Y de repente… la familia crece

Today´s episode is not about any news in the papers of me getting pregnant at fifty…even though in these times we are experiencing stranger events than this. 

What I am going to talk about and share with you today, makes me very happy; it is the full ACCEPTANCE of the presents that we receive, in the way we receive them, all of them, with all their wrappings and they are all perfect. I thought I had almost managed to cut, in a healthy way, the ATTACHMENTS ‘bonds with my sons and accepted that each one lives his own life as I live mine; cutting with love that umbilical cord with a nostalgic smile, looking at the present and saying loudly “now life is giving me that present of FULL MATURITY, a valued treasure, so great that sometimes we find difficult to enjoy it… the FREEDOM life offers us seems to be heavier than lead…and now, without expecting it, we have been once again all reunited together.

And suddenly …the family grows

Well, in these last days, we have passed from being only OSCAR AND I, to be Pablo, my younger son who has come back from his Erasmus; Javier, my eldest son and my feline grandchild Alfonso…Clearly this is what has inspired the title of today´s post.

I am immensely GRATEFUL to the Universe and to God to fill me with the most wonderful present I could have ever received: LOVE, all in capital letters, for myself, for my partner, for my sons; I am able to know how to digest the river of emotions I am experiencing in these hours with MASTERY AND EQUILIBRIUM.

I have learnt my lesson

What a precious opportunity to reinforce those bonds through INDEPENDENCE AND RESPECT. Those seeds of PERSEVERANCE AND FAITH have grown wonderfully, they just needed the right time to do it…!  There is a perfect time for everything. When the student is ready, the master appears. And only then one can appreciate and understand fully the MESSAGE…all the conditions need to be there, all the ACTORS need to play their roles with ease in the vast stage of life to nurture the spectators and to be nurtured back. There are winds bringing words that say “I HAVE LEARNT MY LESSON…” Now I can turn the page with delicacy and start a new day, a new experience, another book…Simply enjoy these days when… SUDDENLY THE FAMILY GROWS…how different is now this LIVING TOGETHER if compared with those past years, when we were living anchored  to those rooted SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMINGS, to those blames, to that pain, to the victimism, like if we were in a game of cards where everyone plays unable to follow the same rules…As you can see the message is clear and simple!

But as it often happens, there was the need to take some distance, to hold that position, to heal the wounds, to respect the AWAKENING ´s process that everyone needs to then be able to enjoy its delicious sweet. Too good to be true, is it not? Of course not!…Can we have everything? Yes indeed! I ALLOW MYSELF, and it will take place spontaneously, when you least expect it, but at the same time with absolute and striking certainty that is going to happen; just leave the  HOW AND WHEN in the hands of the universe and the wise creator

Grow in a healthy love

The wisdom has grown at the same time the family has; it got together for a few days, for a moment, it does not matter how long for; ten days to meet again; we are the same but not really, our essence is the same, but we are stronger and remastered. 

We are a more advanced and updated version of ourselves, we have managed to GROW IN A HEALTHY LOVE, drawing our limits and putting together the pieces of the FAMILIAR CHAIN with care and patience. As a result of it we shine and our brightness goes well beyond our embraces, our kisses, our sweet words, it goes through the physical and it embraces you in its energy; it expands, you can breathe it, share it. It is a familiar chain that unites, that brings together, a strong grasp, but it does not imprison.


I come back to my earthly part so that I can carry on putting the washing machine …for a few days…SUDDENLY…THE FAMILY GROWS.  ?

Esos círculos de luz llamados CHACRAS

We reach the SUPERNATURAL from the PHYSICAL, one does not exist without the other…a perfect marriage, where the body is BROUGHT TO LIFE by the SOUL.  I consider the CHAKRAS like projections of lights or powerful beams of ENERGETIC LIGHT, located all along the spine. They are like a river, springing out and transforming into an energetic stream, in close harmony with theS,BODY´S GLAND essential for our vital experience. They have and contain some kinds of connecting threads with very valuable information about our INTERNAL BALANCE.

Those lights ‘circles called Chakras

I associate them to those copper wires inside electric cables; you do not see them but you feel them, intangible but very real like LIGHT AND ELECTRICITY; it is a source of transformation that gives us reliable information about our PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL THERMOMETER. It illuminates our journey, like a path signaled by candles or torches, towards a space that cannot be trapped in our hands and can only be felt by the HEART…It leads us to a space of SELF AWARENESS, a place you had never imagined before.

We are powerful ENERGETIC REPEATERS, vibrating at different FREQUENCIES. Once we have reached a higher level of awareness, we are able to be more in charge of our life and we realize with more clarity that we are the architects of it. The COMPROMISE with ourselves becomes greater.

