO START ANYNTHING.

Taoists consider it the SECOND CHAKRA. The following qualities are attributed to it:

  • Be our own HOME.
  • WATER is the essential element associated to it. Water is the beginning of our reality, the substance in which we cradle in the maternal womb for nine delicious months.
  • Just life´s chances; even though, those who know me a little bit or a bit more, are aware that from my point of view nothing happens by chance…My favorite color, ORANGE, appears like a flag, symbol for this second energetic centre.

The unusual idea

We could go on till the infinite and beyond, but I believe it is a virtue to know when to stop, to keep it interesting and not becoming heavy.

Now I would like to share with you how the unusual idea to write about belly buttons came to my mind.

Power to imagination!  I better write it down, because I am not even able to understand consciously the connection or disconnection that my neurons have activated by looking at the heart of the rose, shown at the beginning of this post.

I was staring at the nucleus of the rose and I took a picture. I was enjoying the perfection of the various layers of its petals, when suddenly, the image of concentric circles came to me, you know, those circles that take form when you throw a stone in a pond.  From there the expression…” the world´s belly button”.

Well…Holy madness!…I am not sure who is happier…the one who is sane or mad…

Everything starts with oneself

I would like to end this post by playing around with the pejorative or negative association usually made and well known “ to be the world´s belly button”. EVERYTHING STARTS WITH ONESELF and by looking at your own belly button, taking care and energizing oneself. Of course, naturally! How can I possibly respect you, my dear friend, if first, I do not respect myself?

SHARING IS LIVING, I always say it and I repeat it again and again, from a healthy SELFAWARENESS I nurture myself and retro-nurture from myself first, then, I share…THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SHINE AND LET SHINE.


Al abrigo de una vela

How many WISHES OF MY SOUL have been granted at the light of a CANDLE?

Lighting a candle is a symbol of ILLUMINATION… It can be considered as well as an exercise of VOLUNTARY MINDFULNESS attracting to us our most desired PURPOSES AND EVERYTHING WE DESERVE. When the candles are lighted, it creates a link between our SPIRITUAL BEING AND OUR EMOTIONS, something like hugging and believing in our connection with a powerful and limitless SUPERIOR CREATIVE FORCE, present in each one of us and to which we are all indissolubly united…We are all one and make part of that UNIVERSAL ENERGY

Accompanied by a candle

Or this is how I feel it.  I love candles, I find great company in their LIGHT, in their CALM, in their WISDOM, silently whispering to me and I resonate with their MAGIC…At the end of the day that is mine too…I can pass large moments lost in the longitude of their flame, in their flaming or VIBRATIONAL MOVEMENT

It is said that Dr Usui, the founder of REIKI, was seen walking in the streets of Tokio with a lamp lighted in the middle of the day, like if he was a lighthouse, just to attract new students to this ancient and powerful energetic technique.

North & guide

It is very curious how the word “vela” (in English candle/sail) symbolizes the NORTH OR A GUIDE especially if it is referred to those parts of the ships without engine.  Once a candle has been lit, the wick illuminates and shows us THE WAY TO FOLLOW… THE NEXT STEP TO TAKE…THE (VELAS) SAILS OF A SHIP do exactly the same…it is enough to choose which one to put up…The GOD OF THE WINDS will take care of the rest…In any circumstances a CANDLE/SAIL shows us the DIRECTION, THE WAY…Either, when it is lit on top of a desk or up in a ship, in both cases it is like a BREATH OF ENERGY.

The use of candles is so powerful and yet so innocent. From a very tender age we use them to commemorate our JOURNEY IN THIS PHISICAL EXPERIENCE,  we crown the cake with candles to celebrate our birthday, RENEWING our LIVING ENERGY… A COMPROMISE WITH LIFE, from the moment we make a wish, from the bottom of our heart, before blowing and putting them off…A wish that we send with our deepest faith into the immense universe, with the certainty that our COSMIC REQUEST…will become TANGIBLE REALITY sooner or later.

Ancestral light

Everyone knows about its RELAXING power and personally it tele-transports me to very remotes times. I can imagine our primitive fellow human beings warming up by the heat of a bonfire, sharing LIGHT AND FOOD, sitting in the warmth and embraced in the magic of the embers…PRAYING with curious RITUALS to their god, in that moment the right ones for them.

I can see them doing an exercise of CONTROLLED AND MINDFUL MEDITATION, where they could increase their PERCEPTION, THEIR FOCUS ON CONCENTRATION… Able to reach deep levels of CONNECTION with their CREATOR, with that intuition which could lead them to decide whether to take a journey this way or that…Going out hunting the day after or painting the walls of the cave to leave proves they have been there…

Purifying light

The candles´ or bonfire´s light DETOX THE ENVIRONMENT, bringing an instant PURIFICATION, re-establishing HARMONY AND COSINESS to the surroundings.

