Today I will approach my blog with a smile, a symbol of joy, a GESTURE of happiness, an EXPRESSION of satisfaction, so welcome to the fascinating world of THE BODY LANGUAGE. The more we deepen in our SELF-KNOWLEDGE, the more precise we can be at the time of establishing  COMMUNICATION with our 3 PARTS: the PHYSICAL,  the MENTAL and the EMOTIONAL. It is a miracolous interaction taking place thanks to the LAW OF COMMUNICATING VESSELS: believe it or not, none of these three parts has been made to taste the sweetness of life on itws own.  They nurture each other and if we dedicate even little time  to know them better, to treat them nicely and with understanding , we will certainly live a very satisfactory existence.

The body language

THE BODY  always SPEAKS to us, in perfect harmony with the EMOTIONS. How many times during our existence, have we felt the physical body trying to talk to us WITHOUT SAYING A SINGLE WORD?  During those moments of changes and uncertantities, when we cannot fall asleep easily, we become aware it is almost impossible to find a moment of peace. Precisesly in those moments our body starts his MUTE DIALOGUE with us. It starts whispering, almost with an  unpercivable tone,then it changes into a crescendo, especially if we keep ignoring its need of  attention. A loud scream, in form of intense PAIN, will follow. At this point we need to add the terms and conditions in small writing: when the manifestation is on the OUTSIDE, in reality it is a much deeper pain, INSIDE, EMOTIONAL. So we can deal and treat THE PHYSICAL SYMPTOM but the  real CAUSE will remain  unsolved.

The SIGNS are always there but very often covered up and even very well buried by the frenetic rythms that our daily life impose on us.  Our solution: as soon as I arrive home I will take a strong painkiller and sort this out.  We are very obedient citizens and so we give priority to our EXTERNAL duties, leaving our INNER ones  for last. We anaesthetize the signs openly presented to us in capital letters, highlighted and and underlined in bold.  Here we find ourselves again in the same situation , my dear friends, changing the orders of the factors…which in this case, changes massively the product!

How important is the body language ! Definetly YES it is, but let us not focus only on its surface. What is a BODY without  a MIND´S input, that same mind and  INTUTITION we should listen to and feed from.

The language of the soul

I landed in the fascinating triumvirate body-mind-spirit while I was looking for my own identity. I was eager to find an answer and it was thanks to the POSTURAL RE-EDUCATION  I came to realise the perfection of the human body and the almost infinite possibilities of movements it has got.  Many years passed by and with them I had the pleasure to accompany many people in the discovery of their adequate posture to alleviate their SYMPTOMS camouflaged as physical pain. Suddenly a reflexion came to my mind ; Inma you have reached the end of this line and MY INTUITION whisperred you CAN GIVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS much more than this. I have always known there was something deeper than the pure body training. Many questions about my emotions were waiting to be answered. Life constantly adds wisdom to our existence and in one of those moments, I felt certain I have found  the deep connection between my mind and my body and so decided to jump fearlessly and put light into the matter. I told myself  the only way to accompany other people through this process was to experience it in first person before anything else. And so I did:  I went into the stimulating world of my psyche approaching Psychology and Psych-K . A totally new world of communication and self knowledge opened in front of me : THE LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL.

There is a sentence very dear to me which I have been using very often throughout my existence: “ the one who moves the body moves the emotions = motion creates emotion”…I have taken so many decisions while exercising my body!..this creates the perfect environment, our thoughts  flow easily, we grease our articulations, expand our heart, our spirit and through a wide smile we feel the results of our wellbeing.

”Mens sana in corpore sano”

The body speaks through its 3 parts, indifferently if we are conscious or not. We assume the correct posture, we reposition our mind and we start to vibrate fully in our body, reaching our essence.  I THINK positively through my CONSCIENCE,  I feel COHERENT through my EMOTIONS´awareness and I move skilfully through A BODY IN HARMONY.

A very well known latin sentence accompanies us since the times of the ancient Roman Empire : “mens sana in corpore sano”.  Since that time our ancestors  were passing to us very GOOD HABITS, practising PRAYING AND MEDITACION TO NURTURE THE SOUL in perfect balance with BODY TRAINING.

Let us go back together to the beginning of this post and have a look at  the photo  Why have I choosen this marvellous creature, from the animal kingdom: the ant? Simply because it is a living example of what I want to transmit to you with this post..their COMMUNICATION skills and their unbelivable STRENGHT even without seeing.

Now you can see, my dear readers, there are some circumstances where size does not matter..the essencial is invisible to the eyes…let us look without seeing and let us use that faith, we can find deep inside everyone of us, so that we can increase our wisdom at the sound of our BODY LANGUAGE. JUST LISTEN…