Focus on what your physical senses bring to you

Now let us sit down to PERCEIVE, to SENSE…focus on what your physical senses bring to you…Let us enter that space of STOP THINKING AND BUSTLE. The more you practice the more you become aware that the speed of your blood, your breathing …and all your organs self-regulate LIKE AN ORCHESTRA.  You cannot see it, but you can hear it.  If we were to connect all the different functions to monitors, we would be able to measure and prove it, in a medical and scientific way.

Try to imagine what we will be able to do if we were to access, with our conscious mind, one by one the EIGHT ENERGETIC CENTRES, running along our body in a perfect order. From here we can activate the correct and appropriate HORMONE´S PRODUCTION, transmitting the PROPER NEURONAL INFORMATION through the DISTRIBUTION´S CHANNELS, which is then passed to the whole body. A CHAIN REACTION organized with absolute perfection. 

Imagine every chakra like a mini cerebral computer, containing some type of information and connected through a specific cable to our central brain. If we manage to obtain a BALANCED ENERGETIC LEVEL among those mini brains and our central computer, we are destined to ALLOW OURSELVES to live the best life we can possibly imagine.

Eight energetic centres

Every single mini brain has its own autonomy, but they are all connected to each other. Think about a building with many floors. The floors in the middle depend on the base and the top ones on those in-between; they are all interconnected to each other. THE EQUILIBRIUM OF THE ENERGETIC FORCES is the key for the correct sustainability and for the perfect functionality. 

Let us start from the base, THE FIRST CHAKRA, explaining it shortly and easily. It is located in our sexual organs. It gives you all your CREATIVE or PRIMORDIAL POWER. When this centre is balanced, it shines with its own light, reinforcing your IDENTITY.

THE SECOND CHAKRA, moving upwards, can be found behind your belly button, one finger below it. It includes the reproductive organs, the pancreas, the colon and the lower shoulders. Just be aware that every ascendent chakra includes some part of the previous one, is connected to it, to its functions, to its glands and to its ENERGY.

The second chakra is associated with eating, digestion, elimination of useless elements  from the body and energetic transformation.  In charge of your cultural aspects, social and personal relations…it ASSIMILATES AND RELEASES information. Its well functioning  translates into SELF CONFIDENCE.

After this, we come to the THIRD CENTER, located in the pit of the stomach or SOLAR PLEXUS.  Deeply associated with WILLPOWER, COMPETITIVENESS, POWER and CONTROL. It controls the stomach, the spleen, the small intestine, the liver, the bladder, the kidneys and the adrenal glands (these glands activate automatically the fight or flight response, as soon as we perceive or believe we are facing an imminent danger)

A step higher and we are in the FOURTH CHAKRA, situated behind the breastbone and  governed by the HEART. It takes care of all cardiac and pulmonary functions, the thyroid glands, essential for the correct functioning of our autoimmune system. This fourth chakra represents the borderline between the other three previous chakras, associated with our animal part and tracing the beginning of our more SUPERNATURAL AND SPIRITUAL part. We get closer to our more spiritual part, passing from EGOISMS TO ALTRUISM. We reach the focus of our SOUL, where we find noble emotions that transport us to the horizon of our divinity.  A good vibrational equilibrium of this centre opens the doors to the feelings of LOVE, GRATITUDE, COMPASSION AND INSPIRATION.  We are more predisposed to cooperate with others and totally satisfied with WHO WE ARE.

The FIFTH CENTRE of light and energy is in the throat. It runs the functioning of the THYROIDAL and PARATHYROIDAL GLANDS, the salivary glands and the neck´s tissues. It is associated with the ability to EXPRESS YOUR OWN TRUTH through voice and sounds. When this centre is balanced, it creates love naturally. You feel in harmony with your energy and you express this through THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.

We have reached the SIXTH CHAKRA, based in the space between the nape of the neck and the crown of the head; let us close our eyes and visualize this space inside our head. Imagine that you can find it in the middle of your brain, a bit backwards. It rules the PINEAL OR HOLY GLAND. When this space opens, is like a very powerful aerial, able to cover a vast spectrum. We can connect and DISCOVER frequencies that go well beyond those five senses we are used to count on. We connect with our EXTREMELY POWERFUL WISDOM. It is strongly related to the CIRCADIAN RHYTHM which regulates our sleep wake cycles. Through our meditation we can activate the pineal gland which can take us to unimaginable places, very close to extra sensorial parallel realities. We can see well beyond this world with such a CLARITY OF MIND, that we have never experienced before.

Moving further up we reach our SEVENTH CENTRE, right in the middle of our head.  Here lies the PITUITARY GLAND or THE MASTER GLAND. From here spring out an energetic waterfall towards all the others. If in the previous chakra we could perceive our divine part, in this seventh we elevate our power further, to embrace fully THE DIVINITY WE ALL HAVE INSIDE.  When this centre is balanced, we are HARMONY in expansion.