Candles take us back to our ancestors, THE CROMAGNON MAN. He discovered that a wick could be kept burning by feeding it with animal fat and in that way, he could illuminate the cave during the night.  This is how candles started to bring light to the STONE AGE.

A step forward saw the use of oil, but this method of illumination came later on, around the xv century. 

I make a wish

I jump back to the present…otherwise I will get stuck in history and my imagination will go over the edge and I will lose the sense of time…as it is now time to close this space I share with you every week…There is no need to mention that a big candle always accompanies me, as usual…as you can see in the picture at the beginning of this post.

My dear friend: I am grateful for your time, your attention and I make a WISH: FOR YOU AND FOR ME…SO THAT ALL THE BEST ILLUMINATES US ALWAYS…LET IT BE LIKE THIS, I BLOW THE CANDLE…WISH GRANTED! ?

If I THINK in COLOR, I automatically FEEL HAPPYNESS…It seems like my HEART is widening to burst in an enormous SMILE …My shoulders expand from side to side, in harmony with my face, to reinforce that EMOTION which automatically boosts my MOOD.

I bet all on Colour

Almost MAGIC…how we can induce voluntarily our BRAIN to get into a DISPOSITION TOWARDS PLEASURE, simply in a blink…It is clear that, to this, we will have to add a full spoon of our best ally, WILLPOWER, to make sure that the recipe is spot on…A matter of practice, as everything.

We just need to put our eyes on a field full of poppies; this is the landscape that comes to my mind without thinking…Now, close your eyes to focus even more about the amazing ability that works inside you, that simple act of CONTROLLED IMAGINATION…Each one can reach his/her own conclusions and PERCEPTIONS…We already know that there is always SOMETHING SUITABLE FOR ALL TASTES

Something suitable for all tastes

While I was investigating a bit more, how our most important VISUAL ORGAN, the eyes, CAN PERCEIVE AND INTERPRET COLORS, I came across some interesting facts, which are worth mentioning.

As many other things, VISION as well, is extremely personal, even though some QUALITIES, which are defined by our VISUAL SENSORS, can or cannot absorb the light in the same way; qualities that are normally present in every human being.

I have always been very interested in the paradox between BLACK and WHITE. The two colors are apparently opposite. White is synonym of the color´s PRESENCE while black of its ABSENCE…Once again we come face to face with the everlasting POLARITIES.

White is associated with PURITY, black is often associated with PESSIMISM and FEAR, even though, it can be associated very much with perfect SOBRIETY AND ELEGANCE.

Our brain´s PERCEPTION OF THE COLORS is a natural phenomenon, able to contain all the combinations and permutations that we can possibly INMAGINE AND FEEL.

Motivational interest

There is no doubt, that one of the main functions of the color, is that, to ATTRACT THE ATTENTION in order to awake MOTIVATIONAL INTEREST.  This is one of the most basic reasons, fundamental for THE ART OF COLORS, OR CHROMOTHERAPY, to fully achieve its aim: RECOVER THE BALANCE. COLORS have the ability to MODIFY THE BODY´S VIBRATIONS… So, why do not we use them for our benefit?

I always use the same example. Through my personal experience, I am aware that, when I am in front of my wardrobe and all those hangers, I simply allow that the colors call me…there have been some occasions, when I have not been really conscious of my VITAL TONE of that day, not until I had to put on my clothes. It does not really matter if one day THE BLACK calls me and another day THE SHINING YELLOW; the most important, at least for me, is COHERENCE.

Maybe you need to live a SAD EMOTION for a while and dress in black…Or simply you want to have a walk in BLACK ELEGANCE. Personally, I love to MIX AND MATCH.

The deliberations and compromises are freely created by my mind; for example:

“I am going to dress in rigorous BLACK today, I feel like this and I BELIEVE IT IS NICE AND NECESSARY TO LIVE EVERY EMOTION… I will feel a little bit SAD… but when I will fall into FRIVOLITY AND VICTIMISM…then I will shake them away and it will be the right moment to take out that PINK FUCHSIA pashmina from my bag to revive once again,  like the phoenix , and rise from my ashes… Shake it away from myself, fill my SOUL AND MY FACE WITH  LIGHT AND COLOR… welcoming the emotion of HOPE accompanied hand in hand by her sister: HAPPINESS.

Color and intention

Now you see… I can perceive COLORS AND EMOTIONS in such a marvelous way; this is how I live and understand them…like the waves of the sea, I flow easily…but I still DECIDE WITH FREEWILL…living EVERY EMOTIONAL SEASON…All of them are beautiful, useful, THE WIDE RANGE OF COLORS, like a rainbow or like a FAN OF SENSATIONS, openly deployed in front of us.  Nature supplies all we need…The rainy and sunny moments, all beautiful and necessary.