We have now reached the top, the EIGHTH CHAKRA, two fingers over our head; this is the only one which is not in our physical body and yet is the connection between OURSELVES AND THE UNIVERSE.  When this centre is activated, we are open to new revelations and inspirations, coming directly from the COSMOS.  It is like a space opened to the UNIVERSAL ENERGY, that we all share as part of the same creator or the same creation.


Ese oscuro objeto de deseo

This is the greatest CERTAINTY…it contains all UNCERTAINTIES, a step sometimes firm and sometimes trembling toward the unknown, either attracting us or representing our deepest fear…Will I be able to…?  Is it sure or am I wrong…? Will I be up to the task as he/she has done or do they have some advantages for this or that reason, something I am totally unaware of…who knows?

That dark object of desire

This is how we go from 0 to 100 or from 100 to 0…In the first case we jump into the vast sea of our ABILITIES, in the other, we awake that EMOTION, rising from our most PRIMARY INSTINCT, that creates a feeling of INABILITY or insufficiency, a desire about what other people is or have; something starts to climb out, that something we know as ENVY.

This emotion is very much rejected, considered pejorative or negative…THAT WRONG PERCEPTION, that desire of having what other people have, shows our darkest side…But do not panic…! As I usually say, if we choose to see the positive side of it, that will awake our desire to grow and BELIEVE in ourselves, we will pull our sleeves up and move forward with CORAUGE towards our EVOLUTION.

The way I see you, is a faithful reflection of how I see myself

Let us add a pinch of HUMILITY, another of ADMIRATION AND RECOGNITION to that desired object or subject; the result will be more than fruitful.  Our hearts will fill up with happiness, we will genuinely applaud OTHER PEOPLE´S ACHIEVEMENTS and we will move faster in our journey towards OUR PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS…I do not know if it is better to say personal or collective…to be honest everything is part of a whole; the way I see you, is a faithful reflection of how I see myself.

Yes we can do it indeed, we can take that giant step, we can see ENVY from a different point of view, more constructive…everything depends on the type of glasses we are willing to put on…to see far or to see close…

Let us go back on that initial feeling rumbling in our guts, even though for just a moment, recognizing our supposed insignificance in front of the magnificence of our envied object; that same one we have labelled as HEALTHY ENVY.  The lower our SELF ESTEEM is, the stronger the other type will grow: THE UNHEALTHY ENVY.  This one sharpens its teeth in front of the mirror, ready to behead whoever is in its way, feeling very satisfied, apparently very sympathetic with OTHER PEOPLE´S MISFORTUNES.

I can do it too

Stop for a second and become aware of your feelings, mindfully and without any censures…Now, with a lot of SELFLOVE, and without guilt´s feelings, turn your canoe around and row towards clearer and calmer waters. Feel relieved, able to accept it, to tell loudly to yourself and the other person: you are doing very well! You INSPIRE me to work on myself, to challenge myself, knowing I CAN DO IT TOO.

The essential ingredient to feel MOTIVATED comes from our inner self, to develop the necessary strength to carry on with dedication until we have reached our AIM; it can always be found when competing with yourself. That desire coming from inside, creates a constant comparison with others, pushing us to move on, leaving on the side those inner voices that poison us. Those same voices that do not allow us to advance, but rather take us backwards, disguise as FRUSTRATION.

The best choice is always supporting our best quality

The best choice is always supporting our best QUALITY …Deep self-knowledge is the base.  We start building from the base and live with COURAGE and SELF DETERMINATION. Stop ENVYING and stop SUFFERING. Let us avoid the poisoned darts thrown by the envious people.

Remember that everything, you focus your attention and your energy on, grows. Keep your lantern stable, illuminating your own self. Everything is a reflection, everything is a projection, as per excess or defect, in one polarity or in another…but it is always talking about your own story. If somehow it affects you, then there is something you need to face.

The way YOU SEE ME…is the way YOU SEE YOURSELF.  ?

El libro de la SUERTE

This book or better this INSTRUCTIONS´ BOOK FOR A BETTER LIFE, clarified many of my incognita some years ago. It ended in my hands, or to be more precise, I should say that my energy made me look for it in the shelf where it was resting.

What do we call LUCK or even better…what is luck for you?

Depending on your BELIEFS about it, a wide range of EXPERIENCES will take form around you.

The book of luck

Personally, I believe that you can find LUCK inside your heart and in the pocket of your trousers. If I were to define it or give it a form, it would be like this: find yourself in the right moment, believing with strong conviction that you have in your hands the POSSIBILITY to choose what you want, in the same way you select your drink from a dispenser machine: you insert the coins and press the button. 

For those who do not believe much about it, let us consider the possibility that the product they have chosen is not available…their lips will pronounce the following sentence: “Such a bad luck! I was longing so much to enjoy a muffin full of chocolate…!

Actitude is the key

The clue is always TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES…that sweet, we desired so much, wants us to wait, for some reason…the universe controls even this…nothing is left to chance, or at least, this is how I see it.

The phenomenon of luck makes things unpredictable, ORGANISE AND DISORGANISE them, it GIVES AN UNEXPECTED TURN to the situation, in a way that we cannot control, where the best option is to JUMP AND ABANDON YOURSELF in its arms…Maybe, later on, we will be able to give a meaning to that CHANGE OF DIRECTION and we will be able to read the message it was bringing under its arm…Our ACTITUDE is the key, as always; the ability to open ourselves to the most remote and narrow POSSIBILITY , invoking it, for good or for bad; this is when we are CREATING our luck, in every breath of energy that we put into the vast universe.

A coin in the air

When we decide something by throwing A COIN IN THE AIR, we are using a ritual that takes us back to our rich Roman Empire. A habit, we could consider a superstition for those who do not believe much in ENERGY; its origin is actually based on a very ancient tradition, when people were convinced that stagnant waters had healing power.

In the primitive civilizations it was very common to submerge the head of the newborns in the water of a lake or a river, a habit still persisting today in the rite of baptism.

The act of throwing a coin in the water to INVOKE GOOD LUCK and not another object, is the result of a direct association between the coin, symbol of ABUNDANCE and the strong link with a great or a promising FUTURE.

Pure energy

From a more scientific point of view, we would be more likely to talk about PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS. The first, proposes models or patterns that can be predicted with great certainty; the second, techniques that allow us to understand data and RESULTS.

Here is when a third variable comes into the game; it simply happens and there is not any scientific explanation, it breaks all the parameters, it does not obey any predictable nor measurable logic. It is about those events that are the result of PURE ENERGY, able to build CASTLES IN THE AIR; those that do not disappear like soap bubbles; those made of air and yet so real, so strong like cement; you cannot deny their existence but at the same time you cannot explain it either; neither with LOGIG nor with SCIENCE.

From those waters arise the so called and inexplicable MIRACLES which are all around us, everywhere and at every moment. THE ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS for this practice are the following:

  • Remaining very still
  • Maintaining distance and observing, like a spectator in a cinema, with the mind of a child
  • A total absence of any type of judgement
  • An enormous sense of humor; being ready, or at least have a firm intention to dive into the amazing swimming pool of EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you the very best of LUCK, my dear friend! ?

Renovarse es vivir

A new season, summertime and I would say there could not be a more magical numerical sequence to define its beginning … 21st  day , year 21 and  21st century.

OPENINGS, RENOVATION…Renewing oneself is living. Many new beginnings. As a matter of coincidence, our new webpage has just seen its first new sunrise. We are constant evolution and growth: LIFE IS SO AMAZING!

Renewing oneself is living

It is so important to appreciate it, understand it, dare to live it fully, surrounded and embraced by all the opportunities life offers us. Like a young girl, but with a great advantage: experience. How many years have passed believing this was not possible!

I would dare to say that the majority of this world´s inhabitants have been living under the influence of their elders, who were either complaining or longing… expressing it with the following bitter comment: “ooh…if we could be young again but retaining all the experience we have gained until now…”. Well, I can confirm that THIS IS POSSIBLE: I am enjoying my fifties and realizing that I could not feel better, at all levels…yes you have read properly…

I take great care of my inner self 

Physically I feel amazing, because I love myself profoundly, because I have lost the respect to PERFECTIONISM, and I have found the divine beauty of BEING UNCOMPLICATED. I celebrate the white hair appearing slowly here and there in my head and I emphasize how lucky I am to have just a few of them. 

I take great care of my inner self and my skin is soft and delicate, with wrinkles of course, but they are being loved and hydrated; they tell my story, about my laughs and my tears. My face and my body talk about a long constant work on HAPPINESS, with willpower, perseverance, leaving behind the efforts and the sufferings. I LIVE from a different perspective, and I LOOK from a different point of view, without deceiving myself, feeling very well in my body. I renew myself day after day, I respect myself and I dedicate time to an ACTIVE LISTENING to my own self.

I visit my MENTAL computer; so many labels have been peeled off from my forehead, so many truths I used to consider real HAVE BEEN REPROGRAMMED. Now I know who I really am, now I have a name and surnames, well defined, I am GOD´S DAUGHTER AND LIFE`S DAUGHTER.  Life works for my benefits because I allow it. I Give you a tangible example that just came at the right moment: I feel uncomfortable to show my evolution and to share it with others; therefore, I took a step forward and decided to renew my webpage. I am alive and my webpage too, experiencing the same renovation. RENEWING ONESELF IS LIVING!