Can you imagine the monotony of living in a flat world, a rainbow with just a few colors or a life in continuous LAUGHS OR TEARS…?

Put COLOR AND INTENTION in everything, day and night.  Prepare your sharpener and FIND ALL THE COLORS YOU CAN IN ANY SITUATION.


Par Biomagnetico

I was just remembering and feeling the concept of “everything is possible”, when I woke up from one of those ASSOCIATIVE LOOP; I am not sure if this word exists as I have not bothered to look it up in a dictionary, but this his is how I define that state, when I get absorbed and start remembering something of the past I knew it was going to happen; not because I am wise, every human being has access to this WISDOM …I will not emphasize this strongly enough …it is simply a fact that, when one FIRMLY BELIEVES IN SOMENTHING, it is only a matter of time and apparently pure chances, to see those desires made reality, mental projections that take concrete forms and suddenly appear in front of our nose.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

A bit more than three and a half years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and while I was remembering it, I remembered that moment with gratefulness.

It seems to be something quite common in these days, is like having high blood pressure when you reach a certain age.  I got a bit shocked when the doctor told me with absolute calm: “there is nothing to be worried about, you just need to take a pill every morning on an empty stomach, it is very good, and it will supply your organism with the same substance that your thyroidal gland has stopped producing naturally”.

How you can imagine, especially those of you who know me well, how I live and how I see life, this was equivalent to …Really?  There must be a way to stimulate naturally my thyroid …who knows…some specific food, acupuncture…anything that can be done to avoid taking this pill every single day…I had to put my hand on the chair to keep standing as there was more to come…the doctor carried on saying: “ you need to start taking the pill immediately…you will get used to it…it is just a small pill every morning…Are you telling me that I will not have to take the pill until my situation will get better …but that I will have to take it for the rest of my life?  Of course, it is for the rest of your life…Oh my God…I got frozen…me… the one who is totally against any type of pill…A small cloud invaded my head…a great message inside that little cloud was telling me…ONE DAY IN YOUR LIFE…without knowing how…you will stop taking that pill…“

The body has the power of self healing

Months passed by…it was very tough getting used to it…especially, because I knew well that the situation I was living, was the result of an INTENSE STRESS sustained for a long time… At the same time, I was well aware that THE BODY HAS THE POWER OF SELF HEALING AND NATURAL REGENERATION …I have always firmly believed it… and as a matter of fact my kids, for as long as I can remember, gave me a tender nickname “the herbs” … clearly, I have treated a lot of their illnesses with many natural remedies, based on those natural advices our grandmothers used to give us, mixing this herb with that one or that oil with that soup.


But life is magic, if so we want it to be; and one day I received the message I already knew I was going to get.  A good friend of mine called me and told me “Today I have been thinking so much about you…I have met a very good friend from my time at college…my friend and her husband are doctors, and they practice something very rare… BIOMAGNETIC PAIR THERAPY AND BIOMAGNETISM…of course I thought about you straight away… Have you ever heard of it?… I think I did read something about it somewhere. For sure, if this has come to me, it must be for a great reason…yes indeed …I had to focus a bit more on it, before giving it a go and trying it on my own skin.

I will try to explain it with simple words, so that we will be able to understand its concept. The inner side of our body is full of BACTERIAS, VIRUSES AND FUNGUS which are fundamental for our life.  So far, we all agreed.  Now I would like you to think about a swimming pool and all those liquid products we add to the water to keep it with a balanced PH, or easier, to keep the water clear and clean, so that we can swim in it relaxedly.  All that avoids the proliferation of algae and mutants’ microbes which will alter the quality and the look of the water itself.


In the same way, if we manage to create AN INTERNAL ALKALINE STATE in our body, we will have in front of us a source of natural health. On the contrary, if our internal state is ACIDIC, our blood will be forced to steal nutrients from different organs: we will feel tired, experience headaches, have digestive issues, suffers from demineralization and in addition to this, we will become a source and the ideal candidate for IRREGULARITIES AND DISEASES.

Healing method of alternative medicine

Going back to my practical example: this is how I discover this HEALING METHOD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, and how I ended up in their clinic, to help myself and others, with yet another source of knowledge.  Through a bespoke NUTRITION, THE HEALING OF MY EMOTIONS, THE MAGNETS AND AN UNBREKABLE INTENTION OF EVEVRYTHING IS POSSIBLE, I managed gradually and under medical supervision to stop taking those pills and start enjoying again the perfect running of my thyroid like a FERRARI.

Let us carry on adding new concepts and learn them together. ?