Come on and let us go

It is possible to live a great life; the journey is much easier now that I have removed  and freed myself from many PERSONAL AND INHERITED BURDENS, heavy stones attached to my legs, something like walking with two 50 kg of sand bags chained to my ankles…My perseverant nature has always been associated with progress, COME ON AND LET US GO, have always been words part of my daily vocabulary, part of my deepest essence and there is no doubt that any advance is definitely much better without any weights added to the feet.

I can say that MY SOUL sings freely and feels the FREEDOM to be who I want to be, leaving on the side those self-imposed demands to be WHO OTHERS EXPECT ME TO BE…Another massive deceit, another different way to give to others those duties and responsibilities that are always and only ours.

My best version

RENEWING ONESELF IS LIVING; the new summer season we are experiencing is unique…There is only one  21st  day, of the year 21, of the 21st century…It may sound very repetitive but there is only a NOW, today is unique…it may seem that every day is the same as we repeat many actions almost automatically, but in reality it is never the same.

Am I the same person I can see in the photos of my web page? Apparently; a change in my makeup, a different dress, one wrinkle more or one less…The most important is how I present myself, my feelings are different from those I had 15 months ago, from yesterday, from just 15 minutes ago.

Is the content, you can read now in my webpage, the same as the one you found one year ago? I carry on being myself but with something more; more profound, with more experience, more wisdom, always aiming at MY and YOUR BEST VERSION.

I tell you something: “ if you want to go fast, go alone…but if you want to go far…I FACILITATE AND ACCOMPANY YOU IN THE JOURNEY.


¡Esto no es mío..!

Today, I woke up with this title. It is an unusual crisp morning, more like an autumn day than the hot temperatures we are used to experience in this area, in the middle of June.

 I have just opened my eyes, leaving behind a freshly baked dream. It has been so vivid and recent; I easily remember every single detail. I can understand its message with absolute clarity, it could not be more direct.

This is not mine ..!

It is a mixture of characters, some from the past and others from the present; you know what I mean…It is apparently a very strange compound, created by our subconscious, aimed at bringing us some messages that somehow, our soul has asked for. A plot with our mind that our physical body manages to translate and deliver when we are ready to receive them.

In these days I have been dealing with some cleaning tasks, those to RESET and change my ATTIDUDE; those in which we often do not recognize ourselves; those in which we realize we are very far away from who we believed we were; those in which we feel we have been renewed ourselves inside and outside…Basically, those that makes us exclaim loudly …THIS IS NOT MINE!

Every mad with his/her own madness

In my dream I went back to one of my old houses. The house was the same, apart from a few insignificant changes.  It was full of wardrobes. Until this point, everything was amazing, a pleasure to have so many wardrobes and so much space to keep everything in order. The big surprise came when I opened one of them and discovered it was full of clothes, left or forgotten by the previous resident.  What am I going to do with all this…?

At the same time, there were some characters from my past with whom I was trying to have a coherent conversation, but they were totally ignoring me…Every mad with his/her own madness. I was talking about the clothes I found in the wardrobe, which did not belong to me, but their comments had nothing to do with it, at all.

Message received

In the middle of this havoc, apparently a massive chaos, everything had a place, a perfect order…Maybe I just needed to close my eyes for a little while and every piece of the puzzle would have fitted perfectly…And so it was, message received and I will talk about it next:

My dear, you have chosen the awakening ´s process of a constant learner and here you are!

Those clothes in the wardrobe if they do not belong to you, just give them back to the owner. Remember, your responsibility is to take the phone, get in touch with that person and let him/her know you are only responsible for your own things, meaning YOU DECISIONS and YOUR LIFE. If I have not fulfilled your EXPECTATION, I kindly let you know that I am in this world exclusively to fulfill mine.  On the other side, it would be a pity if you were to leave your belongings behind without collecting them, as it is your responsibility. I just let you know; it is your TASK AND DECISION if you want to come and get them or… not. As you can see the MESSAGE always is bidirectional, both sides are perfectly involved in the matter, and this is necessary for a MUTUAL EVOLUTION, where the requirement is that each part needs to work out his/her tasks based on his/her abilities. If we were too good hearted and took on the other person tasks, we would deprive him/her, without even being aware of it, of a great opportunity to REALIZE WHAT IS GOING ON, AWAKE AND DECIDE to change direction.

As I always say, it does not matter if we miss it, as life always puts in front of us the same challenge, over and over again, until we have learnt the lesson by heart and managed to overcome it.

Divine calls of attention

It is beautiful when you know where you are. And the simple fact that one RECOGNIZES AND ACCEPTS IT, is already a great achievement.

Having reached this point, with respect and humility, I must disagree with that poem by Calderon de la Barca, where he says “ …dreams …are just dreams…”. Who knows, maybe Calderon´s intention or focus were very different from ours. I can only say that for me, dreams are DIVINE CALLS OF ATTENTION, helping us to understand and to get out from situations and roles that do not belong to us. This is a way to DREAM A NEW REALITY, starting from a clean and empty wardrobe that is waiting with illusion to be filled with YOUR BEST NEW CLOTHES.

 Now, when I look inside my wardrobe I can say with total certainty, THIS IS MINE! ?

Entre Impuestos anda el juego

In these days, as any other citizen, I am working on the figures for my end of year declaration, to then pay my duties. I am very impressed with myself. I have woken up so much…and for good of course! Before, when I was living the role of victim-sufferer, I used to accept and pay obediently all the duties imposed without even checking if they were right. Now things have changed, I got rid of many ghosts and I look very carefully for any benefit under a strong light. It is very curious; when one is on this frequency, you come across people giving you great advices, like: “ of course, you can deduct this, social works can BE DEDUCTED AS EXPENSES…”

The game of duties

 At the beginning, I thought it would not be appropriate to share this topic in a post, but then I decided to follow my INNER MAGICIAN, who took me to my laptop and here I am, talking about another aspect of my life, neither nicer nor worse, neutral, actually favorable, if I want to increase my advantages and save more this year. As a matter of fact, this is very positive  and I am very careful with any penny I use, saving all I can, here or there… I have already spoken to my accountant and told him, I am pretty sure this year the outcome will be really astonishing…He listened to me a bit perplexed …but it does not matter…this year I am going to win the arm wrestling!

Analysing the meaning of the word DUTY…This is what I am going to do now; removing my mental labels and neutralizing what apparently is difficult to do.  We all agree that the word itself causes  some serious stress. DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES,  PENALTIES …all synonims of OBLIGATIONS, THINGS WE MUST DO…the complete opposite of ELECTION -FREEDOM.

When one door closes a window will open

PAY, PAY, PAY…Let us stop for a moment and let us think about it… It is crystal clear that a protest without action, only causes an increase to our  blood pression and an emotional storm, but the result stays the same.  There is no doubt that we have the duty to pay what is right, but is fair to find how the wind can blow in our favour too…Always  within the legality of course, nevertheless it is important to  look for the right balance without allowing  the system to afflict or depress us. I always emphasize that the more we are up to date with the system, the better we can use the rules of the game to play and win it.

What do you think about it? Our actitude is definetly the most important factor to achieve the best results and for our own benefit. Some of you will be thinking that  attitude does not change the result at all…and I respect your point of view but I must disagree with it…If one is totally sure that, when one door closes a window will open, that window will appear…I translate it and prove it through authentic experience:

When life takes somenthing away from you,  but you are faithful to your idea, on the other side, it will reward you; it works like this. I am referring to tangible things, good and necessary like MONEY

My best version

How can we explain that we always associate very rich  people with dodgy businesses, illegal methods or luck? MENTAL PROGRAMMINGS,  yes indeed and I write it in capital letters too. Everybody likes to live nicely, to have money and to enjoy the best of this world. There are people with plenty of money who  are more legal than others, while there are people  without money  who can be less legal …With an open heart in our hand, are we not labelling people a priori and with a certain degree of envy?

Everyone who does his work with passion and believing in himself, will achieve glory, sooner or later. The same can be said when one looks at rich people with ADMIRATION AND  MERIT; this moves you away from the envy and make you focus on…” I like this person’s life, I am going to cultivate those same qualities in me..” I am grateful to life to put this mirror in front of me, to challenge my abilities daily and helping me becoming MY BEST VERSION.

Are you ready to get out of the mud?

This is not a fairy tale and it requires great dosis of willpower, humility, aceptation and worthiness. Everything else are just complaints and useless naggings.

Are you ready to get out of the mud or are you going to allow them to  dictate how to live your life?

Today as well, I choose to admire those who are a step higher than me and I open my hands to receive what I deserve. I would love if you could open your heart and your hands too and  enjoy all the good you deserve as a divine right. Let it be so! ?

Cambio de armario

Once again, the wheel spins and I find myself back to a CHANGE OF SCENERY, a period of sunshine that is going to stay for some months, increasing the thermoter´s temperature to unexpected levels. I must admit this year I felt a bit lazy about its arrival, but I feel lazier when I look every day at all those thick sweaters on my shelves…just their sight makes me sweat.

Wardrobe change

CHANGE OF WARDROBE -CHANGE OF SCENERY …The curtains open up…and the summer is back once again, peeping around the corner. The story repeats itself…but it is all changed…nothing is ever the same or at least not identical…. This is the way I want to live it, avoiding experiencing the same game over and over, automatically, and I have not got any intention to get bored…This year I am going to make some serious changes.

It looks like things are going to be REINVENTED this time, therefore I put myself in the right disposition to modernize my clothes which are older than a decade and choose something original, kicking the boring fashion, everyone is wearing, out of the way. I do not know if this happens to you too, but when I go out, I realize there is more and more uniformity in the clothes ‘choice. I can understand that people like to follow the fashion´s tendency, but sometimes, I believe I am going back to my days at college, where everybody was wearing exactly the same.

I go back to my REORGANISATION… Now I am in my bathroom. I check my creams´ expiration dates: face, body and anti-cellulite…! How could they not be expired if I am using them less and less…! 

Because i believe it…and so it is

Even though the equation may sound very odd, the older I get the less I use them, LESS TIES AND MORE FREEDOM.  I have more than enough with my almond oil which hydrates my body perfectly and at the same time I give myself a wonderful daily massage, a fantastic anti-cellulite replacement.  I am not sure it is like this BECAUSE I BELIEVE IT…AND SO IT IS, but I can tell you, my skin is amazing …despite being in my pre-menopause.

My sons tell me very often…” look at you, you are so happy… it´s true, for your age you look very well indeed…”. A few years back this sentence would have been like a punch in the stomach…but now it is cute…maybe because I am at that stage of my life where one has gone over the barriers of sound, well beyond what people say about you and you feel very well in your own skin.

I go back to my bedroom…I get all enthusiastic trying and combining the many clothes from the last decade…they are so cool…now I understand why I bought them at that time…this match is fantastic…the sequins with the lingerie and this top with this pair of white trousers is crazy… I am not very sure about those espadrilles with their high soles, I feel vertigo just looking at them…

Illusion and sparks

Never mind… I put all my ILLUSION AND SPARKS in the new season and in the new summertime 2021…I have plenty to do and a wardrobe equipped for seven lives… Ooh my gosh.  How could I buy so much in 20 years? Well, I suppose… actually, I am sure, that before I was giving more value to the appearances, trying to fill my EMOTIONAL HOLES through compulsive buying, but you know what, my dear friends, now I am very happy with myself, and it is a win-win situation under every aspect. Now I see it from above, from a higher EMOTIONAL STATE, able to see things how they really are, mindfully, aware of their meanings and grateful to have the ability to enjoy their MATERIAL component as well; all those pretty clothes make me feel well, full of colors and enthusiasm for the new season about to begin.

What do you do with your stage…?

Life is like a COMEDY HALL, a musical play, A STAGE, where everyone is a producer and an actor at the same time. What do you do with your stage…? Do you revise and change what you do not like and substitute it with everything you really would like?

DISCIPLINE AND PERSEVERANCE are the best allies, led by their older super sister known as PATIENCE, which according to many wise men is the mother of all sciences.

I join the three and salute them, I get them into a line and I go back to my wardrobe to play around like I were Tinker Bell. ?

Ahora si… dentro de unos días… no lo sé

Through this sentence, that gives the title to this short space we share every Friday, I summarize what FREEDOM TO CHANGE MY MIND means to me.

For now, yes…in a few days…I do not know

Sometimes, what initially can be considered as a failure to keep our word and/or lack of seriousness, it can later be seen as one of the most serious compromise with ourselves.  Of course, you can change your opinion… I would say, this should be one of the primary ingredients for our MENTAL DIET… We are exposed to continuous changes in our internal habits as much as our external ones.  

Remember, in the same way we are flexible with ourselves, we can be flexible with others.  We are not failing anyone, nor disrespect anyone, apart from ourselves, if we force ourselves to maintain the same decision just because we have followed our impulse in that specific occasion or simply to please someone to obtain a secondary benefit and apparently be more accepted.

Everything comes from inside…

Through self judgement we tyrannize and oblige ourselves to keep something we knew ,from the deepest of our guts, was not what we wanted to do or say. These are the moments when it is extremely useful to have access to our first aid kit, PUT A STOP TO OUR JOURNEY AND ONE TO OUR THOUGHTS, have a look at our emotional thermometer and check the TEMPERATURE OF OUR EMOTIONS.

Do I feel well?… YES… Then I am being coherent with what I think, say and do. Am I in peace with myself after I have committed to do something? NO. It is clear there is something that should be revised. You can and should say anything you like; the DIALOGUE is the key.   Whatever you say in a proper manner, with respect and out of freedom, deserves an applause.  We are often surprised by the outcomes… Everyone who is next or in front of us, is a screen or a mirror of our best dreams or of our worst nightmares…As the lyric of a song says…” Everything comes from inside…”

Free Will

When we decide to make a choice based on our FREE WILL, the feeling of power is great!  …If yesterday I decided to say yes, even though I was not very sure about it, and yet I said it, today I say no with decision, with my best smile and I give myself permission to change opinion and to change perspective.  This is how I create a different reality in my present, here and now; this is how I am building the near future with other results, different from those of yesterday, when my opinion and my decision were others.  At the end of the day, we are constantly facing a trial and error as the only source of experimentation, evolution and self-awareness.

If we change the focus, the vision will change and with it the result.  Far away from making the concepts muddy, one can be frank, a person of his word and yet able to change his mind.  Clearly, if we change our mind constantly, we will not be able to reach our aims and this would only create a paralyzing chaos in our mind with very little progress; the same would happen if we are stubborn…Everything should be applied with moderation.

The essential is to be coherent with yourself

We are exposed so much to so many external stimuli in our daily life, that it is very hard to STOP AND LISTEN TO OURSELVES.  If we add to this THE FEAR OF SELF CRITICISM, multiplied by the STAGE FEAR, by what people are going to think about us and on top of this, we add a brushstroke of lack of SELF LOVE, the outcome is disastrous.

Nothing is right nor wrong … Nothing is fair nor unfair. The essential is to be coherent with yourself. Follow your instinct, change your mind if you like, but remain faithful to your essence.Never ever betray yourself to please other, nor allow yourself to be carried along by the current and then PUT THE BLAME ON others with comments like: ” I did not want to do it but they convinced me to…” “in the last moment I wanted to back away but it was too late…”

My question is “Late for what? Scared of what?  Accountable to whom?

Life is too short for it. LIVE THE NOW, say YES…Who knows, tomorrow it could be a NO…CHANGING IS NOT ONLY NECESSARY IN LIFE…IT IS LIFE ITSELF. ?

como te llamas

Your name says a lot about who you are and the role you play in this stage called life…It is not only a simple sequence of letters that together create a word. Once it is pronounced in that specific way, it creates a sound which transforms itself into something so inherent to each one of us, that we are tempted to turn around as soon as we hear it, when walking in the street.

What is your name?

Usually there is a LOGICAL THREAD behind it, very often a FAMILY´S TRADITION.  That IMPRINT will accompany us throughout our whole life and will have much more influence than we possibly could think.

Every name brings with it a SYSTEMIC CHARGE, a kind of FINGERPRINT that feeds us and from which we feed ourselves back. Everything has a reason to be and an aim. Therefore, it is important to know how they chose our name; in memory or in honor of whom and why.  We get very surprised when we find out the apparent coincidences with that member of our family´s clan and ourselves…But be careful, we do not only carry the same name…sometimes that comes with the same EMOTIONAL BURDENS as well, passed down from generation to generation.

Knowledge always opens doors

Sometimes our name breaks the mold and has nothing in connection with the typical names inside the family circle; they simply gave it to us because it was fashionable at that time; because our parents liked its sounds or meaning, or maybe because they associated it to a pleasant event… Believe me, even in these circumstances, it has a lot to say about your identity and how your existence flows. I encourage you to investigate the meaning of your name, its origin and why they decided to give you that name and not another one…Many mysteries will be revealed, and many questions will be answered. 

Knowledge always opens doors, it brings new points of view, which can help us to see and understand the situation better, but most important of all, this can give us the opportunity to get rid of heavy burdens that do not belong to us.  We are all connected energetically to each other and maybe, this could be the reason we are carrying a useless burden, dragged down from generation to generation, for the simple fact we have the same name of another family´s member.

Do you identify yourself with your name? 

Do you really like it or have simply got used to it? Would change it if you could do it right now? Do you find any personal resonance with the meaning of your name?

The comfortability or rejection you may feel for your name can give you some interesting leads.  Close your eyes and repeat mentally your name: let sensations come to you intuitively, let them flow freely, without forcing them… Let your EMOCIONAL THERMOMETER brings you the answers.  Maybe the scenes or the sensations that come to you have no apparent connection with the theme of your question… Do carry on and become an observer.  If you do not obtain any result at your first attempt, repeat the same process the day after. The answers you are looking for, are always inside you, let them emerge, at their pace…

The great power our name can have, when repeated day after day

If we apply the principle that everything we repeat through words, actions or thoughts has a specific vibration and a specific frequency and that the more we repeat them the stronger the attraction becomes, would you be able to imagine the great power our name can have, when repeated day after day? Have you ever stopped and thought about how many times we pronounce our name, how many times we write it down or we react whenever someone call it out?

Nowadays the process of changing it is much easier if we want to do it. But if we are happy with it, and even thought we might have discovered there is a powerful link with our family´s systemic weighting heavily over our shoulders, it would be enough, to give thanks through either an intimate letter or a decree to liberate ourselves from all the responsibilities in connection with that familiar burden attached to it…What a relief!

We are all unique and one at the same time

There is no doubt that neither chances nor coincidences exist, or at least this is how I see it.  Everything has an order, a concert in the vast universe we live in.  I invite you to learn a bit more about the very important and crucial role you play in it.

Do you believe that if we were to remove a star from the universe, the firmament would carry on shining with the same strength?  I am pretty sure you would feel that micro-macro energetic emptiness.  We are all unique and ONE at the same time. 

Take up your place, call yourself the way you prefer, but ALWAYS SHINE THROUGH YOUR FREEDOM AND BE LIGHTWEIGHT. ?